1 April, 2008

This Age of Conflict

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by Ivor Benson.

“All these developments are linked to the moral evil of a system of money creation and debt in which the nations of the West are at the same time offenders and victims.”

(a .pdf file): [Here].

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  7. 2 Responses to “This Age of Conflict”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Probably one of Benson’s best and most informative articles, it is a shame that most White people who would benefit by reading it are still in ‘blissful’ ignorance.

      PS, pages 26 and 33 of the pdf file seem to be scrambled up??

    2. BioTom Says:

      Indeed true … however he sometimes phrases very difficult. I’m reading an Iran paper of him which does call for other reading on the same subject. Sometimes he uses statements of his ‘enemies’ which is a bit contradictory. For example C.G. Jung.