29 November, 2008

Jewish Women – Yentas In Decline

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The Jews, as a general rule, are physically unattractive people: Big noses, big ears, big mouths, weak chins, eyes that look slightly Asian. Many are short and appear pasty and frail, like they never venture outdoors. This is one reason why the Jews hated the Nazis. Look at the Nazi ideal: handsome, proportionate, honest-looking, an outdoorsy type. The Nazis were the opposites of the Jews and the Jews hated it. In fact, that’s why Jews hate Western culture on the whole: It doesn’t look like them:


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    1. jim donaldson Says:

      Please, my stomach.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Older shiksa actresses like Faye Dunaway, Tippi Hedren, Angie Dickinson, Raquel Welch and Doris Day have held up pretty well, but Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters and Babs Streisand? Not so much. Julia Louise Dreyfuss is a real typical-looking Yenta with the unruly, kinky hair, big nose and Golda Meir hunched shoulders. And it’s true that as early as age 21, the classic Jew-look starts setting in.

      I just finished watching an episode of NUMBERS on CBS, where there is this beautiful blonde shiksa actress in a scene with this dark, uncouth-looking Jewboy. The writers were obviously trying to condition the viewers for a possible relationship between them in the next episode.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Have read some infomation, but no proof though it makes sense that is he is half jooo through his mother, Arnie AKA Barbarian of CA.

    4. gw Says:

      I saw a very recent photo of Joan Rivers. She’s obviously had ANOTHER face job. She did look pretty good, I must say — but at this point she no longer even looks like Joan Rivers! (Kinda like Michael Jackson, became non-Michael Jackson.)

      Oh, but she’s still Joan Rivers inside though! You know that as soon as she opens her mouth.

      Btw, speaking of casting actors, have you noticed too that Jewish actors are generally cast to play only gentile characters? And the Jewish guy almost always has a blonde shicksa wife or girlfriend? Meanwhile, Jewish characters from real real life are almost always played by good-looking Aryan actors — but virtually never by other Jews! (Yes, Fanny Brice was played by Streisand, but she was SUPPOSED to come across as an obviously Jewish character.)


      How bout’ a little MIRIAM BEN SHALOM for starters boys & girls…..

    6. S.U.N. Says:

      So much for yentas and their melting facial attributes. It’s even more laughable when they blatantly market their newborns as having blue eyes (!), blond hair (!!!) and otherwise as the ultimate models of “cuteness”.

    7. A.Galland Says:

      jewish ugliness is a strong warning from nature to white people.

    8. LoveWhite Says:

      The Jews are a diverse people which is why their population is underestimated in many places. Mind you interesting what you say gw that the “Jewish guy almost always has a blonde shicksa wife or girlfriend?” [in movies]. That guy Seth Rogen who starred in Zack and Miri make a Porno Movie is such an example.

    9. Tim Harris Says:

      I long suspected Julia Louise Dreyfuss was a kikette — especially on account of her all-too-natural whine — but was thrown off because her character in Seinfeld claims to be a shiksa.

      The “eyes that look slightly Asian” would undoubtedly stem from the Khazar admixture.

      Some kikettes are cute in their own way — for them. Is not the point, however, that even if they were the beautiful tribe… please go co-mingle in your own country. That is, let it be that our tribe is ugly and the kikettes are the world-class beauties. Fine; now will you all please go home to Israel and leave us alone?


      Hitchcock”s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) with Farley Granger (fag), Robert Walker (straight Gentile) & Ruth Roman (Jewess) is a good example. Ruth Roman looks pretty nice, thanks to the Hymiewood make-up men. However in some photos, her Asian-Ashkenazi eyes give her away. Click below for 26 Ruth Roman pictures…

    11. Stronza Says:

      Tim, I had never even heard of Julia Dreyfus so I went to Google Images to look for photos. Well, what do I find but the site of one Debbie Schlussel.


      Didn’t she have something to do with Prof. Kevin Macdonald’s woes?

