24 May, 2008


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This is a good topic for new readers, especially with a presidential election coming up in November.

America wasn’t regularly called a “democracy” until F.D. Roosevelt – with help from his heavily-Jewish staff – began tossing the word around in the 1930s [1]. Before that time, democracy was generally considered to be a bad thing [2][3]. Democracy and communism share a central feature, i.e., both have a leveling effect on society, i.e., both make all of the citizens “equal” [4]. Equality has been harmful to our White society since it has removed naturally-existing social and vocational “pecking orders.” The transformation of America from a “White republic” into a “multicultural, liberal democracy” was one of the worst things to happen in the history of Western civilization:


[1] F. Roosevelt used the word “democracy” eight times in his second inaugural address – which was co-written by Jewish staffer Samuel Rosenman – in January 1937. He used the word nine times in his 1941 inaugural address

[2] “‘Democracy’ is simply another name for ‘a money-lenders’ Paradise’” — from the book “The Rulers of Russia” by Rev. Denis Fahey, p. 56

[3] democracy = mob rule, i.e., whatever “the people” want or seem to want. Almost anything can happen in a democracy. The constitution is routinely ignored or deliberately misinterpreted, e.g., the Roe v. Wade court ruling and federal gun control laws. All adult citizens are allowed to vote, no matter how stupid they might be. A republic = the constitution is strictly obeyed, regardless of the circumstances. Mob rule has no sway in a republic. Voting rights may vary – for example, in the early years of America, only White, male landowners could vote. Some countries are called “republics” even though they aren’t republics

[4] that’s what U.S. General George Moseley referred to when he said, late in his career: “Democracy, hell! It’s nothing but communism. We don’t want the mob rule of democracy”

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    6. 42 Responses to “Democracy”

      1. Alisha Devochka Says:

        Democracy has been a tool to control society. It has destroyed the great Roman empire. Modern nations like western countries are mostly control through media and entertainment industry, nevertheless it democracy plays an inpormant roles of controling its leaders by those who own govern masses through media and entertainment industry.

      2. Brazilian White Says:

        here in Brazil
        many niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Brazil = interracial mixing
        See – videos from Brazil

        sorry for my bad english

        The White Man’s Debt to the Negro (Portuguese)

        Violents niggers



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      3. Stan Says:

        I used to get in so much trouble when I was in school and would argue the point that America was founded as a Republic. I didn’t know then what it meant racially, just from a political definition standpoint. But now that I know race IS politics, I wish I could go back in time and hand the teachers some ‘what-for’.

      4. Voir Dire Says:

        “Roosevelt used the word “democracy” eight times in his second inaugural address – which was co-written by Jewish staffer Samuel Rosenman – in January 1937. He used the word nine times in his 1941 inaugural address.”

        Fascinating information. Wiser men rightfully feared democracy. I use to puzzle, prior to connecting-the-dots on the jewish menace and their complete control of our media, why even the supposed educated newspaper reporters and EVERY politician would mangle a commonly known truth about our country, and wondered how and why this disinformation came to be so pervasive. Now I understand from whence it came.

        I know I’d love to see Bush horse-whipped for every time he’s deceitfully uttered it prior to his well-deserved hanging, but he’d likely not survive the beating.

      5. ericthered Says:

        The informative links accompanying the articles are very useful and much appreciated. I save local copies and have the info available to provide to newcomers when questions arise on these topics.

      6. Jim Says:

        In an Aryan society, only the strongest and most intelligent men should rule. Democracy always leads to degeneracy. In the “Kwa” people are brainwashed to believe that they live in a “democracy” when in reality they are totally under the spell of the Jewish Money Power, that is leading them to destruction.

      7. zoomcopter Says:

        Democracy is pushed onto the world by Bush and his handlers because it is an ideal form of government for the jew to control. Wealthy jews give more than half the total donations to both the Democratic and the Republician parties. By using vast sums of money to bribe, influence and control elected officials, they dominate both sides of every issue. By controlling the mainstream media, they decide which issues are placed on the agenda. They are masters of the leveraged buyout. 20 or 30 mostly Jewish Neo-cons managed to get us into an unending war against the enemies of Israel. It matters little to them if America goes bankrupt. What matters, to them, Is it good for the Jews?

