25 September, 2008

Video: What Are the Jews?

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It’s an important question. The late Dr. William Pierce called the Jews a “hybrid” race, i.e., the big Jewish group called the Ashkenazim + the small Jewish group called the Sephardim. “Race” needs to be redefined by the scientific community to include the Jews:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Video: What Are the Jews?”

    1. Mark Faust Says:

      Notice that there is no box labeled “Jew” or “Jewish” on any document that has racial/nation or origin monitoring questions….Why?

      Let that sink in for a moment.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Bully for Mike the Kike Wallace, who identified himself as Jewish rather than White. Usually when Jews are caught doing something bad, they call themselves White or Russian or English, etc. But when they do something nice (rarely happens), they are quick to point out their Jewishness.

      What is a Jew? I would say Jews are a western Asiatic or Semitic ethnic group, like their Arab cousins. Semites are Afro-Asiatics, meaning they are part Negroid and part Oriental, ie, hybrids……. Judaism is merely the Jews’ tribal religion. Over the past 2000 years or so, the Jews have become heavily mixed with other ethnic and racial groups they have been in prolonged contact with. As a result, many Jews today don’t even look Semitic or Asiatic, but are rather White in appearance. Therefore, being Jewish also has a MENTAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL component; being a Jew is as much a state of mind as it is being a member of a certain AfroAsiatic or Semitic tribe.

    3. Olde_Dutch Says:

      The jews are an ancient Mediterranean temple cult which has a marriage taboo.

      The cults of Zeus, Athena, & Fortune have all died out. Only the cult of the jew remains.

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jewish “religion” of today is not the same as the Jewish cults of earlier times. They originally worshipped the Moon, like their Arab cousins. This Moon God eventually became known as Allah. The Jews also worshipped many invisible tribal deities flitting around their campfires until the Jews immigrated to Babylon and Persia, where they invented “Yahweh”. After the Romans sacked Jerusalem, the Jews fired Yahweh and began worshipping the Talmud. I guess now the Jews have done away with the middle-man altogehter and just worship themselves and their Zionist Entity as gods.

    5. Vaultner Says:

      Ashkenazi, Sephardic, they are all Parasidic jews. There isn’t a box for jew on applications etc. because it would ring too close to the Nuremberg laws & well warranted discrimination. Quite simply for the shit they do, then they come up with “why does everyone hate us?” So they of course have managed to keep the jew box off forms like that.
      They are an Asiatic Mongoloid species with a part nigroid Gnome. They have been forcibly removed from every part of civilization down through the ages.
      If there ever is a reckoning on this planet it will likely not only involve DNA test but a bit of the French Revolution. jews of ethnicity, religion & those behaving as jews with their preditorial dispositions, will be slated for relocation.
      End of 5,000 years of bullshit? The Pax Romanus, or Roman peace lasted 200 years, the time after the removal of the jew could last 2,000 years for the Fourth Reich.
      What is a jew? is an excellent question. If ever a jew thought he had some magic it was the opposite of King Midas. Everything a jew touches turns to shit.
      In reiteration the jew is a jew, practice of the religion makes a jew, & jew like aristocrats are jews.

    6. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      The problem of jews being passing for White – I also thought this all my life, assigned no particular importance to much of anything about them, and didn’t have that much contact with them. Their religion didn’t have any significance for me, nor did their ethnicity , nor did I know about any jewish political agenda that did not fall under the umbrella of American Dream, Average Whites.
      Their whole culture/belief system is not something I grew up around, so all I could go from was TV. The Iraq war is what led me down this road, finding out about the US/Izzy connection. Then I found Pierce. I saw all the audio about jewish this and that, zionism- I didn’t write it off, but I also knew I didn’t know enough about any of this stuff to start with that- so I listened to the other topics, which reassured me that even as politically ignorant as I was , the obvious things I picked up that were going very wrong in society I was not imagining.
      When I had finished plowing through the years of audio on topics I was more familiar with, I thought, OK, I’ll try to understand this, and look up what he is saying for myself- I’m an OK researcher, I can easily check multiple sources and find out quickly if this is made-up or not. It wasn’t. I still had a hard time accepting it, even though the evidence for what Pierce was saying being true was mounting. I remember my mouth going dry, and feeling afraid. Also feeling angry that for most of my life, I had been taught what victims these people were- persecuted , powerless, and abused – even the ones who had escaped that having made a success of their lives despite these past horrific events, blah blah. And perhaps their peculiarities had sprung from this tragic history. Being fairly representative of middle-class America, of the generation born in the 1960’s I can safely assume a lot of others like myself think exactly this way.
      The hardest thing I have come up against in even trying to gently steer the conversation towards middle east/izzy policies is the fear and trepidation I see in the eyes of whatever White I am speaking to.

