22 September, 2008

Israeli Prime Minister Will Step Down

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Accused of accepting bribes, Ehud Olmert will resign when a new PM is found. His likely successor will be ex-Mossad agent Tzipi Livni, whose parents were high-ranking members of the infamous Irgun terrorist group in Palestine. Many Israeli leaders – such as former Prime Minister Menachem Begin – were Irgun members:


  • 6 Responses to “Israeli Prime Minister Will Step Down”

    1. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      Gratuitous pic of the new jew revue
      reminds me of that little jew that got into it with Duke at Amren some time ago- michael hart, can’t find the pic of him clawing away like that.

    2. Arminius Says:

      Friends, let us at rejoice! Again one of that exemplary tribe goes down in his own shit. Makes way for another to take his place, certainly blessed with the same mentality.
      Can anyone name ONE jew, who was not corrupt when elevated to a responsible office?
      A sobering thought, that so many high ranking “World leaders”, government envoys and ministers have been humbly shaking Olmert’s dirty hand, even creeping into his arse and NOT feeling soiled afterwards.

    3. Dr Coon Says:

      He won’t do no jail time. He should have done the crime here, and maybe raped and snuffed some kids then filmed it, or just took a “bribe” for distributing it. Then when he fled to Israel it would be a guarentee he does no jail time. Just like Seth Bekenstein.

    4. Arch Stanton Says:

      Vat? I thought such bribes were just goot bizneez! In fact I suspect the Jew le Mérite is awarded to those Jews who accept or offer the highest bribes. Is it not now the highest honor to proudly say “I’ve/We’ve been jewed?” Perhaps it was merely the fact that Olmert was exposed to the public that has resulted in this discrediting. But then like any Jew exposing himself to schoolchildren from beneath a filthy raincoat, he should still get nothing more than a wink and a nod as he exits stage right with full rights and benefits. After all is this not the honorarium accorded to Olmert’s jewish brethren who have sacked Wall Street? But then I suppose it is not taken as the same matter of consideration when one commits such action towards the goyim as it is when one publicly soils themselves in front of God’s chosen. Move along now nothing to see here.

    5. trackrabbit Says:

      Corruption? That’s just normal. Why don’t they say he’s stepping down because he got caught? Getting caught conducting typical Jewish business is not satisfactory for a prime minister of Israel, and therefore, he should step down. Maybe this Jewess is a bit more crafty.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      I once tried to get on the air during a discussion on NPR about Islamic “terrorism” to point out that Irgun and the Stern Gang, two groups that founded the modern Zionist state, were terrorists. Naturally, the Hebress who screened the calls got upset and did not let me through………………….Everyone here is right when they point out that corruption is Israel is just par for the course. But I think the new Jewess in Chief, Miss Zippy, will probably get away with more stuff than her predecessor because she’s not bad-looking for a Jewess, a Semitic version of Sarah Palin (who may be a fair daughter of Zion herself).