      8. zoomcopter Says:

        Jews give us the illusion of democracy by supplying us with seemingly different candidates who appear to have opposing views, from which we may choose to elect. We are presented with a Black man, a woman and a tired old White man, battling cancer, with a Jew as his probable VP. Truly different candidates, such as Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, who may actually place American interests above Israel, are smeared and ignored by the Jewish media. Therefore, we think we are participating in a free election, when, in fact, the outcome has already been decided. Democracy has broken down, thanks to the Jews. Now, only the most corrupt can even enter the race. Anyone who truly wants to help the American people, is automatically disqualified.

      9. Olde_Dutch Says:

        Prior to the Civil War, Mississippi was one of the few States of the United States that had universal White male sufferage. So, that made Mississippi more of a democracy than most other States.

        Btw, FDR was the Governor of New York—so you would expect some jews in his administration wouldn’t you?

        In my humble opinion, FDR was our last White President!

      10. FeralWhiteMale Says:

        AmeriKwan democracy is a sham and dangerous, but a republic is just as bad. A government is made up of men and men can be easily corrupted and do harm against their own families and friends when they don’t have a clear view of the big picture or when they are self-centered, greedy assholes. An organization as envisioned by Paine and others that has representative politicians supposedly worried about the damage their causing in their old neighborhoods because they have to live there when their term is over is grossly inadequate for White societies to survive and prosper. The natural leaders should be in charge and we shouldn’t allow a form of government, even a republic, that allows for career politicians. We need patriotic statesmen, not brainwashed, greedy, jew-loving swill running our countries. And this will only happen after the deprogramming of the jewish lies from that hypnotic, evil big screen TV begins and Whites are no longer confused and demoralized.

      11. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

        Of course we should fear democracy, AKA rabble rule, because it simply means that blacks will vote en masse for another black or liberal simpleton who will ensure their upkeep through welfare payments, food stamps and Section 8 housing. And we all know who will pay for this folly. The White man!

        And at some point, parasites and other bloodsuckers will outnumber whites which will make peaceable change impossible, and guarantee a racial war amongst the muttt mixture that is America.

      12. Olde_Dutch Says:

        C’mon Carp, what are you advocating jewish dictatorship or jewish monachry. Or maybe a jewish communist setup like a dictatorship of the proletariat. LOL.

        Btw, the Founding Fathers were White nationalists.


