11 July, 2008

Swiss to Vote on Muslim Symbolism

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Some Whites are waking up to the threat of Muslim culture, even if it’s only architectural:


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  7. 5 Responses to “Swiss to Vote on Muslim Symbolism”

    1. ED! Says:

      If one believes the bible then, the one believes that Abraham is the father of both the Arabs, and the Jews! I have no use for Abraham, his children, their religions, and their gods! They do nothing good for me, anyone I care about, and the White Race I belong to!

      Good for those Swiss willing to stand up against the Islamic intrusion! Not only do the Jews infest our Nations, they bring their enemies with them! We should send them all packing!


    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Jews and muslims are certainly rivals but not really enemies, they both have the same crack-pot mind set and insist on forcing their scribblings on us.

      How can any sane White person find anything uplifting in the Old Testament? That collection, and the Quran too, should not be discarded lightly, no, both need to thrown away with great force!

      As an aside, it has long perplexed me why, during the 1950’s when yidsrael was relatively weak, the whole Arab world, or at least the major players, didn’t rise up and boot the zionists out of Palestine.
      My conclusion, and it is only a guess, is that the zionist promised the muslim leadership a free hand in Europe in exchange for Palestine and eventually a ‘greater yidsreal’.

      If this contains the truth of jew-muslim backstairs diplomacy then the ragheads got a very good deal. The rate at which Europe is being islamicised is proceeding beyond the fevered dreams of a jihadist.

      There is ample precedent for jew-muslim cooperation in our destruction, look at medieval Spain and the Ottoman Empire.

    3. JewTracer Says:

      Feminism and the Jews are by far greatest threats to White culture. Compared to those two destructive monsters, Muslims rate below 1% in the threat scale. Furthermore, destroy the dominance of Jews and feminism and the Muslim problem will automatically sort itself out.

    4. Sally Says:

      “How can any sane White person find anything uplifting in the Old Testament?”

      Nothing uplifting, but plenty of history that explains expansionist Israel. Back when they were called Hebrews, the Old Testament revealed the two-time seizure of the area J–s claim now. The first time was Abraham’s and his immediate family’s conquest of the land, and the second time was under Joshua’s generalship after Moses passed.

      You don’t need to read the daily papers, all you need to do is read the Book of Joshua. It is the identical process followed last century to invade, and this century to expand, Israeli holdings between the sea and the two rivers. No joke, they still carry a murderous grudge against a desert tribe called Amalekites that temporarily barred the Hebrew’s invasion of its claimed territory when they were expelled from Egypt for theft, fraud, murder, and sloth.

    5. Varina Says:

      I know the Catholic Church is falling apart, but you have to give them credit for one thing. They never got into all that Jewish Old Testament stuff, except may be a few things like Adam and Eve. We never read the Old Testament, never studied it. The Catholic “Bible” was the New Testament only. I don’t know if that has changed, haven’t been to Mass in many years.