27 April, 2008

STEELE: A Rising Storm

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by Edgar J. Steele: [Here].

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  7. 7 Responses to “STEELE: A Rising Storm”

    1. Voir Dire Says:

      Outstanding essay. Add this from the Nov., 2006 “The New American” on what our “elites” and their beloved illegals have done to our hospitals and emergency rooms in just a ten-year period rarely delved into by the jew news:

      In June, an article in the Washington Post concluded that emergency-room care “is on the verge of collapse.” From 1993 to 2003, the newspaper reported, the American population grew 12 percent, but emergency room visits grew 27 percent. “In that same period, however, 425 emergency departments closed, along with about 700 hospitals and nearly 200,000 beds.” As well, in 2003, ambulances were diverted from emergency rooms 501,000 times because the emergency rooms were full.

      The drunken traitor Ted Kennedy was one of the sponsors of the devastating EMTALA which they had to know would cause the collapse of the private health care system. Just as they knew that the phony “free trade” agreements and massive welfare state would lead to the financial collapse of the U.S. The Jew bankers at the top of this scheme have enriched their coffers beyond anyone’s wildest fantasies by our debt enslavement. In an incredible story on Yahoo the other day, one small-time player Jew, another Paulson, has made off with 3.7 Billion dollar profit by “gambling” on the sub-prime mortgage fiasco (See http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080416/bs_nm/hedge_earnings_dc.) How we must ask does someone profit so handsomely off of others’ misery and destruction of livelihoods? We know the game plan now. This planned failure of our economy and the unsustainable, parasitic, welfare state will lead to unprecedented suffering of whites who will of course clamour for rescue from their federal tormenters who will gleefully comply. Amero and North American Union to the rescue. All the while, the Jewish financial robber barons have completely stripmined the country of its former wealth and its citizens rendered into debt slavery, third worldism, and misery. Just as they illegally saddled the hapless American public with the multi-billion dollar Mexican “bail-out” and the S & L debacle of the 80’s, they are planning to piggyback this incalculable mortgage mess onto the sinking, hanging-by-a-thread American middle-class cash cow. Just two quotes from two articles posted on Rense
      and Drudge show how utterly galling and brazen their behavior has become:

      “Such a move would involve the USE OF PUBLIC FUNDS to shore up the market in a key financial instrument and restore confidence by ending the current vicious circle of forced sales, falling prices and weakening balance sheets.”


      “Former Fed Chairman Paul A. Volcker, who broke the back of high inflation in the early 1980s, told BusinessWeek on Mar. 19: “If you have a closely integrated world economy with free trade and free movements of capital, the logical complement of that is a GLOBAL CURRENCY.”


      Also, check out this financial analysis whereby it is
      imminent that we are going to experience inflation of 400% in the coming years. It is going to be very ugly with everything we’ve worked for rendered worthless, survival a daily challenge, and perhaps finally the needed catalyst to get white Americans’ finally shaken out of their willfully ignorant stupor and SEE the OBVIOUS.

      Hyperinflationary Depression

      There is indeed a rising storm on the horizon, and we either rid ourselves of this menace once and for all, or we are finished.

    2. Listening785 Says:

      Great article by Mr. Steele.

      But I have to remind Mr. Steele that the language “spoken” by illegals is not the beautiful WHITE language known as Spanish. At best, it’s just slang (Spanglish, Tex-Mex, and various other butcherings). Even Portuguese has been raped by the native Brazilian population.

      Furthermore, I encourage all White people to speak proper Spanish and other languages as well (like German, French, Russian, etc..).

      Anyway, I seriously think it’s time for people who frequent websites like VNN, Detroit is Crap,and Zionist Watch, (and the less PC- inflicted members of Stormfront) to start PHYSICALLY living in communites close to eachother. Urban areas and rural areas close in proximity to oneanother. We need to see who are allies are and start banding together; I know we won’t always get along or agree, but we need to agree (at least) on who are primary enemy is and support eachother for generations to come. How about cities and small rural towns in the midwest??

      Also, much has been made about how powerful the Jews are; they’re not. We as White people have become weaker and much too civilized. Seriously, can anyone say with a straight face that losers like Maury Povich, Sumner Redstone, and Alan Greenspan are these bad-ass mafia types?? You could take any one of these guys out on some street corner and put a boot up his ass.

      Anyway, if Mr. Steele wants to draw up a new constitution for and only for White Gentiles and for others to suggest a new nation within an old nation (perhaps in the midwest) then I’m all for it.

    3. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I’ve seen this shit firsthand. First question they ask me is: what’s your insurance? First question they ask Jose is: where does it hurt?

    4. Bud White Says:

      Good essay Mr. Steele.