    12. Mike in NYC Says:

      Dreyfus(s) is always a Jewish name, so there should never have been any doubt as to her ethnicity.

      Did Seinfeld really cast her as a Gentile? That would definitely cross the limits of believability.

    13. jim donaldson Says:

      A little off-topic. This is a good article:


      Our only problem is the white men who are, as Polybius laments, “perverted to a passion for show and money and the pleasures of an idle life”. X-box, anyone?

      Oh, nad the politicians, academicians, etc, who are nothing less than traitorous delinquents.

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      Good observation about Jew actors playing Gentiles and vice-versa, gw. Remember James Caan playing Sonny Corleone in the Godfather? I guess Coppola couldn’t find a guinea actor for that role (actually, I thought Jimmy Caan was great, but that’s not the point). Dennis Farina, Bobby De Niro and Alec Baldwin all played Jewish mobsters in the movies and Jewish actors played Nazis on Hogan’s Heroes! WTF? The Jews are always trying to confuse us.

    15. M. Kraus Says:

      I’m not sure that jews hate White culture because it doesn’t look like them. As the shiksa trophy-wife phenomenon shows, they are all too happy to wallow in Aryan beauty. Also, African culture doesn’t look like them either, and they have a tremendous love for it, apparently. How many jews enjoy hip hop, and try to emulate it?

    16. gw Says:

      Krauss says: “As the shiksa trophy-wife phenomenon shows, they are all too happy to wallow in Aryan beauty.”

      They show off with them, but they don’t have children with them. Such wives are just trophies — a piece of jewelry to be worn on his arm, a pearl plucked away from the pool her own kind, to die childless, a bird in a gilded cage … a genetic loss to her people and a triumph for his.

      There is a difference between a wife and a courtesan! A courtesan is for pleasure, not for breeding.

    17. gw Says:

      Zara says: “in the movies Jewish actors played Nazis on Hogan’s Heroes!
      WTF? The Jews are always trying to confuse us.”

      EXACTLY! That’s the whole idea. In the old movies, weren’t virtually ALL the evil, sinister Nazis played by Jewish actors?
      [“Ve haf our vays! Ve know how to MAKE you talk!”]

    18. Zarathustra Says:

      Gw, I’m afraid I must take issue with your assertion that Jewboys do not impregnate their shiksa trophy wives. Remember Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski? And then there’s the half black, half Jew Lenny Kravitz, Gwenneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford and many other MICHLINGEN too numerous to mention. Jewboys actually prefer having sexual relations with shiksas than with Jewesses (how surprising is that?). The MICHLINGEN also help extend the power and reach of the Sacred Ones, because such offspring are ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS, raised as Jews.

    19. LoveWhite Says:

      I agree Zarathrustra. Assimilated and crypto Jews are very willing to have sexual relations with white gentiles. And in particular in the last few years I’ve lost count of the number of good looking Aryan males with ugly Jewesses.

    20. Arch Stanton Says:

      Good one jim donaldson a laugh is always appreciated in these dark times. Every time I hear of another crypto jew outed, it takes me weeks to adjust. Kirk Douglas was a tough one, but now Lauren Bacall. I will know the end has finally come when it comes to light that John Wayne was actually jewish. “Saddle up pilgrim, we’re a ridin’ out to the OK death camp in Tombstone.”

      How about how those nasty Nazi guys that lust after joosih poontang in the movies. “Yes ve hate them, yes ve gas them, yes ve vant them all dead! dead! dead! but secretly ve chust luff to fuck those horny yentas! This is in the same vein as the idea that there is nothing more refreshing to a Nazi than a long, hot, shower with a bar of Jewish Spring soap or after a long hard day at the gas chambers, snuggling down into a mattress filled with lice laden, joosih hair. Of course Nazis always prefer the warmth shed by a tattooed human skin lampshade that cast humorous shadows on the wall. However that said I must admit when I saw Natalie Portman in that short, little girl dress in “V for Vendetta”my thoughts momentarily went well beyond those displayed by the classic perverted Catholic Bishop. Somehow when she flipped over so did my mind. Of course afterward I would have regained my composure and standing at the gate in my glistening boots and crisp black SS uniform I would silently use my riding crop to motion poor Natalie to the left. I must admit she did do an excellent imitation of what a death camp victim might have felt – had any death camps actually existed. One can only wonder if “V” saved her hair to stuff his pillow.

