6 December, 2008

UK: 70% of University Graduates Will Soon Be Female

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The feminization of the West speeds up. With their college degrees, more women will move into positions of authority – won’t that be fun? Note the mention of The Pill:


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  7. 47 Responses to “UK: 70% of University Graduates Will Soon Be Female”

    1. Cpt. Candor Says:

      When you think about the mass influx of Koran-Cracking zealots into the UK and similar paragons of feminism, the inevitable conflict is nothing short of hilarious to contemplate. I suspect that one day soon the mass of them may be offered a choice between burqas and blades to the neck. That “tolerance” has one hell of an ROI, doesn’t it?

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Great, the world really needs more female college graduates with their degrees in art history, child psychology, feminist literature and other bullshit academic fields monopolized by women. Meanwhile, the Chinks, dot-heads and Mohammedans are breeding like f*ckin’ crazy in preparation for their immenent takeover of Western civilization. A lot of good that Master’s degree in Art History is going to do ya when you’re forced to put on a dirty old burkha at bayonnet point and stay in the house all day cooking and cleaning, baby.

    3. Arch Stanton Says:

      Many years ago I worked with the banking business. Our business involved selling and installing vaults, vault doors and other equipment. For this reason we were always talking to bank owners, presidents and higher ups about various contractual matters. We soon took notice that while the overwhelming majority of owners were men, (I cannot remember a woman owner) yet almost all the banks were staffed from the top down by women. In fact if you did see any men in a bank, it was typically in the position of teller or mid level loan officer/manager. One day as we concluded a contract, my partner asked the owner, “what is it with all the women in banks, why is it that banks are almost totally staffed by women?” Without batting an eye the owner replied, “It’s really a simple matter, women work for less money and they are honest.” Jews love the idea of slavery. Jews, like any wise slave master, prefer their slaves meek and fully compliant, thus women make the best slaves to do their bidding. One of the most telling descriptions I read concerning this matter was a description of the Rothschild’s view on women. I do not remember the quote exactly but it basically indicated that Rothschild (men) viewed women as toys, as something (not someone) to be used then discarded at will. The jews have long played the matriarchy card on the white man, but the fact is their own system’s power structure is based on patriarchy. While jews might tolerate women in the lower roles of their power structure, they never allow them into the highest circles of power and control. It would be interesting to find out exactly how many women have positions of power or run within the walls of the central banker’s economic holy of holies. None I suspect. I suppose that sums it up other than the fact that I have long noticed the traits that people fear and detest most in others are the very traits that dominate their own personality.

      P.S. Before anyone goes jumping up to point out examples of Jewish women “leaders” like Golda Meir, Nancy Pelosi or Kathryn Graham, one needs to reevaluate their actual positions within the jew’s power structure. Such women are actually nothing more than useful tools as is any Negro, like say Obama. If there are Negroes or women holding the apparent reins of power, you can rest assured there are higher ups giving them orders. This is much like a bank president versus an owner. While the bank president appears to run the bank, they do so only within those limitations set forth by the owner(s).

    4. John Says:

      An increase in divorce rates and a rise in single parent families is called women’s liberation. 70% Ladies good luck finding a job in seven years maybe the OECD or some other ZOG organization will higher you.

    5. Curious Says:

      “Jews love the idea of slavery. Jews, like any wise slave master, prefer their slaves meek and fully compliant, thus women make the best slaves to do their bidding.”

      Some dot-mud said that Whites prefer female muds over male muds for the very same reason.

    6. Zipzap McGee Says:

      It’s important that our New America not have any women, as well as being free of micks, limeys, guineas and pollocks — and any other nationality that wasn’t aligned with our Glorious Reich.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Look at any date site is full of divorced teachers, other sorts of public employee’s and the diveroced three to four time types, no thank you.

      So they get their “Degree, all with a minor in hating all that is Western, though they enjoy all that was western created.

      Colleges have produced too many wanna be make believe I am native american or other b.s.

      They are the weaker sex and the regime has played them big time for the majority of Women, and White women voted for bammy boot lips more so than dumb men.

