12 January, 2009

How Israel’s Propaganda Machine Works

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by James Zogby: [Here].

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  7. 8 Responses to “How Israel’s Propaganda Machine Works”

    1. Shylock Says:

      Jewish nationalism to be paid for by your school taxes:

      Jewish Nationalism in America’s Public Schools

      “The article then compares the proposed Hebrew language school with other public charter schools with an ethnic, cultural, bilingual, or (classical) civilizational focus and mentions that the “concept [of a national network of Hebrew language charter schools] is attracting attention from sociologists, educators and community leaders focused on strengthening Jewish identity and culture.”

      Such an explicit or implicit goal for a public charter school would be completely inappropriate because the aim of US public schools should be strengthening American identity and culture, and the application has been carefully crafted to avoid the implication of such intent.

      Yet Berman and Steinhardt betray themselves, for Gootman states:

      According to the application, the history of Jewish communities around the world will account for, at most, 20 minutes of class time a week, while the study of modern Hebrew will provide “both motivation and link to the culture and physical land of Israel as well as to the very special archaeological treasures and historical legacy that land represents.”

      If this brief introduction to the history of Jewish communities focuses on the commonly believed but demonstrably false pogrom and persecution narrative, it will create a sense of Jewish victimhood, ethical superiority, and consequential entitlement. It would be analogous to a sort of Geman Nazi history that often focused on German historical victimhood, ethical-philosophical superiority, and consequential entitlement.

      Obviously, an honest German or Jewish historical curriculum would include careful study of the crimes that resulted from German or Jewish politics like

      * the Holocaust,
      * the Soviet mass murders, ethnic cleansings, and genocides, whose planners almost invariably came from the ranks of Jewish Soviets, who predominated in the upper levels of the Soviet Communist Party from 1917 through 1950, and
      * the Zionist theft of Palestine with concomitant and ongoing genocide of the native Palestinian population.

      Claiming that “modern Hebrew will provide ‘both motivation and link to the culture and physical land of Israel as well as to the very special archaeological treasures and historical legacy that land represents'” is barely concealed Zionist ideology.”

      A debt of gratitude is owed to Jewish gangster-nationalist Michael Steinhardt for this blessing.

    2. Old_Dutch Says:

      When’s Linder going to crank up the VNN propagand machine?

      I realize that current events are bad enough to make any sane White man sick. But, now is also the time to turn things around!

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Good observations from Mark Glenn, who, BTW, is a Semite, so the Jews can’t accuse him of “anti-Semitism”………….whatever that means. I just hope this Mark Glenn fellow doesn’t have a White spouse. You know how those A-rabs lust after our women as soon as they get off their magic carpets and land here.

    4. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Glenn is Lebanese, and yes, he has a white wife. Naturally.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      How much would anyone like to bet that Julianne Hough, the stunning young Aryan dancer on TV, will marry some Jew TV producer or one of her non-White dancing partners in the near future? Those really beautiful White girls always get lured in by some dark, unwholsome-looking “mystery meat”. Always, always, always.

    6. Patrick Says:

      First of all, no Zarathustra, not all White women are unable to tell the difference between a man and a monkey.

      Second of all, Mark Glenn should be [flogged] for thinking that it’s okay for him to mate with a non-Arab woman, and for other reasons which I won’t get into here.

      I advocate the resurgence of the Confederate States. The revolution starts now. Fly the flag.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      I agree with you, herr Patrick, except that beautiful CELEBRITY White women, like Ms. Hough, are often so blinded by their jet-setting lifestyle that they can no longer think clearly and are therefore more prone to making stupid decisions about whom to sleep with.

      It figures Glenn is married to a White broad. That’s the first thing they do when they come over here, god damnit. Yet another reason why the Patriotard movement has ZERO credibility.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      James Zogby is also an A-rab, so I guess that means he’s got a White, blonde, blue-eyed wife, too.