    21. Susan Says:

      You guys don’t do yourselves any favors when you discuss aging females, whether they be jews or Whites.

      Jewesses for the most part are very ugly creatures, no doubt about it. So, are jew males. yech!

      I had actually forgotten that Lauren Bacall was a jew. Regardless of that, she was a very beautiful woman, young and now. She is 84 years old, fellas. At that point, the aging process has taken over and everyone looks old.

      Even up until Bacall was in her seventies, she was still a beautiful woman. Despite being a jew. Most of them are horrid by that time. Just take a look at some of the faces down in the Florida areas where jews are concentrated. You wanna see fugly: just look at an aging jew face, male or female, that is over seventy, has spent most of the years in the sun, AND has had plastic surgery. Stomach churning.

      White women are of course the prettiest creatures one earth. Who doesn’t know this? If White women take care of themselves when they are young, don’t drink alcohol, or smoke, or live wild lives, they age beautifully.

      I can look at White women in their middle age and tell you if they smoked or drank for years. It shows by that time. On men too. The main place one’s living shows is in the face. You wanna look like crap when you’re fifty, just spend your youth drinking and smoking.

      Some of you guys have an aversion to any female over the age of twenty, even White ones. You need to get over this nonsense.

      Nobody looks the same when they’re twenty, forty, sixty, and eighty. Nobody. Not even you fellas.

      And while I’m at it, get over this obsession with celebrities. For pete’s sake, you all act as if the only women in the world are the ones you watch on tv every night or at the movies. I wouldn’t give you two cents for most of those nigger loving, jew loving, harlots.

      Look at how many of those White actresses end up living with or marrying jews. And now a lot of them are dating and getting involved with niggers. Ugh ! Give up the celebrity obsession.

    22. gw Says:

      Susan is right on all points: aging, alcohol, and the celebrity obsession.

    23. outside Says:

      I liked Susan’s post although it brings up the ancient and awkward choice men must face as they consider women as mates. Fit and attractive women in their late thirties and early forties are always better company, and better partners than their younger sisters. Yet these superior older women are inferior mates as they are near the end of their reproductive years and – statistically speaking – produce less vital and shorter-lived offspring.

      I am sometimes amazed at the number of attractive older gals, who’s online dating profiles disclose both their one child and their determined search for a “soul mate.” There is something terribly sad in these adds, not the least of which is the obvious lack of offspring and the near certainty that one or two children is all they will ever have. One can never know why any one woman ended up in this predicament but the fact that such women are ubiquitous in our culture indicates that something is wrong.

      A few years ago I would have been tempted to blame the women and to point-out that seeking a “soul mate” is an inherently selfish expression of one’s mate-quest. Today methinks my one-time opinion was more an expression of my own frustrations at not always winning the women I wanted. Likewise, today I am also more inclined to blame our culture which, in the guise of pursuing universal equality, has restructured the economy in a way that doesn’t support families. I say this because these nigh childless, older singles that bejewel the internet are, biologically speaking, the same women who just a few generations ago were each surrounded by a passel of children.

      Although cultural re-training may have made the average women more selfish, I think financial circumstances are the real culprit, and we all know whose fault that is. (Thanks big Jew and thanks American hating American elites.)