      McNutt and O’bammy, oh what choices.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Zipzap McGee Says:

      7 December, 2008 at 1:28 pm

      Curious people would like to know how much your Cable TV bill is every month, Mr. NonWhite.

      Thank you no for your genocidal view on US.

    9. G_B_ Says:


      Please Listen to this:

      Old Friend,
      Best Wishes

    10. Wolf Says:

      When I graduated with my Comp. Sci. degree some years back there were two, count them, one, two, girls in my 4th year classes.

    11. Susan Says:

      Let’s face it fellas: College has been sold to the dumb masses as something EVERYBODY is entitled to attend. Fifty years ago, college was for a few really top females and White males. I know because my dad was a dept. chairman at a university and his students would come to our house for various functions. And I would spend a lot of time at his office and the university. His students back in the fifties through the mid sixties were the men who went on to become presidential speechwriters, college presidents, college professors, etc. They really were the best students. The females were too. No niggers or muds back then. It was a White world and it was wonderful.

      One of his former debate students from the University of Richmond is now the Commissioner of the PGA Tour–Tim Finchem. (I think that’s his title anyway) A few turned out liberal, but most back then were conservative.

      Anyway (sorry, I get to reminiscing with examples), my point is that nowadays everyone who graduates from high school believes they NEED to go to college. Most actually DON’T. Many could go to trade school and learn a trade which would fare them much better, probably, than spending four years doing nothing and getting out with a degree. Many females do waste college years pursuing early childhood degrees or interior decorating degrees (ugh!) or fashion merchandising or some such crapola. Worse yet, sociology and/or social work. What a waste of time and energy.

      But, HOW to change the course of the way things are? How to reach these young women with another perspective other than the one they see on Oprah or the front cover of the latest rag at the grocery store?

      The rags and talk shows are all geared toward females becoming “liberated” and “independent” etc. I’m all for women knowing how to take care of themselves if the need arises. But how do you counter all the propaganda out there and make females want to get married young, start having children young, and stay married and be good mothers and wives.

      Well, one way is to be good husbands and fathers. No woman wants a sorry husband and father. That knife cuts both ways. If you want a female who will stay married to you, have your children, be faithful to you, etc., then you MUST do the same things for her. Otherwise, she will not stick around. You can’t expect her to be faithful if you are out every night whooping it up with the boys. Nuh uh. If that’s what you think marriage is about, don’t bother with it. Just remain a single guy and go after gals. Forget marriage and having children. Cause sooner or later she’ll tire of that and leave you. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Eventually, women wise up and leave.

      So, what are the ideas for getting women to decide that being stay at home moms and wives is the best way to go nowadays?

    12. Shiloh Says:

      Susan, I have a feeling most women think going out with the boys once a week is “going out all the time.” Most of my married friends are chained to the house and have almost no social life apart from the wife. Most have significantly lost their vitality. Marriage in America is a losing proposition.

      Yeah, the men need to be better and the women will show us how.
      Isn’t that how we got into this mess?

      Until the present democracy/capitalist/jew system crashes or is done away with, marriage will be a really bad idea. That’s the real culprit. This system destroys individuals as well as families, which is why they keep it going even though philosophers in the 19th century could see right through it. The fighting between the sexes is only a by-product of a bad system and will continue as long as the system exists.

    13. JewTracer Says:

      Muslim annihilation of feminism will not happen. Thats a sop Jew politicians and media handed to the Goyim to keep them occupied for a while.

    14. ericthered Says:

      So, what are the ideas for getting women to decide that being stay at home moms and wives is the best way to go nowadays?

      In a properly balanced culture, (one not defiled by jew-powered niggers, fags, lesbians, and numerous other social degenerates), I don’t think we’d be asking this question.

      Ridding our culture of these parasitic jews is the solution. In the meantime I think there will be some natural progression back to normal patriarchal relationships as women seek some cover in the coming times.

