30 December, 2008

Jews as Dual Citizens

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A certain Jew is a “de facto dual citizen”? That point is understood. But really, what is “citizenship” to a Jew but a fancy piece of paper that he/she got by lying about their loyalty to a White country? A Jew is someone who belongs only to one nation, one tribe, one state, i.e., Israel (meaning both the country and the diaspora people). Consider the late, Jewish entertainer Victor Borge (Rosenbaum). He’s often called “The Great Dane.” That’s funny. Was he a Dane? No. He was a Jew who just happened to be born in Denmark. That didn’t make him a Dane, because Danes are White. Jews aren’t White, they’re Jews. Here’s the point: the infamous rabbi Stephen Wise once admitted that, wherever a Jew lives in the world, he’s a Jew first. No special citizenship paperwork can change that. He isn’t a Westerner. He isn’t a German, or a Frenchman, or an Englishman. He’s a Jew. He belongs to Israel only (again, both the country and the diaspora people). When you look at it that way, a Jew can’t really be a dual citizen:


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  7. 17 Responses to “Jews as Dual Citizens”

    1. Veritas Says:


      This is slightly off topic, but this black woman, Cynthia McKinney, has a pair on her that most American men can only dream of. When was the last time you heard anyone mention the attack on the USS Liberty on CNN? Even David Duke didn’t do that.

    2. gw Says:

      It certainly IS off-topic! Is Veritas out of his mind? No wholesome American man (white, that is) is going to dream about Cynthia McKinney. (Except perhaps in a nightmare.)

    3. gw Says:

      Back to topic again. [How did I get distracted by that idiocy?]
      I’d really like to know just when this dual citizenship concept came into being. First, it began with the Jews and the creation of Israel – I guess – then it gradually spread to others, who demanded the same right. (How could you deny them?) Now, people can have several citizenships. As far as I know, there’s no limit! It turns the whole concept of citizenship and loyalty into nonsense. Your citizenship now amounts to little more than a ZIP code; and you can change it just like you can change street addresses. Just what the cosmopolitans love! They got their way.

      There was once a time when, upon accepting American citizenship, you were required to renounce loyalty to any other foreign country. Does that oath no longer apply? When did that requirement change? And who caused it to change? (As if I can’t guess!) I’ve never seen any kind of historical background on this subject; the change seems to have come about very quietly.

    4. gw Says:

      Having viewed the (McKinney) video, and others, I must say, though, that she does have some attractive points with which I can agree. I admire her courage in speaking out.

      I note, too, that she appeals to Pres. Elect Obama to “please say something.” It’ll be most interesting, in the coming months, to see the disappointment of those who have put their hopes in him when the anticipated support in return is not forthcoming. Obama knows who put him in office, who funded his campaign [no need to say who]. He’s just a front; he will be closely controlled by his circle of “advisors”; and if he attempts to get out of control (highly unlikely), his chain will be roughly yanked and he will either learn to behave himself or his presidency will abrubtly be over when some nasty scandal is suddenly unearthed and the media all turn against him. I don’t think it’ll get that far. I don’t think he’s that dumb. We’ll see! But I do think a lot of starry-eyed acolytes are in for a huge disappointment when their messiah fails to deliver as expected.

    5. gw Says:


    6. Old_Dutch Says:

      The “dispora” is another myth created by the jews.

      There were jews & cult centers all around the Mediterranean, hundreds of years before the so-called “dispora”.

    7. Old_Dutch Says:

      Cynthia McKinney for “Honorary Aryan”. LOL.

      Seriously, she should get the VNN “No Jews, Just Right” Award—she has done more to oppose the international jew than any poster on the VNN forum or blog.

      Alex, write something up in her honor!

    8. zoomcopter Says:

      Cynthia McKinney calls a spade a spade. White men with more prefrontal wiring, tend to worry about their IRAs and how that hot babe, next door will react to a, gasp, Neo-Nazi!!

    9. Socrates Says:

      Old_Dutch Says: The “dispora” is another myth created by the jews. There were jews & cult centers all around the Mediterranean, hundreds of years before the so-called “dispora”.

      Huh? Myth? “Diaspora,” in this case, simply means “all of the Jews who don’t live in Israel.”

    10. Old_Dutch Says:

      I don’t disagree with your thesis—the jews have only one loyalty and that is to themselves.

      In my humble opinion there is less of a factual basis for the “dispora” than there is for the “holocaust”.

    11. Terrorsaurus Says:

      One of their grand poobahs, er, rabbis, said that wherever a Jew is, there is Israel. He probably said it more eloquently, but you get the idea.

      A Jewish household is a little slice of Israel, wherever it sits.

      And so the sun never sets on the Israeli Empire.

      Israel itself is but the HQ for the parasitic criminals to flee to should some wild (unzogged) goyim attempt to serve justice unto a Jew. There’s nothing a Jew hates more than fines and/or prison. Israel ensures that a Jew rarely, if ever, face either.

    12. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Small correction, Jews do hate one thing more than fines and/or prison – and that one thing would be the white race.

      Which I guess is why they’re willing to go to any lengths to exterminate it. And indeed, they are.

    13. 2050 Says:

      “wherever a Jew is, there is Israel.”

      And the Pres. of Mexico said that “wherever there is a Mexican there is Mexico.”

      Maybe that’s why the Jewish owners of the midwestern beef packing plants hire so many wetbacks.

      Charged with “…harboring and aiding undocumented
      workers, document fraud, identity theft…”, sounds like they are actively working to bring mexico here. So, what they stole American’s identity to give to there wetback employees?

    14. 2050 Says:

      After all, someone has to be subsidizing the mexicans in there move to el norte.
      I mean, how many millions of mexicans have an extra 1000 bucks or so laying around to pay the coyotes with. I always figured the mexican gov. does it, but maybe jewish orgs. provide the money. maybe the beef packing plants and other big companies who use their labor have a slush fund for funding illegals.

    15. gw Says:

      In my humble opinion there is less of a factual basis for the “dispora” than there is for the “holocaust”. — Old Dutch

      I had always assumed it (The Diaspora) to mean the forced removal and dispersal of the Jews from Judea by the Romans. (Rome had a policy of breaking up and scattering fractious tribes. The Jews were not alone.)

      However, I just looked it up. It says: 1. “the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity.” [Nothing about Rome.]

      2. (lowercase) “the body of Jews living in countries outside Palestine or modern Israel.”

      It was only coined in 1876, from the Greek, meaning to scatter or sow.

      More recently, by extension, it has been adopted by many others, such as the African diaspora, Caribbean diaspora, etc. (I would imagine that, like the Holocaust, the Jews don’t like others sharing their exclusive terminology.)

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      Olde_Dutch is correct when he says that the Jews were already scattered across the ancient world centuries before the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. By Octavian’s time, there were Jews living everywhere from Iberia to India. There was a very large Jewish community in Alexandria going back to the city’s founding in the 4th Century BCE. The “diaspora” baloney is just another Jewish myth designed to extract undeserved sympathy from stupid, guilt-ridden GOYIM.

    17. jennifer Says:

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