3 July, 2008

Neocons Stay on Message

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by Philip Giraldi: [Here].

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  7. 13 Responses to “Neocons Stay on Message”

    1. ED! Says:

      Much talk about the distructive power of Neocon writers like Kristol, and Krauthammer these days. When I here the buzz word Neocon I always think of one over looked Jew, the late Milton Friedman. I remember Friedman as a free market economist that espoused privatization, and laissez faire. Much of Ronald Reagan’s economic policies were influenced by Milton Friedman. For those younger people who do not know of this Jew, a good study might be worth it. My opinion is that the name Milton Friedman belongs on the list of the last century’s most destructive, and Nation Wrecking Jews. There is a connection between Reagan, Friedman, Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and American business shadow figures that is worth exploring! No government is perfect, and no economic policy is perfect, but if we do not abandon the economic thinking of Milton Friedman soon then we will be taught the lesson that Spain had to learn the hard way. Milton Friedman’s ideas are nothing new and only shift all wealth to the rich and leave the working class in a state of bereavement, just what one would expect form a Jew! That is why Jews should not be allowed to do anything except to sit and grind corn!


    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Friedman, who admitted being “one of the architects” of the Treasury’s proposal for a withholding system, correctly noted in his memoirs that the system “would have been introduced had I been involved or not.” Withholding was an essential element of the government’s wartime revenue grab. “At the time,” concluded Friedman, “we concentrated single-mindedly on promoting the war effort. We gave next to no consideration to any longer-run consequences. It never occurred to me at the time that I was helping to develop machinery that would make possible a government that I would come to criticize severely as too large, too intrusive, too destructive of freedom. Yet, that was precisely what I was doing.”


      True, friedman was evil, but because he was NOT an advocate of laissez-faire. A free economy has no central bank- there are COMPETING monies, you get to choose the one you like. Oh, did not uncle miltie have a TV series, free to choose? Are we free to choose whether or not to use JRNs (jewish ripoff notes)?

      friedman criticized the “fed’s” policies. This is part of controlled, fake opposition. He wanted the money supply to be adulterated around 4%/year, but called it “increasing the money supply.” He said if productivity rose by that amount, prices would be flat, therefore “no inflation.” But no inflation does not mean flat price indices- it means no inflation, no adulteration. This means freezing the money supply, without even looking at price levels.

      The voucher scheme was the worst. Calling for free market in schools, them having the “state” (Billary) pass out the funds. As if the “state” would not try to regulate schools, after, they’z paying.

      So the money thing and the school thing and the IRS thing still involved the fucking government- all done in the name of “free choice.”

    3. Olde Douche Sucks Says:

      Privately owned banks have no rightful authority to print paper money and any politician crooked enough to give them such authority should be shot.

      The government must undertake the job of printing our money and controlling its value as a matter of national sovereignty if nothing else.

      America’s founders gave Congress the power to print money and control its value because they didn’t trust private bankers.

      It was probably the smartest thing they ever did.

      Unfortunately, they didn’t outlaw private banks or the practice of usury and, as a result, we now find ourselves in the very situation America’s founders sought to avoid: a nation of beggars at the mercy of a group of transnational cutthroats who have no allegiance to our country or its people whatsoever.

      Central banks aren’t the real problem.

      Germany had a state-owned central bank under Hitler and it prospered as never before.

      Private ownership of central banks (by the jewish Rothschild syndicate) is the real problem.

    4. Socrates Says:

      Olde Douche Sucks Says: The government must undertake the job of printing our money and controlling its value as a matter of national sovereignty if nothing else.

      Yes. In fact, that might make a good topic for discussion on the main page.

    5. Whitepride Says:

      Notice how these faggots over at antiwar.com assiduously avoid “naming the jew”.


    6. Dental Plan Says:

      “Naming the jew” means the same thing today that being blacklisted as a commie meant during the second Red Scare: total ostricization by the powerful and delegitimization in the eyes of the vast number of proles who apparently enjoy being colorblind.

    7. lawrence dennis Says:

      In this entire article at:


      the word “jew” does not appear once, even though all four commentators discussed in the article (Bill Kristol, David Brooks, Robert Kagan, and Charles Krauthammer) are jewish. When this fact is revealed, then all the “reasons” put forward by the pro-war political “arguments” of these men become immediately comprehensible as the jew-made lies they are.

      In the article appears this statement:

      One wonders how pundits who have been wrong so many times continue to have a distinguished platform to present their nonsense.