      Interesting article on depression in women. Not sure what to make of this guy but an interesting article anyway; ‘Depression of Western Women’

    15. JewTracer Says:

      “That knife cuts both ways. If you want a female who will stay married to you, have your children, be faithful to you, etc., then you MUST do the same things for her. Otherwise, she will not stick around.”

      Get real. Women file for 75%+ of divorces; always have and probably always will. Even if the men were not “cheating” the female application for divorce in a no-fault system would still be at the levels they are today. The stats bear it out that women are at least as promiscuous as men, and are more promiscuous by nature. Something like 25% of female teenagers have STDs that will give you an idea. Where do you think they got those from?

      Left to their own devices, given total freedom on the matter women cannot handle marriage.

    16. JewTracer Says:

      “Yeah, the men need to be better and the women will show us how.
      Isn’t that how we got into this mess?”


    17. jim donaldson Says:

      Here’s a fun song:


    18. M. Kraus Says:

      What, no discussion of a “gender gap”? No outcry for programs to encourage men to go to college? No impassioned speeches about the need for “equality” and “balance”? Nope. Instead we’re treated to smirking commentary about how men have to take on more “domestic chores”. This is nothing new. I remember similar crap from the seventies–excited man-haters gleefully chatting about putting “him” in the kitchen for a change. It’s all about payback, vengeance, getting even. Childish emotions for a society of adult children.

    19. Zarathustra Says:

      We can thank Jewish “feminsts” like Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan for this destructive battle of the sexes. Ironically, there is nothing feminine about those feminists at all.

      But in all fairness, it’s not just stupid, shallow “girls gone wild” types who clog up the nation’s college campuses. It’s spoiled asshole guys too, with their binge drinking and dumb frat boy behavior. I was very naive when I went to college. I honestly thought there would be a great deal of intellectual discourse and inquiry. Instead, it was mostly spoiled White kids who just wanted a cushy, well-paying office job after graduation, with 4 years of partying and goofing off till then. For most students, college is just an excuse to delay adulthood for another 4 years.

    20. Susan Says:

      I agree there is a problem with a lot of marriages. I would imagine most of the problem is that the wrong man married the wrong woman.

      How about being really careful about who you marry fellas? Not just grabbing the first person who comes along, and really getting to know that person, not just superficially.

      You can’t change the jew lawyers, the legal system, etc. So, change the things you DO have control over.

      You pro White guys say you want to get married and have children (in a world where things are normal), but you won’t because of the way the women are. Well, go to where the women are who ARE like what you want. Go to the pro White sites where young females are looking for males to marry and have children with.

      What’s the alternative? Being single and lonely and childless. Or just having meaningless one night stands your whole life. Hey, some do–just look at VNN forum. There are a few old farts on there who only date young chicks and who don’t have a special someone because they say they can’t find a decent female so they’ve basically given up trying. Maybe they’re happy and maybe they’re not.

      Some of you are trying to find a female with absolutely no faults, no problems, no issues, no……..anything. Females like this don’t much exist. Just like guys don’t exist who don’t have some issue or problem or something. We’re human beings and thus we are flawed in some ways big or small. You have to be reasonable in your expectations about people in your lives.

      Take it from someone who has gotten rid of a lot of people in her life because they didn’t meet expectations that were unreasonable.

    21. gb Says:

      Four years and a hundred thousand dollars or so–just to become a lesbian.

      “I was very naive when I went to college. I honestly thought there would be a great deal of intellectual discourse and inquiry.”

      I went to college solely to raise hell (I have always read, however, agressively on my own). I well knew by then what public school was really all about: control, indoctronation of self hate. So I made my C’s and my professors and I had an understood armistice. When they said something I just shooved my finger down my throat and threw it back up after class.

      However I did decide to go to graduate school and thought it would be different. Alas, no.

      On the marriage front–I have just seen too much to go for that. There are so few happily married folks I know my age it scares me. And the divorce will be even worse, and than the aftermath. Ya’ll know the old saying, “women have half the money and all the pus–y.” Oh so true.