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        Lyndon L. Olson Diplomat 1947 US Ambassador to Sweden, 1998-2001
        Douglas D. Osheroff Physicist 1-Aug-1945 Superfluidity of helium-3
        Leon Panetta Government 28-Jun-1938 Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, 1994-96
        Alan Patricof Business c. 1935 Apax Partners
        Lewis F. Payne, Jr. Politician 9-Jul-1945 Congressman from Virginia, 1988-97
        Norman Pearlstine Journalist 4-Oct-1942 Former Time Inc. Editor in Chief
        Holly Robinson Peete Actor 18-Sep-1964 For Your Love
        Mark Penn Government c. 1954 Hillary Clinton campaign strategist
        John E. Pepper, Jr. Business c. 1938 Chairman of Disney
        Ron Perelman Business 1-Jan-1943 Billionaire owns 60% of Revlon
        Rhea Perlman Actor 31-Mar-1948 Cheers
        William J. Perry Government 11-Oct-1927 US Secretary of Defense, 1994-97
        Charles E. Phillips, Jr. Business c. 1960 President of Oracle
        Warren H. Phillips Publisher 1926 Chairman of Dow Jones, 1975-91
        Nicholas Platt Diplomat 10-Mar-1936 US Ambassador to Pakistan, 1991-92
        John Podesta Government c. 1949 Ex-Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff
        Markie Post Actor 4-Nov-1950 Christine on Night Court
        Robert Pozen Business 1946 Fidelity Investments
        Kathryn L. H. Proffitt Diplomat 1951 US Ambassador to Malta, 1998-2001
        Vikki L. Pryor Business c. 1953 CEO of SBLI Mutual Life
        Linda Purl Actor 2-Sep-1955 Charlene on Matlock
        Emily K. Rafferty Administrator ? President, Metropolitan Museum of Art
        Brett Ratner Film Director 28-Mar-1969 Red Dragon
        Steve Rattner Business c. 1955 Quadrangle Group
        Diane Ravitch Government 1-Jul-1938 Education reformer
        Prem Reddy Doctor 1949 Prime Healthcare Services, Inc.
        Lynn Redgrave Actor 8-Mar-1943 The Happy Hooker
        Sumner Redstone Business 27-May-1923 Chairman and CEO of Viacom
        Rex Reed Critic 2-Oct-1938 At the Movies
        Catherine A. Rein Business 7-Feb-1943 Senior EVP at MetLife
        Rob Reiner Actor 6-Mar-1947 Meathead
        Toni Rembe Attorney c. 1938 Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop, 1971-2004
        Ed Rendell Politician 5-Jan-1944 Governor of Pennsylvania
        Oscar de la Renta Fashion Designer 22-Jul-1932 Colorful and flirty fashion designer
        Stewart A. Resnick Business c. 1938 Roll International
        Nicholas A. Rey Business 1938 US Ambassador to Poland, 1993-97
        Catherine B. Reynolds Philanthropist c. 1957 Prominent benefactor
        Anne Rice Novelist 4-Oct-1941 Vampire novelist
        Richard W. Riley Politician 2-Jan-1933 Governor of South Carolina, 1979-87
        Alice Rivlin Economist 4-Mar-1931 Founding director, Congressional Budget Office
        Brian Roberts Business 28-Jun-1959 CEO of Comcast
        James D. Robinson III Business 19-Nov-1935 CEO of American Express, 1977-93
        Robert A. Roe Politician 28-Feb-1924 Congressman from New Jersey, 1969-93
        Felix Rohatyn Business 29-May-1928 Financier, Lazard Frères
        James C. Rosapepe Diplomat 20-May-1951 US Ambassador to Romania, 1998-2001
        Hilary Rosen Business 22-Oct-1958 RIAA CEO from 1998-2003
        Sheli Z. Rosenberg Business 2-Feb-1942 Equity Group Investments
        Peter R. Rosenblatt Diplomat 4-Sep-1933 Washington attorney
        Stephen A. Ross Economist ? Professor of Financial Economics, MIT
        Steven Roth Business c. 1941 CEO of Vornado Realty Trust
        Howard J. Rubenstein Business c. 1932 Rubenstein Associates
        James P. Rubin Government 1960 State Department Spokesman, 1997-2000
        William C. Rudin Business c. 1957 Rudin Management Company
        Haim Saban Business 1944 Billionaire
        Paul Sagan Business c. 1959 CEO of Akamai
        Karim Samii Business c. 1963 Pardus Capital Management
        Paul Samuelson Economist 15-May-1915 1970 Nobel Prize in Economics
        Charles A. Sanders Business c. 1932 CEO of Glaxo, 1989-95
