19 November, 2008

France: Police Raid Faurisson’s Home Again

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The French government can’t allow truth-telling. Faurisson’s home was also searched in January 2008:


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    1. jim donaldson Says:

      When will they get around to using it against us?


    2. Frank Degrassi Says:

      I realize that the following may be a bit off topic but here goes:
      Some of the posters seem to be quite knowledgeable about several jew-related subjects and I was wondering how some of you feel about this rampant kosherization of not only our food products but also of the non-food products.
      I have emailed several messages to various food producing companies requesting information as to why we should pay even the smallest additional amount of money for the umpteen kosher symbols which appear on their packaging.
      Most of them have replied with basically the same old reasons which do not make any sense to me anyway while not divulging what the REAL costs were. And of course they mention that they do not pass on to the consumer the fees payed to rabbis. Sure.
      I have asked one company, that did not reply, if they could tell me what the difference was between my posterior and a orthodox-jew’s one. This had of course to do with yet another kosher symbol on a package of…toilet paper!!
      What should be or..can be done about this ridiculous practice? Sometimes I wonder if I am not the only person on earth who makes the effort of communicating about this with various firms. In their eyes I must be a very insignificant being and once their reply is emailed, all is forgotten.
      I really bugs me to know that so many human beings are starving on this planet and that a small minority of religious fanatics succeed in reaping in what must amount to a fortune. If only part of that was used to aid starving people all over the world, I could maybe understand.
      Any comments or suggestions?
      Thanks! :-)

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Well, as long as the above post is off-topic, I’d just like to point out that The Beatles’ White Album was released on this date 40 years ago in 1968. “You say you want a revolution………….. but if you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you an count me out/in…….”

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Back on topic, when was the last time the French were known for tolerating free speech or free expression of any kind? They’ve always had a streak of medieval authoritarianism and repression, so this latest outrage isn’t really anything new.

    5. gw Says:

      “Back on topic, when was the last time the French were known for tolerating free speech or free expression of any kind?”

      Can’t remember when! But, come to think of it, so are most of the Continentals (except perhaps the Swiss and Dutch). They are all worse than the French. And the British aren’t much better.

      It’s pretty sad.

      But even so, they’re a whole lot better than the rest of the world. That’s why the rest of the world wants to get into Europe.