    24. sgruber Says:

      Speaking of old Hitchcock films, take a look at NOTORIOUS. The villains are Nazis (of course; Ben Hecht wrote the screenplay) but they are mostly played by jew actors, including the main Nazi…Claude Rains. LOL. One scene shows Ingrid Bergman being greeted by the Nazi brass, one by one, as they each kiss her hand. We see their faces one at a time, in close-up. Each face looks like it came from a sinister sideshow. “These” – the movie seems to be saying – “are GERMANS. What ugly monsters!” But they were JEW ACTORS, with the nauseating and sinister jew physiognomy!

      The jew flips or reverses everything. Everything out of its mouth is the opposite of the truth. Every impression it strives to give is the opposite of true. Every picture it paints is the opposite of how reality is.

      The jews are born liars – the people of the lie.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    25. gw Says:

      “The jew flips or reverses everything. Everything out of its mouth is the opposite of the truth. Every impression it strives to give is the opposite of true. Every picture it paints is the opposite of how reality is.” – S.Gruber

      Thank you, thank you, S.Gruber!. You are making exactly my point that I mentioned above — how they (customarily) have Jewish actors portray gentiles; but only gentile actors (and good looking)can play Jews. But you have said it so well! They reverse everything: guilt with innocence, lies with truth, ugliness with beauty, pride with shame.

      They are something like a photographic negative – are they not? – in which all the dark comes out light and all the light comes out dark. The exact reversal of reality. And their stranglehold control over Hollywood and the newsmedia makes it all possible.

    26. Zarathustra Says:

      Hmmmm…….I was simply pointing out that Gentile actresses like Doris Day, Angie Dickinson and Catheine Deneuve still look very good for their age, whereas Babs Streisand, Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller do not. Yes, excessive drinking and smoking will take their toll on even the prettiest of faces, but Jews are not physically attractive to begin with and do not age well at all. I fail to see what is offensive about making such an observation, unless there is a female reading these posts who is extremely insecure about her age/weight/appearance?

      And yes, I suppose we could just discuss the writings of Oswald Spengler, Martin Heidegger and Immanuel Kant, like they do on vnnforum.com, trying to impress one another with our superior erudition, but where’s the fun in that? We do live in a pop-oriented culture, so why not make light of it every once in a while? At the risk of using a hackneyed expression, “lighten up, people”!

    27. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Demon est Deus inversus” (Latin)

      A Kabbalistic axiom; lit., “the devil is god reversed”; which means that there is neither evil nor good, but that the forces which create the one create the other, according to the nature of the materials they find to work upon.


      Here, Madame Blavatsky weighs in:


    28. gw Says:

      Gw, I’m afraid I must take issue with your assertion that Jewboys do not impregnate their shiksa trophy wives. Remember Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski?
      The MICHLINGEN also help extend the power and reach of the Sacred Ones, because such offspring are ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS, raised as Jews.”

      Yes, I must concede that you have a very good point there, which I had failed to consider. There’s another side to it. It goes both ways.

      Some Jews do marry a good-looking Aryan schicksa to exhibit as a symbol of conquest, a “trophy” to be worn on their arm. In that regard, I was thinking of a Marilyn Monroe type. But there are also those who do produce offspring, offspring such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Gwenyth Paltrow, and many others. And, yes, those deceptive mixed offspring are very effective in penetrating gentile society. And they always know who they are, although you may not have a clue.

      So then, there are trophy wives and there are “breeding wives” (to coin a term). But trophy wives are really more concubines than they are real wives, in my opinion.

      Btw, Doris Day (real name Kappelhoff) married her agent and became “Mrs. Marty Melcher”. He was both her manager as well as her husband. This gave him a firmer legal hold on her. (She could have fired an agent.) Perhaps you know this story. Doris had made millions during her career, which she totally relied on him to invest for her. She left all money management up to her husband, trusting him completely. She did the singing and acting, he did the investing. She expected to retire soon as a very rich woman. Then Marty died of a sudden heart attack, and when everything was totaled up, she learned to her horror that she had nothing. She was broke! In fact, she was in debt. He had squandered away all her money among his tribal buddies — lawyers, stock brokers, real estate agents, etc.– in such a complicated network of deals that it could never be unravelled. She had to go back to work again, for a number of additional years, just to pay off her debts and save a little money for a modest old age.

