20 August, 2008

US, Poland Sign Missile Deal

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This isn’t a conservative deal. It’s a neoconservative deal. (Trivia: the Polish foreign minister who signed the agreement, Radoslaw “Radek” Sikorski, is married to an American-born Jewish journalist):


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  7. 7 Responses to “US, Poland Sign Missile Deal”

    1. Stan Says:

      That damn bastard has brought shame upon my family name and the people of Poland.

    2. Terry Pickleford Says:

      Missile shield in Poland is a bad idea. Provoking Russia is NOT in the USA’s best interest. If Western Europe feels so insecure, let THEM install the missile shield in Poland. Of course, now that France has elected jew Sarkozy, I suppose THAT may be possible. So let France deal with the consequences. Sarkozy is an international jew of Hungarian jewish and Greek jewish extraction. How the hell did HE get elected President of France anyway? Oh yeah, he is a jew, that’s how.

      Radoslaw Sikorski, the Polish Minister of Public Affairs who signed the treaty with the US to install missiles in Poland, was a resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute from 2002 until 2005. The American Enterprise Institute is a neocon (jewish) think tank that loves to meddle in everyone’s business on behalf of world zionism. Of course, Sikorski is married to jewess Anne Appelbaum, so he is in with the jews.

      The American Enterprise Institute’s President, Christopher DeMuth, worked for the law firm Sidley and Austin, the same firm Barrack Obama worked for. I wonder if Sidley and Austin is the firm that inspired the movie “Devil’s Advocate?” Hmmmmmmm

      Starting to see how this all fits together? Powerful jews working in cahoots with unscroupulous sell-outs, carving up the world. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Medvedev (Russian president with jewish name) isn’t also in cahoots with them. Maybe they are intending to stage another World War, thin out the herd a little, jack up the Dow Jones, further consolidate their power. Who knows. But the connections are there and it stinks.

      It is almost like they have to belong to “the club” to get accepted and stamped with the Kosher Seal of Approval before being considered seriously for political office, around the globe.

      Link to Rad Sikorski below. From that link you can find links to American Enterprise Institute and Sidley and Austin Lawfirm.

      Anne Appelbaum, Rad Sikorski’s wife, was originally booked on the Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York City during its disaster flight on December 21, 1988. However, a week before take-off, she postponed her journey by one day in order to visit friends at Oxford. Like most jews would do, she wrote about it here: http://www.anneapplebaum.com/other/1998/12_20_tel_lockerbie.html

      So, here we have a Polish politician signing a Polish/US missile deal, who worked for the same law firm who employed Barrack Obama, which also employed the current President of the American Enterprise Institute (which is always pulling for aggressive wars on behalf of Israel), who just happens to be married to a wealthy jewess who just happened to be booked on Pan Am Flight 103, who just happened to cancel her flight plans one week before the ill fated flight.


      I can almost see a smiling Al Pacino sticking his finger in the Holy Water while that Polish Missile deal was signed.

    3. Friedrich Braun Says:

      The Jewnites States will never fight for Polackia. Who are they kidding?

    4. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      The Bush Regime and the Neo-Kikes are obviously trying to intimidate Russia and surround it with hostile puppet states loyal to ZOG. I hope Russia doesn’t back down, despite all the international pressure the Jews will inevitably bring down on them.

    5. sandor Says:

      It will never be built. Russia will kill it in its cradle.

    6. JewTracer Says:

      “Neo-kikes”… I was looking for a replacement term for the controlled-media propagated one, “neo-cons”… Neo-kikes fits it perfectly.

    7. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Glad I could help……I got tired of that euphemistic, media-generated “neo-con” label, too. Let’s expose the Jew whenever, wherever and however we can!