        John F. Sandner Business 3-Nov-1941 Past Chairman, Chicago Mercantile Exchange
        Roger W. Sant Business c. 1930 Billionaire, AES
        Vidal Sassoon Business 17-Jan-1928 Celebrity hairstylist
        Glen Sather Hockey 2-Sep-1943 Longtime Head Coach, Edmonton Oilers
        Frank Savage Business c. 1940 VP at Equitable Life, 1987-96
        Orville Schell Author 20-May-1940 Prominent sinologist
        Lynn Schenk Politician 5-Jan-1945 US Congresswoman from California, 1993-95
        Adam Schiff Politician 22-Jun-1960 Congressman, California 29th
        Neal E. Schmale Business c. 1947 President and COO of Sempra Energy
        Cynthia P. Schneider Scholar 16-Aug-1953 US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1998-2001
        Pat Schroeder Politician 30-Jul-1940 Congresswoman from Colorado, 1973-97
        Debbie Wasserman Schultz Politician 27-Sep-1966 Congresswoman, Florida 20th
        William F. Schulz Activist 14-Nov-1949 Director, Amnesty International, 1994-2006
        Bernard L. Schwartz Business 12-Dec-1926 CEO of Loral Corporation, 1972-2006
        John Sculley Business 6-Apr-1939 CEO of Apple, 1983-93
        Ivan G. Seidenberg Business 10-Dec-1946 Chairman and CEO of Verizon
        Naomi O. Seligman Business c. 1939 The Research Board
        Nicole K. Seligman Attorney 1957 General Counsel of Sony
        Terry Semel Business 24-Feb-1943 CEO of Yahoo, 2001-07
        Donna Shalala Government 14-Feb-1941 Secretary of HHS, 1993-2001
        Judith Shapiro Educator 24-Jan-1942 President, Barnard College
        Kevin W. Sharer Business 2-Mar-1948 CEO of Amgen
        John Shattuck Attorney 1943 CEO, JFK Library Foundation
        Ruth G. Shaw Business 19-Feb-1948 CEO of Duke Power, 2003-06
        Robert Shaye Business 3-Mar-1949 Co-CEO of New Line Cinema
        David L. Shedlarz Business c. 1948 Vice Chairman of Pfizer
        Sid Sheinberg Business 14-Jan-1935 President and COO of MCA, 1973-95
        Sally Shelton-Colby Diplomat 1944 US Ambassador to Barbados, 1979-81
        Karen Shepherd Politician 5-Jul-1940 Congresswoman from Utah, 1993-95
        Rondell Sheridan Actor 15-Aug-1958 Victor Baxter on That’s So Raven
        Pauly Shore Comic 1-Feb-1968 Encino Man
        Elaine Showalter Critic 21-Jan-1941 Lead alpha Gynocritic
        Ronnie Shows Politician 26-Jan-1947 Congressman from Mississippi, 1999-2003
        Stanley S. Shuman Business c. 1934 Allen & Company
        M. Night Shyamalan Film Director 6-Aug-1970 The Sixth Sense
        Gerry Sikorski Politician 26-Apr-1948 Congressman from Minnesota, 1983-93
        James Simons Mathematician c. 1938 Renaissance Technologies hedge fund
        Bryan Singer Film Director 17-Sep-1965 X-Men
        Arthur M. Siskind Business c. 1938 Former News Corporation executive
        Rodney Slater Government 23-Feb-1955 US Secretary of Transportation, 1997-2001
        Jim Slattery Politician 4-Aug-1948 Congressman from Kansas, 1983-95
        Anne-Marie Slaughter Educator 27-Sep-1958 Dean, Woodrow Wilson School
        Eleanor Smeal Activist 30-Jul-1939 Founder, Feminist Majority Foundation
        Jeffery Smisek Business c. 1954 President of Continental Airlines
        Jimmy Smits Actor 9-Jul-1955 L.A. Law, Switch
        Jay Snyder Business c. 1961 HBJ Investments
        Joan Spero Diplomat c. 1944 Under Secretary of State, 1993-97
        Jerry I. Speyer Business 23-Jun-1940 Tishman Speyer Properties
        Steven Spielberg Film Director 18-Dec-1946 E.T., 1941
        Carl Spielvogel Business c. 1930 Advertising executive, Bates Worldwide
        Jerry Springer Talk Show Host 13-Feb-1944 The Jerry Springer Show
        Jerry Stahl Author 1953 Permanent Midnight
        John T. Standley Business c. 1964 CEO of Pathmark Stores
        Mary Steenburgen Actor 8-Feb-1953 Goin’ South
        George Steinbrenner Baseball 4-Jul-1930 Owner, New York Yankees
        Charlie Stenholm Politician 26-Oct-1938 Congressman from Texas, 1979-2005
        David J. Stern Basketball 22-Sep-1942 Commissioner of the NBA
        Sy Sternberg Business 24-Jun-1943 CEO of New York Life
