11 January, 2009

How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?

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by Mark Weber.

“For more than 30 years, writers and publicists who call themselves revisionists have presented evidence and arguments questioning generally accepted accounts of the Holocaust. Some of these researchers have shown impressive fortitude — defying smears, abuse, physical violence, and worse.

In countries where “Holocaust denial” is a crime, skeptics have been fined, imprisoned or forced into exile for expressing dissident views on this issue.2 These victims of what amounts to a blatant suppression of free speech include Robert Faurisson and Roger Garaudy in France, Siegfried Verbeke in Belgium, Jürgen Graf and Gaston-Armand Amaudruz in Switzerland, and Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf in Germany.”


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  7. 46 Responses to “How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?”

    1. Justin Huber Says:

      Read this article the other day on the IHR site. I found it to be somewhat discouraging. What like to know what others who frequent this site think.

    2. Jim Says:

      I disagree with Weber’s opinion that exposing the “holohoax” lie is not as relevant today as in the past. The main reason the jews hold so much power today, is directly linked to the sympathy that Western world feels for the supposed genocide of European jewry under the National Socialist government. Without the exposure of the outright lies and distortions by the jews regarding that period, the European descended people will continue to feel a false sense of guilt, and the great accomplishments of National Socialist Germany will never be recognized. I have had my doubts about Weber’s sincerity for some time. Ask Ernst Zundel, and many other heroes of our race who are languishing in German jails if exposing the “holohoax lie” is relevant.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Buy your self a plane ticket do some research your self, and go visit Ernst Zundel then post your own findings, so till then happy trails.

    4. Justin Huber Says:

      Jim, what do you mean “doubts” about Weber’s sincerity? Just curious.

    5. Diamed Says:

      It is depressing. Even though scholars of the holocaust like hildeburg and pressac continue to downwardly estimate the number of jews gassed and continue to refute the most dastardly holocaust atrocities “lampshades of skin”, “soap made out of jewish fat” etc, the common folk continue to believe and continue to be taught the same old lies.

      ‘6 million jews is an undebatable figure.’
      ‘there is no doubt there were gassings.’
      ‘the evidence is unequivocal.’

      Meanwhile holocaust scholars, not even holocaust revisionists, holocaust SCHOLARS like pressac admit straight out “there is no direct evidence of gassings.” There are only “criminal traces” which if looked at seriously turn out to be completely harmless innocuous nonsense.

      I think if the public knew what holocaust scholars were saying, they would immediately find out how little is actually known or proven about the holocaust, and how completely the holocaust is based on hearsay. Then it’s just a hop skip and a jump to learn what the holocaust revisionists were saying, who are the only honest scholars of the holocaust.

      But let’s face it, the public will never hear anything but ‘6 million jews were gassed and turned into soap’ so long as jews control the media. Jewish control of the media has to end before the holocaust can ever be studied. A simple dig at all the camp sites overseen by the UN or some trusted worldwide commission could reveal the truth about the ‘death camps’. It is undebatable that with modern technology we could find the mass graves–if they exist–even if the bodies are gone due to the disturbance in the soil layers and less packed dirt. Then publish the results to the whole world when we find out the lack of mass graves and lo, there goes the holocaust. Why is nothing this simple ever attempted? How can so many books and movies come out about the holocaust, so many museums be founded documenting the holocaust, and we have never once simply dug up the soil of the camps in search of the mass graves holding these supposed 6 million jews?

      In any event, the declining sales in holocaust revisionism means the effort has failed. People will go on believing the 6 million jews figure until the end of time, or until after the world has already overthrown its jewish overlords and the information is just a historic curiosity. We’ll have to convince whites of jewish evil some other way. There’s certainly plenty of ways, their evil is like an infinite well combined with a giant octopus with tentacles in everything.

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      I’m with you Diamed, why don’t we dig up some these places and see just how many of these mass graves there are. Myself, I think they might actually discover some mass graves. However, if they’re examined scientifically it would probably debunk some of the death toll figures we’ve been given for places like Treblinka etc.

    7. Justin Huber Says:

      Diamed, you bring up another good point. For supposedly being the most heinous genocide of all time, there isn’t much that is “proven” or “known” about the Holocaust. The Revisionists were really the only people to study the Holocaust scientifically. I think most people would be shocked to know that there really isn’t much hard evidence to support many Holocaust claims.

    8. Diamed Says:

      There is however hard evidence that the holocaust didn’t happen (and by holocaust I mean the mass gassings of 6 million jews.)

      The aerial photographs of the camps don’t show the blazing pits of jews that witnesses described.

