18 August, 2008

The Secular Religion of the Holocaust…

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by Robert Faurisson: [Here].

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    1. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Hmmm………Not one gas chamber has ever been found, only conventional shower stalls, disinfectant laundry rooms and air-raid shelters. Not one gassed corpse, not one written order authorizing anyone to be gassed, not one blueprint for a single gas chamber, no credible eyewitness accounts of a gas chamber, no allied aircraft ever spotted one from the air, no allied spies on the ground ever saw one, no civillian workers at the concentration camps ever saw one………all the alleged “death camps” were conveniently located deep inside the postwar Soviet occupation zone, no serious person ever claimed to have “escaped” from a gas oven……….

      The number of “victims” who were “gassed” goes up to 11 million and then down to 6 million then up to 9 million and then down again to 3 or 4 million……..The sick, Jewish, pornographic, scatological claims about lampshades and bars of soap made out of Jews proved to be false, yet the Jews continue to subtly promote these bizarre myths in the background. And anyone who questions all this bullshit is supposed to be some kind of criminal? ???????