      I have noticed many women that I know–old and young–have changed in the wrong direction over the last decade. They feel like they have to prove something. They are utterly full of guilt and this translates into buying things and feeling sorry for animals and other races besides their own. I’m sure I am not the only one to have encountered a women so hard-headed that not only can you do nothing with them but they offended you–yes offend you–by their lack of reason or respect for polite intellectual honesty. The married men are scared to even sneeze because it may turn over the boat. Then the women losses repect for the fellow. If he fights then the rancour starts. Either way you see the dead end. When that Big boat–our society–does turn over, we may all get back on the same page again. TV, mags, school, and competition among friends have cooked their brains and the man is frozen in the headlights like a scared deer.

      And then there’s the children growing up in all this…

      PS–why does someone always steal my handle? Too simple, I guess.

    22. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “. . .When that Big boat–our society–does turn over. . .”

      Lord Keynes wrote: “Lenin is certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

    23. Zarathustra Says:

      To my mind, marriage should be a partnership as well as a friendship of two equals who respect each other and love each other more than they love themselves.


      What I have seen are marriages where the wife is basically the husband’s servant, or cold, lifeless marriages or marriages that are merely for convenience, political or business reasons. And I ‘ve seen more than a few marriages where the spouses are constantly at each others’ throats, fighting even in front of the kids.

      The closest thing to an “ideal” marriage would probably be the one between the late Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They were married for 50 years and never once was there a single scandal or rumour about them in the Hollywood rags. But I don’t think most people have the maturity or temprament needed for a really successful, long-term commitment to another person. That is something that is neither bad nor good, it just is a fact.

    24. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      “But in all fairness, it’s not just stupid, shallow “girls gone wild” types who clog up the nation’s college campuses. It’s spoiled asshole guys too, with their binge drinking and dumb frat boy behavior. I was very naive when I went to college. I honestly thought there would be a great deal of intellectual discourse and inquiry. Instead, it was mostly spoiled White kids who just wanted a cushy, well-paying office job after graduation, with 4 years of partying and goofing off till then. For most students, college is just an excuse to delay adulthood for another 4 years.” -Zara

      I’ll not lie: when I began at University, those were my own sentiments. I didn’t know any better then. Now it is difficult for me to be around people my age because their pursuits seem frivolous and trivial (whereas we’re here trying to save the world, aren’t we?). I don’t even know what I’ll do with my BA in Political Science once I have it…probably to return to a trade would be wise.

      “To my mind, marriage should be a partnership as well as a friendship of two equals who respect each other and love each other more than they love themselves.


      The ideal marriage is: marry the broad, coitus on wedding night to make a child, then go your separate ways and only speak when its time for another baby. Support the woman if you have to, but never become emotionally involved – living in the world today is bad enough without all the drama.

      As Gaius Maecenas (one of Emperor Augustus of Rome’s right-hand men) said: “What is marriage but a machine for the production of babies?” Amen brother.

    25. Zarathustra Says:

      I agree, KKK. Far too much emotional energy and money is spent on trying to make marriages work. Besides, it goes against our evolutionary instincts to be tied down to one spouse till death. Us guys have the instinctive urge to “plant our seed” wherever we can. I’m not saying we should behave like Slick Wille, or anything. But maybe we should be like the wops in Italy? They always have a “goomar” or two on the side. Mussolini was very good to his wife and family as well as his mistress. The same with Marcello Mastriani. Or would that offend our Anglo-Saxon/Nordic/Celtic sensibilities?

    26. gb Says:

      When you go in front of an Episcopal preacher about marriage (as I’ve heard) he asks you if this is going to be a traditional—patrimony–marriage or a partnership. And the women most likely more than most say “partnership.” Now think of it, you have a democracy of two people—so you can never really resolve a dispute except through fighting the hardest. This arrangement is purely a design for discord. I think that it is all on purpose too. A confident and empathizing man who can see the other side, make a rational decision based on his family’s safety first and foremost, and their happiness next is best but not common anymore. And I mean all’s happiness. Now that women make so much money and work as hard as men, I think this somehow angers them: deep down they may resent it. At any rate they think that this entitles them to an equal vote—so then we have the stupidest proposition I have ever heard of: two votes in one government. Damn, if the kids could vote it might not be rational but at least it would be resolved quickly. Example “So, whose in favour of going exceedingly in debt for mom’s shopping habits…Okay the I’s have it.”

