17 August, 2008

Israel Tiring of Convert Immigrants

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The Jews know that they must admit a small number of outsiders – such as Ethiopians – into Israel just to be able to suggest to the world that the Jewish state isn’t race-based like Nazi Germany was. But it is. In fact, Israel has become more Jewish while all of the Western countries have become less White. That must be just a coincidence, huh? And, it’s just an accident that Israel is the only declared nation-state left in the world, huh? [1][2]:


[1] a map showing the racial transformation of Israel from 1946 to 2000: [Here]

[2] Israel is described in writing as a “Jewish state” in its 1948 Declaration of Independence. Newbies, “Jewish” as used in this post is not to be confused with the religion of Judaism

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  7. 3 Responses to “Israel Tiring of Convert Immigrants”

    1. Whitepride Says:

      For all we will ever be concerned jew means ashkenazic.

    2. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      The hypocrisy of the Jew is finally laid bare for all to see. They don’t like the SCHWARTZES any more than we do, but if those Ethiopian soul-brothers claim to be members of the Jewish “faith”, then they have the “right” to emmigrate to the Zionist Entity, according to the Law of Return. After all, the Jews claim they are only a “religion”, they never admit to the GOYIM that they regard themelves as a RACE (an ugly, mongrelized race of parasites, that is) .

      But in a few more decades, Zionism will be finished anyway. The Arabs are breeding like mad and will soon outnumber The Chosen Ones in Palestine. What will the hebes do then, swim back to Brooklyn?

    3. ein Says:

      “The Arabs are breeding like mad and will soon outnumber The Chosen Ones in Palestine. What will the hebes do then, swim back to Brooklyn?”

      They’ll get America’s good simple-minded “Christians” to go over there and nuke them thar A-rabs. Teach ’em a lesson. After all, that’s what God wants. Aint’ it? Don’t mess with God’s people!

      As for being outnumbered, I don’t think that’s a great worry to the Jews. They long ago learned how to be a ruling minority. Isn’t that the case right now? It has never seemed to stop them.