21 December, 2008

The Evolution of Ethnocentric Behavior

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The Jews are the masters of racial behavior. Thanks to inbreeding, they are the only people who remain more-or-less the same, genetically speaking, since before Christ’s time [1]. Of course, the Nazis also had long-range genetic plans, but they were gentiles, so they weren’t allowed to copy the Jews:


[1] Jews have a small number of genetic “founders” which makes them ideal for genetic studies

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Evolution of Ethnocentric Behavior”

    1. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Sephardic Jews maybe, but the Ashkenazim are a whole different batch (although some Swphardic blood has entered the Ashkenazi line, the other way, not so much-if you were a halfbreed you had a huge motivation to run with the Ashkenazim). Sephardim are not a pleasant bunch, but threaten Whites no more than any other camel jockey group. It’s the Ashkenazim with their superb verbal IQ and penchant for media domination who are the threat.

    2. Gerald E P Morris Says:

      At long last, some intelligent headway on the definition of the jewish “race” has been made. I’ve asserted for my entire adult life tyhat jews are NOT a race in the same sense as naturally evolved, genetically distinctive breeds of homo sapiens are, but rather are a RECENT ARTIFICIAL BREED, BRED TO SPECS LAID DOWN IN THEIR ORAL AND WRITTEN TRADITIONS. Since artificial breeds can be distinguished genetically, to this extent, jews can be said to be racial. As herr Ludwig points out above, the distinctions among sub-breeds of jew are really quite profound themselves. The kazar derived ashkenazim show quite a few Altaic qualities, further modified over the millenium which they have applied judaic religios selection to themselves. “Semites” they’re NOT, as Sephardim are.

      The “jewish” penchant for alliance with “Turks” must be viewed in the clear light that 90% of modern jewry’s genetic base is Turkic (Altaic) with all the bloody minded-ness AND large bracheocephalic cranial capacity implicit in that major breed. These are by far the most serious racial threat to Aryans on the planet. What Genghiz Khan came close to doing, the latter-day Kahanes might yet pull off, if Aryans let them.

      Given the dual religio-racial nature of jewry, a dual religio-racial counter-strategy is warranted. O,n VNN, the racial aspect of “Unser Kampf” gets plenty emphasis, ad nauseum, but no united religious strategy has yet emerged. In the comming monthhs, it would be good to begin one.