1 September, 2008

Canada: Jewish Abortion Doctor Honored

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(Note: the article is from July 2008)
The Order of Canada is prestigious – it’s the highest civilian honor. Why was it awarded to an abortion doctor? A bigger concern, of course, is that the Jews pioneered the abortion industry. It’s good for their agenda: it lowers White birthrates and advances feminism by “unburdening” career-women. Trivia: not only was the birth-control pill invented by a Jew, but so was the abortion pill RU-486:


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  7. 11 Responses to “Canada: Jewish Abortion Doctor Honored”

    1. ED! Says:

      RU-486, are you for 86, humor? Jewish humor while they are killing us?


    2. Stronza Says:

      I never saw it this way before. None of my antiabortion, prolife publications ever made mention of this. Feh.

    3. gosher noser Says:

      typical kike nose…. estruscan heritage?

    4. Scott Says:

      I’ve heard that before that RU-486 means “are you for death?” Sick mother fuckers laughing at us as they kill our babies. Jews are the epitome of evil.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      “Morganthaler quit his family practice in Montreal in 1968 to open his first abortion clinic in defiance of the laws of the day” This is quintessential Jewish behavior. First, violate the Goyim law, in order to kill unborn gentile babies, all the while making money and overturning laws, with the end result being, Honors, wealth and the death of untold thousands of White babies. Such a deal! No wonder he was awarded the honor by his fellow Jews. Canada is as Jewish as Israel.

    6. Mark Says:

      This is objectionable not because he’s Jewish, but because it’s absurd to honor someone for killing unborn babies. How someone can read this and think of it as honorable and an achievement is very strange. “He killed more babies than anyone else, he should get a medal!”

      Just shows you how sick and twisted Canadian government has become.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews and the liberals always want White women to have abortions, ostensibly so that White women can pursue their feminist career goals and save the environment from overpopulation. Instead, they are encouraged to become dykes and adopt Chink or Groid babies like their Jew-manufactured heroes Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

    8. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:

      any white man who “takes it upon him-self” to rid this world of a jew baby-butcher should receive the highest honours & accolades……and be placed on the same ‘pedestal’ as other heroes of our race……viz: Bob Matthews, David Lane &c!

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Well said Jim!

      The present dire situation will only improve when ‘they’ start to FEAR us.

    10. Scott Says:

      But let’s be honest boys, for every White woman walking into an abortion clinic, there’s a White man who didn’t want the baby. I know several close friends who’ve talked their girlfriends into abortion because they didn’t want the responsibility. The new rule should be that if you play, you pay, i.e., accept the kid, even with the financial noose it puts around our necks. Better that than letting the Jews have the pleasure of killing our White babies.

    11. Hans Schneider Says:

      This “Doctor” needs a thorough tax audit not a medal for breaking canadian law !