12 June, 2008

Update: Shaun Walker

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Former National Alliance chairman Walker comments on life as a political/racial prisoner. (Questions to ask yourself: why did the federal government wait 3 whole years to act on the “Simple Assault” report that was first filed by local police? How did a simple assault charge – which ordinarily would be a local, misdemeanor charge – result in a long sentence in a federal prison for “conspiracy to interfere with civil rights“?):


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  7. 3 Responses to “Update: Shaun Walker”

    1. smitty Says:

      I went to Walker’s website and read his Bio. He makes no mention that he was the former chairman of the NA. Why?
      Did he get a bad deal? Sure, but why the “no mention” of his past affiliation? Our movement is fickled to say the least…. Walker will survive and so will we.

    2. Luek Says:

      What stands out about this travesty of so-called justice is that he was convicted by a jury. And I just bet the jury was made up of mostly if not all WHITES!

      Whites have degenerated to the point where now they cannibalize their own.

    3. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Well, the jury bought the logic that Walker could order his members to attack a Mexican i.e. a non-White.

      Can you blame the jury? I’m sure the prosecution portrayed the National Alliance as a disciplined para-military organization—just like Dr. Pierce wrote about in the Turner Diaries. The prosecution probably threw in the strange foreign symbol of the futhark (crows foot) for good measure. Shades of nazi Charles Manson….eeeek!