      Well, the journals that these pundits’ scribblings appear in (in this case The New York Times and Washington Post) are all owned and edited by … jews. So, nothing to wonder about at all. Indeed, there is no need to write an article titled “Neocons Stay on Message.” But an honest article with a title such as “Jews Continue to Jew” is not going appear anytime soon on the lefty website Counterpunch.



      Rapture Bunnies Discuss Backing McAmnesty
      Wednesday, July 2, 2008 7:00 PM

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Religious Correspondent

      — Rapture bunny leaders, who have been slow (like a cold day in hell) to warm to John McAmnesty, met privately this week to discuss coalescing around the Republicunt’s presidential bid.

      Mathew Savior, a conservative Judeo-Christian activist (rapture promoter), convened a meeting of about 90 Rapture Snake Oil or RSO leaders Tuesday at the bewitching stroke of twelve midnight in Denver. Many RSO leaders have been wary of McAmnesty’s commitment to their causes and his previous criticisms of movement leaders, among other things, including McAmnesty’s adopting only one non-White child, which isn’t enough to the likings of RSO leaders and the ghosts of our heavenly Roy Rogers, Dale Evens and even Trigger .

      “Our shared non-lubrecated values compel us to unite and choose the presidential candidate that best advances those values,” said Savior, who heads the Florida-based legal advocacy group Liberty Carousel and originally backed the candidacy of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Hucksterbee. “That obvious choice is Sen. John McAmnesty. I think people left the meeting in unity the likes of which have not been evident through the primaries.”

      Savior said the result will be more leaders “energizing their base like long life batteries” and targeted efforts in battleground states and states with anti-Israel initiatives this fall such as _ _ _ _ _

      According to Staver, those in attendance included Phyllis Chapstik, head of the Eagle Brand Milk Forum; pastor and “Left Behind” co-author and RSO promoters Tim LaHaye and his ever faithful wife, Beverly, founder of Concerned Married Virgins for America; David Bardex, founder of Mideast WallBuilders; Rick Scartissue of Blindness America; and Don Hotel, a former interior decorator and former president of Colorado Springs-based Focus on Latex Paint Color.

      James Dobbshats, the founder of Focus on the Soon to be Raptured Family and a fan of neither McAmnesty nor Democratic candidate Baruch Grobama, did not attend. Dobbshat has been in California working on his two new books : “What Will You do When They Disappear?” and “Now You See ‘Em Now You Don’t” aides have said.

      Grobama has been courting “religious” voters. On Tuesday, he called for expanding “White” Crib efforts to steer social service dollars to selected 501C3 religious groups.

      Savior said enthusiasm is building for McAmnesty, in part because of the Republicunt senator’s recent meetings with ex-laxed movement leaders like Phil Bareass, who also attended the Denver summit. Bareass helped “pass” an anti-gay marriage measure in California that was credited with helping bisexual President George Wanker Bush win the state in 2004 and legal gay marriages in California in 2008..

      Asked whether it was opposition to Grobama or enthusiasm for McAmnesty that motivated the group, Savior said: The likes of “Grobama and his former limo “partner” Larry Sinclair are a considerable threat to our values. At the same time, Sen. McAmnesty recently has been trying to reach out to evangelicals and conservative voters that we represent with more promises of war in the Mideast for the security of Israel, and hopefully a third world war via the rapture and the second cumming.”

      Slime Magazine first reported on the meeting on its Web site Wednesday.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “somewhere secret” in Denver, Colorado….

      © 2008 Associated Pricks. No Rights Reserved. This material can and will be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    9. lawrence dennis Says:

      Whoops! The article referred to actually appears on the antiwar.com website at:


      and the author is one ‘Philip Giraldi.’ On wikipedia at:


      he is indicated as being on the list of American Jews, but no source is given for this claim.

    10. Olde_Dutch Says:

      “Central banks aren’t the real problem.

      Germany had a state-owned central bank under Hitler and it prospered as never before.”

      So now you agree with me. LOL. What is it with you boy?

    11. Olde Douche Sucks Says:

      So now you agree with me.

      No, Olde Douche, I don’t agree with you.

      You want a private jew-owned central bank.

      I want just the opposite.

    12. Olde_Dutch Says:

      What the hell are you talking about? Commercial banking in the United States is at least 80% or more gentile. Granted investment banking is, and has been a jewish thing. But, only recently has the FED taken upon itself to get involved in investment banking! Which in my opinion has been a violation of the FED’s charter.

      You just don’t get it. Or you are one of them…LOL

    13. Olde Douche Sucks Says:

      What the hell are you talking about?

      I’m talking about the Fed, Olde Douche.

      BTW, your “deaf, dumb and blind” act is wearing thin.

      I don’t think anyone’s buying it anymore.