    27. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      The pragmatical view of marriage is that it ought to be one of convenience. Our pagan ancestors understood this; they’d find the idea of marriage out of love a strange idea indeed – in fact, they’d probably think of Paris and Helen of Troy and say “fuck love, too many disasters that way.” Much better to craft socio-economic bonds through the institution of marriage.

      Marriage is also the construct in which we can bring children into this world with some semblance of safety and support. This only works if the “wymmen” are subservient. In a world where every uppity twat thinks they’re the center of the goddamned universe, the political institution of marriage is in decay.

      To modern feminists, so much the better. They have long had the goal of deteriorating the nuclear family into a new socialist mentality where all children are the responsibility of the state.

      In any new society we might hypothetically build, feminism will be strictly verboten – on pain of exile (and if that ain’t deterrent enough, well…)


      As an aside, I’m not against polygamy. Its natural. But we are not ape mongrel savages, so we understand that the best way to ensure the survival of our genetic community is by taking care of our offspring. I would never advocate for derelict behavior – I’m arguing against the traditional (Judeo-Christian) narrative of what marriage is.

      Food for thought: another adaptive strategy amongst primates is infanticide of rival groups’ children – now there’s an idea!

    28. DMS Says:

      What will a degree in art history, child psychology or women’s studies be worth when the keynesian bubble pops? About the same as a Federal Reserve Dollar?

    29. The Red Skull Says:

      As usual the article leads about the battle of the sexes draws spirited commentary.I would like to start by praising several commentators on the coloum.Susan,gb,and Zarathustra all well done observations.Herr Zarathustra’s definition of Marriage is nothing short of brilliant,and the best definition of what the Institution of the the Sacred Covenant between Man and Woman I’ve ever read.-I quote- “To my mind ,Marriage should be a partnership AS WELL AS a friendship between two EQUALS who respect each other and love each other MORE than they love themselves.”Utterly the STANDARD by which all relationships in the New Reich should be measured!I congratulate you Herr Z,I would have paid money somewhere to here that in school.Your Definition makes the Skulls “Quoteable Quotes File”.I think I will measure ANY future relationship I happen to be in by that standard.

    30. Arminius Says:

      As the arguments can go on forever, with no results and nobody wiser, perhaps a few hints from my own life experience may be worth consideration.
      I encourage my wife to make all decisions which are in my opinion (what I don’t tell her) unimportant and not worth an argument: She can choose the carpets and curtains, the dishes, any and all little things. It makes she happy. I even help her in the kitchen- as a reward for being nice- so there is time for an embrace after a job quickly done together.
      But in things that matter- finances, expenditures for example- I decide, and I decide alone without any discussion. Others here would probably agree, most women are incapable to differenciate between things important and trifling, thus she has always respected my (never openly stated) prerogative.
      I believe, to be in control in a partnership, the man must be in complete control of the common purse. Sensibly handled- always generous in little things, tight-fisted in big ones, marriages can continue for a long time. My did so far for 36 years.

    31. Zarathustra Says:

      Arminius, what if the husband has a gambling or drinking problem? What if he’s spending all the family’s money on porn or prostitutes? What if he invested their life savings in stocks that lost all their value? Men don’t necessarily have any more financial sense than women.

      And there aren’t many women around today who would accept your 1950s June and Ward Cleaver time-warp philosophy, either.

    32. sgruber Says:

      your 1950s June and Ward Cleaver time-warp philosophy

      You get a gold star for regurgitating a jew meme.

      You’ve swallowed the jew kool-aid on this issue, but don’t expect us to follow your lead.

      Your credo mouthed by your hero [Here].

    33. JewTracer Says:

      “I’m arguing against the traditional (Judeo-Christian [sic]) narrative of what marriage is.”

      So too are the judeo-feminists.

