24 November, 2008

Obama Picks Senior Adviser

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Another Jew has been installed in an important position: David Axelrod will be a senior adviser to Obama:


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  7. 64 Responses to “Obama Picks Senior Adviser”

    1. gw Says:

      Oh, but back to Boas. As you say, they may drop the religion – and all that archaic desert tribe ritual – but they never lose the mentality. No matter what, it comes out. They can’t hide it. Boas was very touchy about being called a Jew. But as you say, it manifested itself in his theories.

      “Jews almost never admit to thinking of themselves as Jews. But they do, of course. Boas had an unmistakable Jewish mentality which manifested itself in his theories of anthropology. “

      But the original question was how he got a Catholic German name. Well, his parents weren’t going to call him Mordechai! That would give them away. Maybe it’s the same with “Timothy”.

    2. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      Carl Laemmle, another “German Catholic or Protestant.”
      Here on Laemmle, Edison & the Jews…

    3. gw Says:

      That article was very interesting. Thanks. I found this part particularly significant:

      “The members of the Trust [set up by Edison] couldn’t understand that the Jews wanted control of the movies so they could promote their own social and religious agenda. In An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, the Jewish author, Neal Gabler says: “…But one major reason Edison and his cohorts lost their hegemony was that they misinterpreted what was at stake. They never seemed to understand that they were engaged in much more than an economic battle to determine who would control the profits of the nascent film industry; their battle was also generational, cultural, philosophical, even, in some ways, religious.

      “After the Jews achieved complete control over the distribution of movies, they kept lowering the standards regarding morality and sex. Some members of Congress considered Hollywood not only to be immoral, but also subversive. In 1929, U. S. Senator Smith Brookhart summed up the deteriorating situation in Hollywood as a battle between competing studios led by “bunches of Jews.” By the late 1920s the Jews controlled most of the move theaters in America and the means of distributing movies. “

      As far as Carl Laemmle goes, I had never heard of him, so I looked him up. Very interesting indeed. He was a major figure in the take over over Hollywood. And intensely pro-Jewish too. Here’s a bit from Wiki:

      “Laemmle remained connected to his home town of Laupheim throughout his life, by financial support and also by sponsoring hundreds of Jews from Laupheim and W├╝rttemberg to emigrate from Nazi Germany to the U.S. (which meant paying both emigration and immigration fees), thus saving them from the Holocaust. In order to ensure and facilitate their immigration Laemmle contacted American authorities, members of the House of Representatives and the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull. He also intervened in the fate of the refugees on board the SS St. Louis who were ultimately sent back from Havanna to Europe in 1939.”

      The poet Ogden Nash observed the following about Laemmle’s habit of giving his son and nephews the top executive positions in his studios:
      “Uncle Carl Laemmle
      Has a very large faemmle.”

    4. Z.O.G. Says:


      Don’t let the name ‘Timothy’ throw you off. There is a little Jew punk failed hedge fund manager named Timothy Sykes. I’ve been reading about him on trading forums for quite a while. He’s kind of a laughing stock of the trading/hedge fund community. Here, take a look at the little Hebe:


    5. gw Says:

      Amazing. That name would throw anyone. But there’s something very fishy about this guy. Everything, in fact. It says “From $12,000 in Bar Mitzvah money, Tim turned that into about $1.65 MILLION in less than 3 years!”

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      Timothy Sykes



    7. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      Carl Laemmle’s UNIVERSAL PICTURES was & is about as Jewish as you can get, more Jewish then WARNER BROTHERS, PARAMOUNT, MGM & 20TH CENTURY FOX combined. Now Edgar Bronfman Jr – Seagrams & former president of the World Jewish Congress, has his Jew paws on UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. UNIVERSAL in the 1930’S was more daring sexually then then the other studios at the time, with their horror movies such as DRACULA”S DAUGHTER (1936) which snuck in (around the Gentile & Christian censors) vampire lesbianism.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      Incidentally, 1932’s Scarface, starring Paul Muni, was one of the films that resulted in the creation of the Hays Code, or Production Code, of the 1930s. It’s one of my favorite movies, but the violence and sexuality in it were just too much for the increasingly conservative times. I don’t know if movies were better for the Hays Code or not, but it was finally dropped in 1966 in favor of the curent movie rating system (G, PG, R, X). But even that has become largely irrelevant.


      Alex Jones on the Jew Rahm Emanuel…Is Alex Jones coming clean through his conscience? What the hell is going on here? Though he dosn’t use the noun “JEW,” instead he uses the noun “ZIONIST,” which is a start…
      Maybe Alex is bone throwing, huh?
      Click above to listen….


      Would of GUESS WHO’S COMING FOR DINNER (1967) or THE DETECTIVE (1968) with Frank Sinatra of passed THE HAYS CODE? I must of viewed THE DETECTIVE at least a dozen times because i was a theater usher at that time. This film was chock full of fagot shit that would of not been shown a year or two earlier. Here’s a link on THE HAYS CODE..

    11. Z.O.G. Says:


      Alex “Mookie” Jones is married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols.

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      The only part of the Hays Code I agree with is Article II, Section 6. Funny how Holloywood had to promote this corny, wholesome image in their movies while they were engaged in the most depraved behavior behind the scenes.

    13. Phillipe Says:

      wow,….the USA has become the USJ (United State of Jews)…… after that the jews will rule the world soon.

    14. gw Says:

      Or maybe the Jewnited States?
      Oh, but we’re already that!

      But they shouldn’t take anything for granted. Even the best-laid plans have a way of going wrong – somehow, somewhere – at the last minute.