11 July, 2008

Elie Wiesel Testifies in California Court

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Wiesel’s alleged attacker has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity:


More about Wiesel: [Here] and [Here].

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    1. Hoosier Says:

      They had a copy of Elie Wiesel’s “Night” on display at a branch of my local library. Later, I noticed that the copy had ended up in the trashcan in the men’s room. Hmm, I wonder how that happened…

    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      Wiesel/Weasel could plead the very same without hesitation…

    3. donnachaidh Says:

      Well, of course you’d have to be crazy to touch one of Gawds emissaries on earth.

    4. Walter Says:

      I do think that madness is written in Wiesel’s face. He doesn’t look normal and what he does, writes and says confirms that first impression given by his picture.

    5. Fr. John Says:

      What a pile of crock- or is that a crock of pile?

      The man [Weasel] says he lived through the ‘Hollow Cause’ and yet, in merely saying ‘no’ to a young man who wanted to interview him, he NOW says he’s ‘never been so scared in all his life’???

      How could a person REALLY live through all the ‘fountains of blood’ and the ‘ovens going night and day,’ and the ‘jewish lampshades’ and the ‘soap’ etc. AD NAUSEUM, and say a little scuffle is ‘MORE SCARY’??? What hyperbole is this man suffused with?

      And a little confrontation with a man that says to him (without causing bodily harm, unlike, say, a BLACK man left alone with the Weasel in an elevator) ‘You just can’t speak the Truth,’ is enough for him to now travel with a bodyguard?
      I thought ‘the Truth shall set you free’? Oh, yeah, that was Jesus saying that.
      Like Weasel would EVER listen to Him!

      Oh, GOD, how EVIL the Jews are! How full of the seed of Satan this race is! [John 8:44] How corrupt their minds, how duplicitous their lips, how EVIL their faces, and how BLACK their SOULS.

      This young man on trial would have done the world a favor, had he been less Anglo-Saxon, and more ‘multicultural.’ If Weasel had been found dead, with his wallet missing, the news would have chalked it up to a ‘disadvantaged yoot’ –

      but now, with the WHOLE ARMADA OF HELL behind this plaster, plastic Saint Elie, (ugh, it makes the bile just rise in my throat to even think such blasphemy) THEY WILL HAVE A HEYDAY with this White Boy.

      May God be merciful, and cause Weasel to suffer untold agonies in a death throe outside of the court, much like Herod did, when the worms devoured him, to show the world the WRATH of GOD on this ‘goyim of God.’ For the Jews are strangers, foreigners, imposters, xenos to the Israel of God. [Gal. 6:16]

      For a race that can pen, [Rabbi Simon ben Yohai] ‘Tob shebe goyyim harog’ (“Even the best of the gentiles- as the Jews define that word- should all be killed”) no ‘final solution’ is agony enough, punishment enough, restitution enough for the sufferings and loss we White Europeans have endured at the hands of the Christ-killers.

    6. Hans Schneider Says:

      Wiesel translated from yiddish to english is ” weasel “, honest…

    7. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Never throw bad books in the trash can in the library.

      Although the bathroom trash cans offer the advantage of not tripping the theft detectors, never put books in those trash cans. At least until you have put them in the toilet or (if the doors lock, so you won’t get busted) under the sink first. Then they are ruined and won’t be fished out.