      Also the first comment by, ‘Voir Dire’ has very good information to add to the Essay. You are right, ‘Voir Dire’, especially listen to Paul Volker. He was the Man for the FED at the time Mexico was bailed out and the S&L’s tanked. When he recommends a “Global Currency”….grab your ASS..ets! His policies hollowed out the Blue Collar jobs. Ever wonder why they wanted all the Mestizos to do the jobs White Men “won’t do”? Because, like now, there were no jobs for most Blue Collar workers after he took control of the FED. Most lost everything, and moved on, got one of those “Serfive Jobs”, you know, a MacJob, etc.

    5. Voir Dire Says:

      “He was the Man for the FED at the time Mexico was bailed out and the S&L’s tanked. When he recommends a “Global Currency”….”

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Bud White.

      Indeed he was…I once read an exceptional analysis of the Mexican meltdown, but can no longer find it (I preserve important links, but due to a growing, vast archive cannot always find the original source). Like everything financial in this thrust for the totalitarian NWO, nothing is by accident. The Mexican plunge in the devaluation of their currency was swift, catching the Mexican common man by surprise, engineered by the usual culprits, and celebrated with great fanfare in the aftermath by the Jewish banking interests following their financial coup de’ ete. Dom Perignon corks popping, Cuban cigars alit, computer wire-transfers of ill-gained wealth to Grand Cayman & Litchenstein banks…They’d succeeded in putting the Big One over on a dumbed-down American electorate who in all fairness have never had a medium dedicated to informing them of the ongoing seduction and fiscal rape.

      Our pillaged-over carcass of a once mighty nation was likewise PLANNED by the suicide engineers…May we NEVER forget it.

    6. Arch Stanton Says:

      What must be understood about the current economic situation is that little has actually changed in the actual value of goods. What has changed is the value of your labor. It is ironic in that the jews stole the idea of backing the dollar with a labor standard from that Nazi guy with the funny mustache. (Whose name escapes me at the moment) Up until the Nazi economic miracle that lifted Germany out of the great depression, the Jews spent most of their time in the back room shaving coins and drooling over their hoard of gold. Their lust for the yellow metal goes back to the most ancient times. But thanks to that Nazi guy, (thanks a lot Nazi guy) the Jews saw the lust – er – light; who needs gold when lies and promises will suffice? Gold takes effort to mine, transport and protect. Worthless script can be printed continuously with impunity; it’s a no-brainer. However, it took around 28 years and a lot of propaganda to mesmerize everyone into believing that totally disconnecting American promissory notes from any real intrinsic value was a good thing. I well remember my own confusion in this matter due to the massive disinformation campaign about the various “problems” with a gold backed dollar. Because of this disconnect, the Jews have devalued our labor by global standards. This of course was done to bring us into line economically with the rest of the third world socialist planet. Real wages haven’t even kept up with inflation since 1973, in fact real wages have been steadily declining since that time. This represents theft on a scale quite beyond most people’s comprehension. What this means is you must work more hours to buy the same amount of goods you did back when money was backed by gold. It’s a relative thing and when you understand the relativity of the Jews economic predation, you realize what has really been stolen is your time and effort. You might even say the Jews have stolen your life. When you add that monstrous theft to the theft of your culture, your women and your country, it is truly amazing that no one seems to notice the loss.

    7. Bud White Says:

      Voir Dire, said,

      “Our pillaged-over carcass of a once mighty nation was likewise PLANNED by the suicide engineers…May we NEVER forget it.”

      “When you add that monstrous theft to the theft of your culture, your women and your country, it is truly amazing that no one seems to notice the loss.”…Arch Stanton.

      This has been a long time in the making. Slowly at first, inter-geneational, the young born into the evolving serfdom…families,- men, that used to warn and pass on wisdom, destroyed with a war almost every generation since WWI. Atomized, isolated, alienated, and if white, condemned by “authorities”, of harboring ethnic pride.

      With Nixon removing the last vestiges of Gold/Silver to the Dollar around 1973, we lost our independence…we have lost ground every year since then. Our labor HAS been stolen, for years!
      Our Labor allowed us to make an honest living, raising our standard of living, choices in where we live, and educate our children.

      Amerika, has been pretty much hollowed out…

      Do you Trust Funded elites think that you will not feel the effects of this?

      The parasitical types, do not raise the standard of living in a nation.
      With the loss of those that create wealth, (notice I said create wealth, not connned, wealth)…everyone will be less secure.

      From Jack London’s work; “The SEA WOLF”, there is a statement made by Capt. Larsen to the Trust Funder…Mr. Von Humphreys,
      and his wealth…”You are standing on dead man’s legs.”

      And that is America today. Those that built this once great Nation are gone, either dead or their posterity disspossed of the Land their fathers created.