6 August, 2008

Another Truth-Teller Fights for His Freedom

Posted by Socrates in Australia, holo-factualists, Holocaust, holocaust racket, Socrates, thought crime, Toben at 2:14 pm | Permanent Link

The Adelaide Institute‘s Dr. Fredrick Toben is facing thought-crime persecution in Australia. The Jews and their shabbos goys have been harassing Dr. Toben for years:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Another Truth-Teller Fights for His Freedom”

    1. Stan Says:

      Well, it looks like itz on. Going for the easy meat first. I wonder how long until they try to kick my door or Alex’s door or any one of your doors in?

      You ready? I am.

    2. abe foxman Says:

      Evidence the Holocaust didn’t happen is irrelevant? Fucking turncoat judge! This is the kind of judiciary that rules Australia.
      Want to learn more? here!
      [email protected]
      Any perusal of the Australian judiciary would show an overwhelming representation by Jews at every level.

      The fact is Dr Toben is correct in everything he says. Even if he is wrong, theire is no hate demonstrable by refuting an historical event. A jury selected from his peers (freemen) which is his right would see this especially an Australian jury made up of white Australians
      If real Australians ever get the blinders off as to what this mafia, jews and their rest of the closet commie politburo in the judiciary are doing in not upholding the laws of federation (that have never been revoked unless by referendum which has never happened) then the lot of these greasy sleazy excuses for humans will be hanging from a gum tree!
      Yes VNNers, Australia is in the same boat as the US. Their laws of federation (constitution) based on British law and from the Magana Carta giving freedoms that are irrevocable, have been hijacked by a corrupt judiciary in collusion with politicians and the banks. Dumbass Australians are just as in the dark as dumbass Americans and the push to allow in all kinds of third worlders in that country is to dilute the populace so that these criminals can put forward their one and only referendum for a republic, which would be the nail the coffin for white Australians.

    3. abe foxman Says:

      Sorry folks, let me post the correct link to this true Aussie patriot