        Alana Stewart Actor 18-May-1945 Ex-Wife of George Hamilton, Rod Stewart
        Martha Stewart Business 3-Aug-1941 Professional housekeeper, insider trader
        Gary Stiffelman Attorney c. 1952 Music industry attorney
        Ben Stiller Actor 30-Nov-1965 There’s Something About Mary
        Patty Stonesifer Business c. 1956 Co-Chair of Gates Foundation
        Robert S. Strauss Diplomat 19-Oct-1918 US Ambassador to Russia, 1991-92
        Barbra Streisand Singer 24-Apr-1942 You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
        Bruce Sundlun Politician 19-Jan-1920 Governor of Rhode Island, 1991-95
        George Takei Actor 20-Apr-1937 Sulu on original Star Trek
        Strobe Talbott Government 25-Apr-1946 Time journalist, Deputy Secy. of State
        Amy Tan Author 19-Feb-1952 The Joy Luck Club
        Deborah Tannen Linguist 7-Jun-1951 You Just Don’t Understand
        Ellen Tauscher Politician 15-Nov-1951 Congresswoman, California 10th
        Jon Tenney Actor 16-Dec-1961 Brooklyn South
        Franklin A. Thomas Business 27-May-1934 President of the Ford Foundation, 1979-96
        Heather Thomas Actor 8-Sep-1957 Jody Banks on The Fall Guy
        Marlo Thomas Actor 21-Nov-1937 That Girl
        John W. Thompson Business 24-Apr-1949 CEO of Symantec
        Maura Tierney Actor 3-Feb-1965 Lisa from Newsradio
        Lily Tomlin Actor 1-Sep-1939 Laugh-In
        Robert Torricelli Politician 27-Aug-1951 US Senator from New Jersey, 1997-2002
        Marie J. Toulantis Business c. 1959 CEO of Barnes & Noble Website
        Donald Trump Business 14-Jun-1946 The Donald
        Ivanka Trump Relative 30-Oct-1981 Daughter of Donald Trump
        Peter F. Tufo Diplomat ? US Ambassador to Hungary, 1997-2001
        Don Tyson Business 1930 Tyson Foods
        Leonard S. Unger Diplomat 17-Dec-1917 US Ambassador to Taiwan, 1974-79
        Harold E. Varmus Scientist 18-Dec-1939 Genetic causes of cancer
        Lillian Vernon Business 1927 Mail-order maven of America
        Bob Vila TV Personality 20-Jun-1946 Host of carpentry show This Old House
        Thomas Vilsack Politician 13-Dec-1950 Governor of Iowa
        Peter F. Volanakis Business c. 1956 COO of Corning
        Diane von Furstenberg Fashion Designer 31-Dec-1946 Fashion designer
        Vera Wang Fashion Designer 27-Jun-1949 Loves to design wedding dresses
        Carl Ware Business c. 1944 Former Coca-Cola executive
        Bruce Wasserstein Business c. 1948 Wall Street dealmaker
        Alice Waters Chef 28-Apr-1944 Chez Panisse
        James Watson Scientist 6-Apr-1928 Co-discoverer of DNA
        Seth P. Waxman Government 28-Nov-1951 US Solicitor General 1997-2001
        Wendell P. Weeks Business c. 1960 CEO of Corning
        Harvey Weinstein Film/TV Producer 19-Mar-1952 Miramax and The Weinstein Co.
        Ted Wells Attorney 28-Apr-1950 Washington lawyer
        Togo West Government 21-Jun-1942 US Secretary of the Army, Veterans Affairs
        Patricia Wettig Actor 4-Dec-1951 thirtysomething
        George M. Whitesides Chemist 3-Aug-1939 Harvard chemist, highest H-Index
        Bradley Whitford Actor 10-Oct-1959 The West Wing
        Marna C. Whittington Business c. 1947 COO of Allianz Global Investors
        Anson Williams Actor 25-Sep-1949 Potsie on Happy Days
        Rita Wilson Actor 26-Oct-1956 Runaway Bride
        Jay S. Wintrob Business 1958 CEO, AIG Retirement Services
        Frank G. Wisner Diplomat 1938 US Ambassador to India, 1994-97
        Robert Wolf Business c. 1962 Chairman of UBS Group Americas
        James Wolfensohn Business 1-Dec-1933 World Bank president, 1995-2005
        Howard Wolfson Government c. 1967 Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman
        Joanne Woodward Actor 27-Feb-1930 The Three Faces of Eve
        Robert C. Wright Business 1943 CEO of NBC Universal
        Amy Yasbeck Actor 12-Sep-1963 Life on a Stick
        Tim Zagat Critic 1940 Zagat Survey
        Renée Zellweger Actor 25-Apr-1969 Bridget Jones’ Diary
        George Zimmer Business 21-Nov-1948 Founder and CEO of Men’s Wearhouse

