20 June, 2008

A Real Sex Change

Posted by Socrates in "gender", 'sex-change', feminism, General Decline, Socrates at 11:52 am | Permanent Link

Today’s women = short men with breasts:


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  7. 6 Responses to “A Real Sex Change”

    1. Marwinsing Says:

      Today’s men = tall women with flat-chests:


    2. Randolf Facto Says:

      If you’re a white women, but trying to compete in a ‘man’s world’ instead of being interested in having children and raising them properly, or wishing to have a lesbian lover because ‘sexuality is a person’s own business’, then you’re not really a white nationalist looking to save your people from their current dilemma.

      There are notable exceptions, of course, for individuals with unique talents. For example, if a woman can’t have children, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be a doctor or something like that, if she has the necessary smarts and drive. Or if she just doesn’t want children, the state can’t force her to, obviously. But if she then decides to make a big deal out of feminism in a politically active sphere, she is no longer ‘white’, as far as the type of ‘white’ women we’re talking about.

    3. JewTracer Says:

      “straight or bisexual, what’s the difference.”

      Eh yeah actually it does make a very big difference. Are you sure you’re at the right place?

      We want Western civilization to SURVIVE, remember? We want the White Race to SUSTAIN itself and not become EXTINCT, compredez?

      How do we do that? Well you have to have children, and the most reliable way of having children is promoting the nuclear family.

      You’re forgetting the crucial cultural aspect which is a defining component of White Western Civilization. Moral chaos, anarchy, family-less civilization is much more at home with African tradition or other societies, that relative to ourselves, did not develop very far.

      Lesbians are a distinct problem because they also tend to be deconstructionist man-hating commies. Dynamite for stable civilization if ever you needed it.

      Saving the White Race and preserving a sane White Civilization are the priorities.

      So then, high on the agenda is promoting traditional family configuration, not being afraid to have children, and opposing feminism in all of its forms.

    4. JewTracer Says:

      Well your sexual orientation and bedroom activity does have an effect on your children’s lives, whether you care to acknowledge it or not. Take your Jewish moral relativism and shove it.

    5. B.C Says:

      No better way to screw up a boy than not having a strong stable father figure. Two women as husband and wife are not providing a father figure. Homosexuality is promoted by the Jews because it undercuts the Christian doctrine. If Christian doctrine worshipped killing bacteria the Jews would be against antiseptic for the same reason. They don’t want to share. They want it all. Christian culture and power, what’s left of it, is in their way. Also homosexuality is not just Christian love between a man and a woman. It has to do with power and inflicting pain. It’s amazing to me how many aggressive Jews are bisexual. They worship dominance and giving out pain and I guess masochism is the sadist living his fantasies without going immediately to jail?

    6. Heironymus Merkin Says:

      ANY sort of sexual deviance must remain private, for sex is a base but necessary need. Allowing ridiculous notions like “sexual politics” to come up is what allowed feminism to shank us all in the asses with large black dildos while castrating us with melon ballers. The only time one must be exposed is if one claims to be a ‘religious’ leader, otherwise don’t fucking bother cuz that’s what landed us in this mess, allowing the church, feminists, and big government into our bedrooms to supervise what went on, and now you have stupid shit laws like spousal rape, visual rape, can’t sit in parks if you’re single, paedophilia panics, porn-monitoring programs, and of course we need not mention what those last two organizations are headed by. The common man needs his privacy now more than ever before thanks to slanderous jews and jew-lovers who can destroy his standing in a nation of hypocrites by airing his dirty laundry, even though all those decrying him do the same or, in fact, USUALLY FAR FUCKING WORSE.
      This is why they fear the internet so, private exchange of information of all kinds, including copyrighted/purchasable materials. The only way to break the jew is to break their banks as they have done ours, if you like something they’ve made, or even if you don’t, you either get it from a torrent, or are the sole purchaser, with the intent to upload for the rest of the world for free the ridiculously expensive glitzy actionfest they are overcharging for. Make their media as unprofitable as possible, then with the money you’ve saved your local community start buying back arable land, growing your own food, making your own shirts and products, and bankrupt their supply chains next. You can even fool anti-racists into going along with that plan! All the while networking with other WNs to accomplish other goals.