    29. Susan Says:

      My biggest gripe about the way some of you fellas talk about females is that you seem to consider females commodities instead of mates.

      In a normal relationship, a man and a woman would marry young, have a family, and then grow old together. The woman would have had her children, probably when she was younger, in her twenties or early thirties, and then she would stop. And the man would be happy with the number of children they produced as a couple and he would be content with having a wife he loved and he would view her as his mate for life and grow old with her.

      I mean, isn’t this the way it’s always been? I don’t ever remember hearing men talk of wanting to trade their wives in for younger models SO they could have MORE children. Yes, occasionally, one would hear of a couple splitting up and the man marrying a younger woman, and then having another child, but only because the YOUNG WIFE wanted a child. It was because the younger wife wanted HER child, not because the older husband wanted MORE children. He would have been content to just have had his children with his first wife.

      I just think you guys are in the minority with the thinking that it’s natural for men to want to father children up to when they kick the bucket. People want to be free of children at some point in their marriage and lives to enjoy other activities. I hear this all the time from White people. That’s the natural way, not fathering children your entire life with younger and younger women.

      So, the comment above about older females being better suited as partners but not suited for bearing children wouldn’t be an issue in this situation. But I’ll certainly agree that both older men and women make better partners and conversationalists than do younger people. People, if they live right, get more interesting and colorful as they get older. You throw off the shackles of superficiality and hone the deeper parts of oneself.

      This is the way things were in a normal White society last century. Before our country was invaded and ruined by muds.

      And zara: I was going to give you my stats, but then I thought that ZOG and its allies are probably gathering information here, and no need to help them complete their profile of me. But, I’m not insecure about the way I look.

      Aging, aside from the damage done by drinking, smoking, and the sun, is really a function of heredity. And then there’s just plain luck, too. One just never knows what combinations of factors are going to come together as one gets older.

      The sweetest comment I ever heard an older man make about his wife was that every time he looked at his wife he saw her as she looked when they first met years earlier, as a young woman. That’s what I mean about marrying a mate not a commodity.

    30. Stronza Says:

      The ‘sweetest’ comment I ever heard an older man say about his wife was, “If it weren’t for my wife, I would be walking the streets ragged, homeless & alcoholic. She made a man out of me.”

    31. Susan Says:

      Yes, that’s very sweet too. She probably did it because she loved him and nothing more.

    32. Zarathustra Says:

      No, no, no. There is no room for such mawkish sentimentality in Nature. Older guys want YOUNG NOOKIE and if some offspring come from that desire, it makes the old dude feel strong and virile again. Most likely, he will treat the offspring of his younger female partner with more kindness, affection and generosity than he did the offspring of his earlier, used-up old bag of a wife. But don’t get mad at me about it, take it up with Nature.

    33. gw Says:

      I think that’s more of a Jewish attitude, to view women as commodities — and indeed an extension of how they view all people. Other people. Perhaps an Oriental/Semitic attitude, if you will (?) It’s very Middle Eastern, not European. And Jewish attitudes have infected our entire culture, as we all know, through their near-ubiquitous presence on every TV show, and every movie, and in every magazine and every newspaper that you pick up. I hope Susan wasn’t angry with anything I said. I don’t understand her annoyance. When I wrote that “there are trophy wives and there are breeding wives”, I was referring to Jews and how they “use” our women as commodities. Mainly rich Jews and Hollywood Jews, I suppose, not Mr. Goldstein, the tailor down the street.

    34. Zarathustra Says:

      I think Susan is getting her monthly visit from Aunt Flo.

    35. Susan Says:

      I don’t post on the forum anymore. I thought the Main Page would at least have a more grown up sort of White male. How about not disappointing me fellas?

      gw: I’m not angry. Whatever gave you that impression? I just write whatever I feel compelled to say.

      zara: I guess you don’t know I’m over fifty.