      14. Voir Dire Says:

        Formidable list of Hillary supporters you provided, Andrei, and yet still she’s broke. Probably find the exact same names behind McCain and Obama since the jews don’t miss a beat in leaving nothing to chance. Must be nice to be in a position of having the perceived enemies bankroll their own destruction.

        Contrast all three jewish-financed, Marxist candidates with the fundraising by Dr. Ron Paul whose donars were entirely individual Americans’ and small business owners contributions. So tragic…

        Proof: Our Founders Wanted a White America


        “…and we shouldn’t allow a form of government, even a republic, that allows for career politicians.” –FWM

        Should we ever succeed in wresting our country back perhaps by Article V, that is indeed a needed reform that should be high on the list along w/ removal of tenure for federal judges and an easy venue for getting rid of those who don’t abide by the law of our land (if not scrapping the judiciary altogether; it has clearly failed us in its intended purpose and indeed has become the worst instrument for advancing our tyranny).

        Our representative Republic could have worked for us beautifully if we’d repratiated blacks back to Africa, kept the jews out and not allowed women voting privileges.

      15. Stronza Says:

        Even with blacks, America would be all right – so long as women were not permitted to vote. That was the tragic mistake of all time if you ask me.

      16. Stronza Says:

        Where on earth did you find that list of names, anyway? And is that Ivan Boesky I see there? Remember the coals that Ron Paul was raked over for accepting a few hundred dollars from, I think it was, Don Black of S/Front – and Madam Hillary shamelessly accepts the endorsement of a criminal. Not to mention probably a few $$$ also.



      18. sgruber Says:

        The Evil of Democracy.

        If link broken, cut and paste:

      19. sgruber Says:

        Yeah, Williams is on there, but a broken clock can be right.

        Also interesting to read Hitler on democracy. Hitler is hated by jews and those-brainwashed-by-jews because he stood up to the Eternal Kike as no one had before or has since (in the modern era anyway). If jews hate you that bad, you must be doing something right.

        [Here]. (Download the PDF and search democracy.) If link broken:


        Barack Grobama
        AKA Barack Hussein Grobama, Jr.

        Born: 4-Aug-1961
        Birthplace: Honolulu, HI [1]

        Gender: Male
        Religion: Crypto Muslim [2]
        Race or Ethnicity: High Yellow
        Sexual orientation: You be the judge
        Occupation: Politician
        Party Affiliation: Pseudo social marxist

        Nationality: North Amerikwa
        Executive summary: Larry Sinclair, His Princess Charming

        Barack Grobama is a multiracial American politician, though he bristles at that label. He served as Democratic state senator in Illinois, and then as US Senator from that state. Only two other negroes have served in the US Senate since Reconstruction. His father was a witch doctor from Zimbabwe, his mama an American street walker when they married. They divorced when Grobama was young, and his father returned to Zimbabwe, until age 10, when his maternal grandmother in Honolulu took him in at her crib. He graduated with “flying colors” from Johnny Cochran Law School, where he was the first African to edit Johnny Cochran Law Review. Grobama practiced civil-wrongs law, representing “victims” of housing and employment “discrimination” and working on voting-wrongs legislation. He worked as a community kingfish in a slummish Chicago hood. He has spoken against NAFTA and racial profiling, and for universal AIDS care.

        His campaign for Senate received an enormous boost when his opponent, Republican Jack Ryan, withdrew amid embarrassing allegations in his divorce from Star Trek actress Jeri Ryan, that during their marriage he had tried to lure her to attend sex clubs in France. Grobama recieved a boost when he was asked to address the Mr Leather: 2006 Pageant at the Mandhandlers Saloon on North Halsted Street (“Boys Town”) in Chicago.

        In his 2001, Dreams from My Larry, Grobama admits using condoms as an adult.

        [1] Don Ho Medical Center
        [2] Member of the United Church of Christ, Inc. since the 1980s. Grobama’s daddy, while born into a Muslim family, had become atheist by the time he met Grobama’s White mama, the secular Ann Dunham. Despite propaganda being distributed to the contrary, Barack Grobama, the Senator, was “never” a practicing Muslim, and “never” attended extremist or Wahabbist madrassas.