      Of course some are not like that, some feel they are not in a position to feel threatened . It is like they either
      a) know where my beliefs lie and are scared of that, they can tell where am going or
      b) they already know and feel like I am testing them to get them to reveal what they already know.
      c) they don’t like it that someone else might know something they don’t , and cling to what the TV says, the Official Story about whatever, ww2, 911, foreign policy- they feel it might make them look stupid if they don’t know something, so they would rather make me an ‘extremist’ than themselves uninformed. I was not raised to think ignorance is the same as low IQ, but many still have these confused. This goes to


      and this type can be moneyed or not, but in general fits the “if it doesn’t affect/hurt me directly, why should I care? Why should I care about White culture or preserving/protecting anything. I got what I want. I got my White area, my TV, my kids are safe, who gives a rat’s ass about jews, race, culture. I don’t want to hear about this stuff, I’m all about acquisition, I’m all about ME and what you can do for ME. Hey, let’s go to costco!”

      d) They don’t care to look up, listen to radio programs, visit sites, or hear you tell them- they don’t want to learn anything, they don’t like the idea of you knowing something they don’t, they have the political mentality of “well, gotta die of somethin” , like they are powerless to do anything about it, they don’t want to risk anything, they feel it is hopeless, so why strain your brain with it learning stuff, or they don’t give a &^%, they “believe in the system” regardless of who is running it or failing to run it, because being ‘patriotic’ means to them, you put up with anything and still say ‘my country , right or wrong’, which is kind of a lame expression if you think about it.

      I suppose the last group will prob be the last to come on board, although unfortunately they will be better positioned whether they join forces with whatever the current regime/new regime would be following a serious economic collapse or racial uprisings or whether some will be forced out of their comfortable, secure Philistine existence.

      Whether the scenario these types enter will be altruistic or dog-eat-dog will determine whether these people take power and become leaders due to the fact that most people will submit to a more domineering personality especially when afraid and in bad circumstances- or whether this type will be outnumbered and the tribal or clan mentality will not tolerate this “I am your tyrannical ruler” stuff, and simply kill these ME types and their breakaway followers.
      There are plenty of Whites to whom the idea of a modern-day fuhrer holds little appeal. They want their own power.They make the distinction this is a different time and place and we are dealing with a lot of different Euro groups. Rarely does it come together or is even possible with the many types here now- that there is a racial meeting of minds. The homogeneous mentality of 1930’s Germany doesn’t exist here, although Whites in general,whether they admit it or not, prefer to be around almost any type of other White than non-whites. We don’t have to copy an old paradigm.
      I try to look back at all the various stages of European immigration to the US, and how we managed to ‘assimilate’- Sure there are differences in No/So Europeans but as far as day-to-day life- there is no problems. We can’t say that for other immigrants, we can’t say blacks have assimilated, even with free programs and sneaking in under affirmative action. That stuff hasn’t helped.
      If America was like a a New Europe- and only a new Europe, how would it have taken shape? If we hadn’t had slavery or jews flocking here, if we hadn’t gotten involved in WW2, if we hadn’t helped create Izzy. If we hadn’t gotten ourselves into waging war on the middle east over and over again. Will we ever be able to say “we were wrong, we shouldn’t have done that, it was a bad idea, it was a good idea, it was a ‘fair idea’, but it didn’t work-and now we are going to change things and do it a different way. ” Are we like the wimp parents who need a TV nanny to tell us how to control our unruly children, because we are wussies who can’t say “enough is enough” when the child is setting the house on fire and pulling a knife? How can we be patriotic and have respect for ‘leaders’ who are ‘in denial’ . Yeah Bush gets up there and states the obvious that things are bad. What he really is saying is prepare for things to get worse. But does he say “I &*ckd up”? Does he say “My handlers **cked up. Let’s start anew, let’s take the reins back, and start over? ” . No, he doesn’t say that. How can we look at him like a man? “Houston , we have a problem.”
      Houston: “uhhhh.. yeah, uhh OK I believe you. Duh..”

      What this feels like to me is a speed-up into the North American Union, and things step-by-step changing into something else- what that is I wish I knew enough to say, but as far as the WN fantasies of old 50’s, early 60’s America, I think we can forget about that being in their plans, unless there is much, much bloodshed.
      It isn’t our blood that needs to be shed.

      We are already dying in Iraq for the agenda of some mini-mart of an occupied country. It is not We who must atone with our blood.

    7. gw Says:

      Spake Zarathustra: “many Jews today don’t even look Semitic or Asiatic, but are rather White in appearance. Therefore, being Jewish also has a MENTAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL component; being a Jew is as much a state of mind as it is being a member of a certain AfroAsiatic or Semitic tribe.”

      Well said. I understand that Hitler called Jews “a race of the mind” — the best description that I’ve seen yet.