    34. jim donaldson Says:

      “Food for thought: another adaptive strategy amongst primates is infanticide of rival groups’ children – now there’s an idea!”

      The Jews are already doing that–via “the right” to abortion and the encouragement of misceganation. “Get those goys BEFORE they’re born!” Say–didn’t Moses do this? Nothing like tradition!

    35. jim donaldson Says:

      Miscegenation. See? I can spell it! I just can’t DO it. I have to stay within my own species.

    36. Zarathustra Says:

      There, you see? Make an unpopular or controversial point and you are, ipso facto, an agent of the Jew, unwitting or otherwise.

      BTW, I voted for Ralph Nader. Hillary and her sleazy husband Bill should be in prison awaiting the guillotine.

    37. Cpt. Candor Says:

      On a half-serious note, I propose the complete abolition of ALL forms of marriage in AmeriKwa. It would end or at least significantly reduce the loads of needless misery that tens of millions of AmeriKwans currently suffer through each year, as well as lower the volume of the Fag Brigade to a noticable degree, not to mention effectively nullify any hypothetical “Multiracial Couples ONLY” legislation that may be tossed our way.

      On another note, having an opinion that runs parallel to that of a jew doesn’t necessarily make one a jew.

    38. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      ““I’m arguing against the traditional (Judeo-Christian [sic]) narrative of what marriage is.”

      So too are the judeo-feminists.” JewTracer

      What’s your point? We can’t argue against established dogma just because feminists do? WN is all about questioning the prevailing trends.

      I’m not sure what you’re getting at here.

      BTW, is it “Judaeo-Christian”? Do I even care?

    39. Jim Says:

      For an Aryan society to work, it MUST be patriarchal. Go to the library and look at any popular magazines of fifty years ago. The men were always shown in the ads as being strong and in charge. The women were always shown as housewives, secretaries, etc; and they looked very feminine. If niggers were even portrayed at all, they were usually porters or shoe shine boys. Back in those days people would think you were crazy if you said that in fifty years whites would accept a nigger as president.

    40. Zarathustra Says:

      Jim, Jim…….I think you still have remnants of St. Paul’s teachings in your head. Or some 1950s TV show? Let’s not be like those unenlightened Pauline Christians or even worse, the Mohammedans. They have a male dominated, patriarchal society and look at how screwed up they are. Would you want to live in patriarchal Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan?

      Just think of great Aryan heroines like Buddika, Joan d’Arc, Elizabeth I, Maria Theresa, Catherine the Great, Jeannette Rankin, Hannah Reitch, Leni Reifenstahl……..No such extraordinary females could have existed in a non-White world or in an exclusively patriarchal society like the one you extol.

    41. Jim Says:

      Both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan have relatively high birth rates. I have no love for Mohammedanism, but patriarchal societies are far more successful and dynamic, at least in the darwinian sense that ferftility alone is the mark of a species to survive. In all the feminized societies in the West, the birth rate is far below replacement level. How many of those “Aryan heroines “had any kids, Zarathusra?

    42. Zarathustra Says:

      Maria Theresa had nine kids, one of whom was Marie Antoinette.

    43. Gerald Edward Patrick Morris Says:

      The mere percentage of college grad-JEW-ates is bad enough in itself, but worse is WHAT kinds of “degrees” or “disciplines” this swarm of papered dykes will come with. it WON’T be in anything requiring real brains, like physics or engineering, rest assured. These kinds of discipline are too tough even for kikes to really excel in, even after 60 yrs of “Einsteinism” which has largely reduced physics to a talmudic cult. Furthermore, disciplines involving rational thought applied to objective reality are by their nature, contra-judaic, a term I recommend using in place of the zionist coined “anti-semitic.”

      No, these kosher-kuntz will come out with degrees in shit like “human sexuality,” sociology and some business filth, to wit, degrees certifying that these whores will turn tricks for their kike masters 24/7. Look for expanded roles for “criminology” too, encouraging them, to snitch off and imprison Aryan men, while they then copulate with sundry darkies of either sex.