        Daddy: Barack Hussein Grobama, Sr. (economist, b. 1936 Zimbabwe, d. 1982)
        Mama: Stanley Robert Dunham (b. 29-Nov-1942, d. 7-Nov-1995)
        Daddy: Lolo Soetoro (stepdaddy, d. 1987)
        Sister: Maya Soetoro-Ng (half-sister, history teacher, b. 1971)
        Wife: Larry Sinclair (m. 1999, 3 day fling)
        Daughter: Malia Gro (adopted 1999)
        Daughter: Latasha (“Lasha”, adopted 2001)

        High School: Don Ho School, Honolulu, HI (1979)
        University: Grambling College
        University: Fisk University (1983)
        Law School: Johnny Cochran Law School (1991)
        Teacher: Negro Constitutional Law, University of the Hood (1992-96)
        Professor: Negro Constitutional Law, University of North Halsted Street (1996-2004)

        US Senator, Illinois (2005-)
        Illinois State Senate 13th (1997-2004)
        Smiley Teeth associate
        Baskin-Robbins teen years
        Cochranr Law Review President
        Grobama for Americkwa Candidate
        Grammy 2006 for Dreams From My Larry (spoken word)
        Dubya Nickname Rock, ‘Bama, Twink, pipes, Larry’s bitch
        Zimbabweian Ancestry Paternal
        Risk Factors: Marijuana, Crack-Cocaine, Smoking, HIV positive, Anal copulation, gangster whitewalls

        Tanner on Tanner (5-Oct-2004) Himself

        Official Website:

        Author of books:
        Dreams from My Larry: A Story of Race and Love (2001) Reclaiming the Amerikwan Wet Dream (2006, nonfiction)

        Copyright ©2008 Yustschinsky Communications

      21. A friend Says:

        Stronza, you are right. But since you are the exception from the rule, I would give you all the votes votes of the desuffraged women.

      22. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:


        But don’t most women vote for the same candidates as their husbands? I concede many women today are not married and will vote as they please, but it seems that most married women agree with their husbands in politics and vote accordingly. So why should women not vote? I would think if my premise is true, then married people, which I think is good for society, would have an edge on deciding political outcomes.

        Can anyone here direct me to information which shows that giving women the vote is a tragic mistake? And an even worse one than having niggers in the US? Is there a direct connection between women voting and the downfall of our people?

        And finally, should ANYONE be voting – - male or female? Isn’t the vote one of the underpinnings of a marxist-democracy which should be abolished?

      23. Socrates Says:

        Campbell Crawford Clan: will this help you?:


      24. Anonymous Says:

        “Can anyone here direct me to information which shows that giving women the vote is a tragic mistake?”

        Give women the vote and Socialism follows. If not immediately, in the space of a few decades. Feminism requires an invasive and expansive Welfare State to achieve its “Utopia”. Leftist parties offer such a system and women vote for it.

        “And an even worse one than having niggers in the US?”

        Without a doubt, yes.

      25. Stronza Says:

        Hi, Campbell Crawford. Well, I think that if I had lived a hundred years ago, I might very well have wanted the vote also. Women wanted to vote because they felt that the government would do for them what the males in their lives, i.e., husbands & fathers, were not. There was much injustice.

        I say it is a tragedy because – and I cannot prove this of course – I think that men were mean and stingy to girls and women as a reaction to economic conditions, not because they were all inherently cruel women-haters. In my opinion, men in general were done in by the elites of their time. Translate that as you wish.

        Though conditions have improved for women, they still vote for more and more government intervention in all aspects of our lives. Women don’t know what to do when they have political-type power, they go berserk and believe all the lies they are told. I was not much different 30 years ago.

        As to the information you ask for, I have seen plenty of statistics in the newspaper breaking down the voting preferences of men & women. The women go for liberal and socialist politicians far more than men do. But I can’t direct you, at this moment, to these statistics.

        I don’t know for sure if women vote the same as their husbands do or not, the majority probably do. But voting is a bad joke in any event: “if voting changed anything, it would be illegal.” (compliments of Emma Goldman, of all people.)

      26. Voir Dire Says:

        Here’s the most important reason why women should never have been allowed to vote: most just aren’t very intelligent (research into gender IQ differencials as ignored and censored as black/white, but still other things provide clues and the TRUTH of what is so otherwise obvious):

        “Misology in America Part 4 – Gender”


        A smart woman,


      27. Voir Dire Says:

        Also, I thought most of you gentlement here might get a kick out of this pictorial essay posted on NewsfromtheWest some time back. I had to admit, there was a great deal of truth to be found in it:


      28. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

        “Give women the vote and Socialism follows.”

        Give men the vote and National Socialism follows.

        The “expensive, er expansive Welfare State” started in what country?