    36. Zarathustra Says:

      Susan, I must admit that I let my “jerk” side get the better of me. But you know how men are when it comes to discussing sex and stuff like that. Even if the guy has a Master’s Degree in Renaissance poetry and is as sensitive and understanding as Mike Farrell from M*A*S*H, he will start acting like a fourth grade boy looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalogue as soon as the conversation turns to you-know-what. But I guess that’s all part of what women love about us.

    37. Susan Says:

      Zara: Bwahahahaha. Funny stuff.

      Actually, most women (myself included) love you guys, not because of the way you act, but IN SPITE of your silly behavior.

    38. Winston Smith Says:

      I checked out Roman’s pictures and I’m not sure I see a khazar quality there-Just didn’t get that icky visceral response. Are you sure she’s a self-styled “Jew”? I also went to Find a Grave and noticed she was cremated, and don’t you know jews are just to frickin’ special to be cremated. (They also seem to deliberately lack the ability to distinguish between the sanitary practice of putting a typhus infested dead body in a cremation oven and a putting a live person in an oven.) However Roman reminds me a bit of Judy Garland, whose fish lips always made her look a bit khazar-like. Anyone know anything about Judy Garland being a crypto jew?

      There certainly is a unique repulsiveness about khazars that must come from inbreeding. Funny you meet ugly, odd and distorted looking people all the time. but ugly and odd just doesn’t always add up to utter revulsion the way it does with the khazars. You meet Italians or Arabs too, who look similar in some ways to the self-“chosen,” yet Italians and Arabs don’t you make you feel that self-protective revulsion-Again must come from inbreeding. In fact I think I’ve seen those Khazar fish lips on other inbred populations. Must be a common consequence of inbreeding. I think there is wisdom in disgust. It’s a very healthy evolutionary response.

    39. Jim Says:

      Weak chins? Ok some of the others are dead on the fucking money, but not that. Scarlet Johansson is hot, but she’s half Danish. You’re really missing two KEY characteristics to Jews. First, is that they tend to have dark hair, usually curly. Second, they rarely have blue, green, or grey eyes. Also, some of these traits are found in other Eastern Europeans (at least in my experience with Eastern Europeans). Also, it’s Mischlinge. Look at this dude, he was the “ideal German soldier.” I know a half Jew half WASP who’s got straight light brown hair, light green eyes, fair skin, about 5’10-5’11 who may have a few Jewish characteristics, but doesn’t look Jewish as a whole.

    40. gw Says:

      Winston Smith Says: I checked out Roman’s pictures and I’m not sure I see a khazar quality there-Just didn’t get that icky visceral response. Are you sure she’s a self-styled “Jew”?
      I had also checked out Ruth Roman’s background and could find NOTHING there to suggest that she was Jewish — neither her marriages, her origin, nor anything else. I’m convinced she wasn’t. Perhaps there’s some Italian or French Canadian background (she was from Massachusetts.) But just being a brunette doesn’t make you Jewish! Some posters here are too damn eager to believe everyone is a Jew; but not even in Hollywood is everyone Jewish.

      As for Garland — well… maybe. Maybe just a little. Good question. Her family was in showbiz and her husbands were Jewish. Her daughters are also both perceptibly Jewish. But that’s often the price of a career in Hollywood.

      As for Werner Goldberg … [“Look at this dude, he was the ideal German soldier”]…, he was only half Jewish, but still enough to show it. He looks more Jewish than German, I’d say. He wouldn’t fool me. The lips and nose are recognizably Jewish. He isn’t even an especially good example of a “michling”. I’ve known Jews who look far, far more “Aryan” than that.

    41. Leon Soderlund Says:

      LOL Megan Fox is 24 she doesn’t need botox. I don’t think she had a ton of plastic surgery done. I saw Jennifer’s Body over the weekend on HBO and it wasn’t half bad.