      This will happen in Talmudistan West (the Jew. S. A.) just as it is now in Talmudistan Island. We need to organize our own underground collegiate-level system for our Folk, preserving and expanding real Science and Technology, disciplines which Aryans have always excelled in and which have given us the strategic advantage over the nasty mud-morons, as they and their sheenie masters know, and leave the dregs to the hymies.

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    44. Zarathustra Says:

      Well said, Mr. Morris, well said. Institutions of higher learning have become nothing more than Jew-controlled female playpens and social clubs. No White Boys allowed, until it comes time to fix the heating and air conditioning systems, repair the cars, safely escort the female students to their dorms at night (nigger rapists are attracted to college campuses like alligators to a watering hole), develop new software and technology, perform life-saving medical procedures, design and construct new campus buildings and replace the 50 lb. Poland Spring jug on top of the water cooler.

      Other than all that trivial stuff, us White males are racist, sexist, bigot homophobes who want to increase global warming and deny a woman’s right to choose.

    45. lawrence dennis Says:

      “I spoke with a conservative relative recently who told me an all-too-familiar story. He had sent his daughters to college and they became mad-dog radicals. Of course, I sympathized with my cousin, but I was rather surprised at his surprise. If you give someone an injection of the typhoid virus, aren’t they going to come down with the disease?

      When the AIDs epidemic hit, conservatives and right-wingers were quite properly outraged when the governments of the West refused to close down the gay theaters and bathhouses. “Isn’t it just common sense,” the conservatives argued, “to minimize the spread of a disease by destroying the breeding grounds for the disease?” But the powers that were, and are, could not bring themselves to discriminate against sodomites.

      And yet the same conservative, who can look at life realistically enough to advocate the closing of the AIDs breeding grounds, would look on someone who advocated shutting down the whole educational establishment from grade school through college, including the surrogates for the academy, our churches, as mad.

      I am such a madman. Originally our colleges were the churches, in that they were founded by different Christian sects to further their versions of the faith. The Lutherans had their colleges, the Baptists theirs, the Catholics theirs, and so on. But gradually, every single college founded by a Christian denomination became the ardent advocate for the religion of that guy with the horns and the tail. And the colleges extended their influence to their parent churches. So why should a parent be surprised when his children come back from college or church with academic AIDs? In most cases, the disease is fatal, although there have been some miracle cures….”

      For more, see:
      An Unreasonable Proposal

    46. EducatedBlondeGirl Says:

      It seems that many of the comments on this thread elude to women seeking degrees to either rebel against marriage or to just spite men. I am in University because my soon-to-be-husband and I want a better life than we have, and we struggle on his salary alone. I would love to be able to just concentrate on building our home life and studying my interests in my free time, but the state of the economy now does not allow us to do that. Also, what is so wrong with educated, opinionated White women standing alongside their men in political debate? It seems that the readers of this site would appreciate this.

    47. David Says:

      Wow,so much negativity on this subject. I will leave a brief comment.
      Growing up in San Diego I had these problems with woman as well.
      It seemed no matter how hard i tried,i could not find one either,worthy,or willing to be with me due to my beliefs and at the time,new found standards. It seemed to me that all of the White girls were purely interested in material things,flings,parties,minority men etc.whenever i did find someone,they soon discovered I was a working stiff,who drove an old car! oh no!

      So to the point. I left,and as i had previously experienced,white woman in other parts of the country,were not AS bad! I found A young girl who wanted nothing more than a family. We hit it off,married,and now have two children.

      i work,she stays at home,and we both love it this way. i taught her about our peoples main enemies and at first she was reluctant. Not just about the Jews,but about all of it,everything she learned was now being questioned in her own mind.

      She truly believes like I do. Every day I challenge her to do more research. To verify,since we younger adults so quickly and easily forget and become distracted by trivial garbage.

      I was lucky though,her parents taught her well. Were proud of theyre ancestry,lived by decent morals and higher standards. All of this made her that much more open to racial pride and prosperity.

      Is she subservient,no. Is she dominant,again no. She balances our relationship and provides the nurturing femininity nature provided her with.