5 December, 2008

UK: Arrests in BNP Membership List Leak

Posted by Socrates in BNP, Britain, England, Socrates at 10:43 pm | Permanent Link

Two people are accused of posting the British National Party’s membership list on the internet:


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  7. 7 Responses to “UK: Arrests in BNP Membership List Leak”

    1. Marwinsing Says:


      (off Eeben Barlow’s blog)


      “It is unfair to the many ethical, honourable, hard-working, nose-in-the-muck journalists and researchers to include them in this posting, so this posting, although generalising to a large extent, does not cover their good work. Instead, it is aimed at those who have a responsibility to inform but instead chose to rather specialise in misinforming – and they know exactly who they are. They alone give the media and institutes the bad reputation they sometimes do not deserve. It gets worse when these journalists and researchers view themselves as armchair strategists and want to, through the written word, dictate military and security strategies and tactics. The resultant damage and chaos that is born from their drivel is enormous.

      The media does not only comprise journalists who write for the daily newspapers, but also those who work for radio stations, journals, television, credible research organisations, bloggers and the like. It also includes researchers whose work is often transmitted via the media. Deeply embedded in the fabric of the media are small groupings who strive to misinform wherever possible. Only they can explain their actions…”

      …plus other pearls… from a man who’s lived it firsthand; Mr Barlow’s a controversial ex-SADF (South African Defence Force) high-ranking military officer (from the good old days) who founded the world’s first PMC (Private Military Company) – most bookmarkable… enjoy!

    2. wagner Says:

      “Police said the individuals, who were not named, were arrested for alleged criminal offences under the Data Protection Act.”

      So it is just dandy to release the names of the BNP members, but heaven forbid they should release the name of the weasels that are charged with a criminal offence!

    3. Susan Says:

      You’re right wagner. See how unfair and lopsided it all is. And how it all is stacked against us in the long run. The media looks out for its own, no doubt about it. However, we citizens out here………well, we’re just friggin’ on our own. No one to look out for our interests.

      So, the media is against us, the police are against us, the general population is against us……..and try to easily find a lawyer willing to represent our interests.


    4. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews and their mud armies have nothing to fear from the BNP. If there ever is a White racial revolution, it will come about from underground guerilla resistance units, not conventional political parties or organizations.

    5. ED! Says:


      DO IT!


    6. LoveWhite Says:

      It appears the prime suspect was Sadie Graham, one of two BNP dissidents who left the party disgruntled that it wasn’t making electoral progress.


      Whatever you think of the BNP, this is no way to go about disagreements by putting innocent members at risk. It also reflects badly on the character of former prominent members.

    7. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      “The Jews and their mud armies have nothing to fear from the BNP. If there ever is a White racial revolution, it will come about from underground guerilla resistance units, not conventional political parties or organizations.” -Zarathustra

      The only way is a new movement.

      We need a mass populist movement led by an elite vanguard party.

      We need people, right now, infiltrating the system and leaking its secrets to us (DoD, media, corporate/finance, etc) – deep cover spies who are fanatics to the cause.

      We need the will to do anything to save our people, even if it means our own death.

      Revolutions take time to build, and our time is running short.

      The time has come for “asymmetrical warfare.”

      Any takers?