15 June, 2008

Moving the Criminals Around

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Crime isn’t really getting better overall. Non-White hoodlums are merely changing locations. They’re moving from run-down housing projects to neighborhoods like yours, thanks to government housing programs like Section 8. (Here’s another thing that you can thank the Jews for, newbies. They pioneered the false idea that all humans are equal – or can be made equal – regardless of their race [1]. That idea has spread to every corner of the West and has infected our culture like a plague):


[1] egalitarianism was pioneered by Jews such as Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, Gene Weltfish, Melville Herskovits and Stephen J. Gould

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  7. 2 Responses to “Moving the Criminals Around”

    1. Voir Dire Says:

      Though I know it was under Clinton’s appointment of Hispanic Henry Cisneros to HUD that this viciously pernicious program of moving the formerly warehoused-in-the projects blacks into White middle-class neighborhoods commenced, I’d be willing to bet good money that it was jews who devised this juggernaut.

      This social engineering experiment is one of the most diabolical programs ever conceived because in one fell swoop, they destroyed many Whites’ life and blood sweat equity in their homes, and what is for most the biggest asset they possess in hoping for a retirement nest egg. Vouchers of up to 1600. a month will get these broken-windows-theory-validated, black/Hispanic thugs/neighborhood wreckers into some formerly, perfectly nice White neighborhoods, and pity those who can’t afford to escape them. Moreover, the astronomical rise in inflation in housing, most of which can be attributed to our astounding national debt, decline of the dollar and the funny money jew machine, is also partly the result of of the never-ending white flight that Whites must engage in to escape the multicultural nightmare this Section 8 housing pogram has visited upon us.

      Check out an already, blighted Detroit neighborhood’s advanced deterioration in just a few days time as chronicled by the able (and brave) photographer from Detroitiscrap’s blog:

      Detroit’s Safari #2


    2. kraken Says:

      “New York and Los Angeles, once the twin capitals of violent crime, have calmed down significantly”

      The thing they don’t mention in that article is that blacks have moved out by the boatloads. While blacks do make up a significant percentage of the population, I believe the main criminal elements have moved out. This coupled with the fact you have de facto martial law in NYC and you have a downtrend in crime and a place unsuitable for jungle animals.

      OH, and they don’t need “tougher gun laws” then need tougher nigger laws.

      “Memphis demolished its first project in 1997. The city gave former residents federal “Section8” rent-subsidy vouchers and encouraged them to move out to new neighborhoods.”

      Well, what do you know? You take them out of their projects and put them into houses and they’re still niggers?! Who would have thought?

      And how deluded was that Phyllis Betts? I know the dgus gave her the idea, but damn… can’t people see the reality that’s right in front of them?