        Our Prussian schools system started where?

      29. Anon Says:

        I don’t know for sure if women vote the same as their husbands do or not, the majority probably do.

        The majority of young women today don’t even have husbands; they just bedhop like good jewed-out whores.

      30. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

        Thank you, Socrates for the link. Lott presents strong, statistical evidence of the connection between women’s suffrage and the expansion of government. I’m going to send the link to other women in my address book and wait for the fireworks to begin!

      31. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:


        It seems as if you and I both have taken a 180 dgree turn in life. Yes, I’ve always known that women vote for social-gimme-for free programs, but I was appalled at the change in size of the behemoth (AKA government) since women have been able to vote. The hardest part of my awakening has been the huge part my own sex has played in our demise.

        There is no place like VNN…

      32. Stronza Says:

        Yes, C.C. Clan, it’s possible for people to change their minds & hearts! How many here are pure from day 1? Let’s hear from you. – Stronza.

      33. MB Says:

        Sorry folks but the FDR administration didn’t turn the system into a democracy. The Lincoln administration did. Prior to the so-called civil war only white property-owning males were eligible to vote. The policies of the Lincoln administration gave us negro voters, and once that anti-racial step was taken, so was the door to universal suffrage. Lincoln himself declared the United States an ideological, rather than a racial, “nation”. And he killed over half a million white men and women to make it official.

        FDR was only the inevitable runner-up.

      34. ben tillman Says:

        “Jews give us the illusion of democracy by supplying us with seemingly different candidates who appear to have opposing views, from which we may choose to elect.”

        Voting has nothing to do with democracy.

      35. zoomcopter Says:

        “Democracy, which is to say the rule of money rather than of character, had arrived.” Page 57, The Myth of the Twentieth Century by Alfred Rosenburg, who was hung at Nuremburg for his Ideology.

      36. zoomcopter Says:

        “Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like arts and the law,” said Ira
        forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council and the author of a book about
        Jews and American politics. “We now are very over-represented in all these areas.” From page 17 of The Nationalist Times, May, 2008.

      37. ein Says:

        “Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like arts and the law,” said Ira
        forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council

        Indeed, manipulation of the public, in ANY form, of ANY sort, is a distinctively “Jewish Profession”.

      38. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

        Thanks to the above posters for pointing out that this country was founded by WNs. The founding fathers did found a republic, yes, but the idea was that white men would be the only voters. Another idea was that a system should exist (see the Federalist Papers 9 and 10) that would deny other, undermining influences from hijacking the government. Until the last century that hegemony was mostly maintained. Where conventional wisdom sees the present day as a most-enlightened example of “progress,” we WN revisionists see the last century of the USA as an abominable, vile, and treasonous betrayal of the original virtues (as an aside – modern life looks vapid compared to a phenomenon like, say, the Romantic Era, which was – you guessed it – a distinctly white movement).

        Also, thanks to the guy who said that Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, men who actually have some cogent plans for the country, are ignored or attacked by the Israel Lobby-owned media. “There are no liberals or conservatives, only the system and the enemies of the system.” – E. Limonov. Amen. This really is a great site.

      39. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

        Soon after the Constitution was ratified Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 (1 Stat. 103). The act provided

        that any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any common law court of record, in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the Constitution of the United States….


      40. volksdonner.achtundachtzig Says:

        This socalled deMOCKracy is the guise by which the jew and other mediocre mongrels like negro’s and halfbreeds conduct their thievery. This happens to such an extent that the order of nature is disrupted, those of weak body, mind and purpose wrenches the Aryan mans destiny away from him and tosses it to his fellow weaklings to be torn asunder in an horrendous feast of incompetence, and all this occurs in the name of “humanity”, “good will” and “tolerance”. I think these three aforementioned terms should be redefined to suit the most important rule of nature: Survival of the fittest!

      41. zoomcopter Says:

        deMOCKracy, How appropriate! Volksdonner

      42. WLindsayWheeler Says:

        The FFofA (Founding Father of America) did not establish a true republic. A True republic is mixed government and to have a mixed government one must have a mixed society, i.e. a caste society, such as royalty, aristocracy, etc. No, the FFofA created a “psuedo-republic” or a democratic republic which is an oxymoron.

        For more information on the true definition of a republic, please see:

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