2 December, 2008

Another Cost of the Wars for Zionism

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This article brings up a topic that is rarely mentioned: White marriages are often damaged when American soldiers are sent overseas again and again (some soldiers have served 3 or 4 combat tours in Iraq or Afghanistan). Of course, America shouldn’t be at war with the Muslim world in the first place, and it wouldn’t be if not for Israel and the powerful Zionist lobby:


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  7. 2 Responses to “Another Cost of the Wars for Zionism”

    1. mike lynn Says:

      White marriages are even more damaged when its the white female in the military and is raped by some nigger.


      Get a load of this ugly lying killer ape nigger who raped robbed and shot and murdered Eve Carson who should have been strung up on the nearest oak tree after first been castrated with a hot knife.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      There are other factors that cause marriages to fail after serving in vain for the jewish lobby group AIPAC that have far more serious and long lasting effects.

      Both men and women are subject to devastating maiming where they may spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair or have permanent brain damage. Then there are psychological effects which not only includes post-traumatic stress, but also suffer from chemical agents which the Army is notorious for experimenting the psychological effects on soldiers. Little do the soldiers realize that the crazy jews are behind these experiments and actually have a good time experimenting not caring about the long-term effects on them or on society as a whole. What a great way to break down the society even further with a bunch of lunatic ex-soldiers running around who will forever be under close observation of a government doctor while our tax dollars are stretched.

      Some marriages may survive these problems, but many will not. When a soldier has been in a combat zone for a long time, it takes a long-time for that soldier to mentally calm down and not act dangerous around his/her family, if, that is, the soldier ever recuperates.

      Yet, do we see a lot of the AIPAC’s lot serve in the American military? These jews sure can push these frivolous wars in which we end up fighting for them because of their paranoia that no one likes them or they simply want to take control of the country’s resources and money, but yet they are truly cowards when it comes to fighting in a man’s war.

      The jews would rather sit back and use the White soldiers as guinea pigs for their devious experiments. Just like cattle.