      There are no prussian blue stains on the walls of the ‘gas’ chambers even though there are said stains on the nearby ‘delousing’ chambers that also used zyklone B.

      No dig has produced masses of dead jews or traces of their death ie teeth, wood ash, disturbed soil. . .

      The crematories couldn’t under the laws of physics burn that many dead jews into ash as claimed, they simply weren’t that efficient.

      The same for open-air pits, it is physically impossible to burn millions of jews up in open-air pits. Bodies are not fuel, they are mostly water. The whole description of the event is preposterous.

      It is physically impossible to mass gas jews with diesel engines. (If we are to believe holocaust scholars, the primary method of killing jews in the Holocaust) Diesel engines simply aren’t that dangerous. This is especially true given the eyewitness accounts of killing everyone within 30 minutes, etc. What makes it even more humorous, is if they had just said combustion engines, or wood-gas engines, it would’ve worked. But they said diesel engines and thus the hoax is exposed.

      This is hard evidence the holocaust didn’t happen. Contrary to this is the hearsay evidence, forced confessions of captured nazis, and dubious, probably forged documents/photos. How can anyone reasonably believe in the holocaust with such a conflict of facts?

      On one side are the laws of physics, on the other side the word of jews, the biggest liars on the planet. If this were a trial it would be laughed out of court.

    9. jimmy smith Says:


    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Believe you me, if the Holohoax really happened, I’d be celebrating it, not denying it.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      I don’t trust anybody who says that it’s not important to expose the Hollow Hoax.

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      If you’ll notice, all that morbid nonsense about Kikes being turned into lampshades and bars of soap was quietly dropped from the Holohoax Gospel after the Soviet Union fell apart and their Nuremburg Trial “evidence” was discovered to be fake.

    13. S.U.N. Says:

      It’s odd that new, improved survivors always come out from hiding just when kikerael is about to attack its neighbors. 6 million with Tay-Sachs as it were.

    14. Captainchaos Says:

      The power of the Holocaust narrative to shame our people into submission lies in our inherent moral constitution that favors mercy, fair treatment and eschews the caprices of barbarism. The internalized effect is that we are not fit to be our own masters because of the horrors we will let loose on the world if we were once again to be a self-possessed people looking to our own interests. Therein lies the importance of debunking the Holocaust narrative: it will show our people that we did not indeed resort to annihilating “the other” when he was powerless and prostrate to defend against it. But, the catch is, we cannot then play both sides of the fence and say “Look, the Nazis didn’t try to exterminate the Jews.” and also say “But wouldn’t it have been great if they had?”.

      Nor can we categorically lionize as heroes any particular participants in that apocalyptic war. Fifty million dead Europeans. That is what was wrought in the end. That all of our people do not feel tremendous shame for that, and not for the Holocaust narrative, does not speak well of us. It is manifest that if all the participants had, at one point or another, offered conciliation and not arrogance, much of the best blood of our race could have been spared. That they did not is shameful. That we would internalize it as shameful would be life affirming.

      A moral sense that condemns barbarism directed towards non-Whites when it is not necessary to secure the existence of our people, and most importantly, condemns it directed at each other, is life affirming. That is in fact our moral sense when we think clearly. And by so doing we are that much closer to victory.

    15. Truthteller Says:

      Weber’s letter to the Register-Guard, Oct 19, 2007

      David Luebke’s unfriendly piece about me, “Frank debate or complicity with racism?” (guest viewpoint, Oct 17) is mostly silly “let us suppose” innuendo, but contains almost nothing of substance.
      The one specific claim he makes about me is untrue. Contrary to what Luebke asserts, I DO NOT “DENY THE HOLOCAUST.” No reasonable or informed person disputes the catastrophe endured by Europe’s Jews during World War II.

      Although I am a court-recognized expert on Germany’s wartime Jewish policy and the Holocaust issue, the subject of my talk at the Pacifica Forum meeting on Nov. 2 is the Israel lobby. What I write or say about that or any issue deserves to be accepted or rejected on its own merits, not on the basis of irrelevant comparisons with imaginary persons who deny the horrors of slavery.

      That photo of him looks very jewish. Note the hooked nose, ears set back, forhead etc. The IHR under his “Leadership” is a do nothing organization. They now (Weber) just rehashes other people’s news stories. But maybe thats the plan??

    16. CW-2 Says:

      The ‘Holohoax’ had occurred we wouldn’t be in the shit we are in today.

    17. Captainchaos Says:

      In other words, it can and should mean something more to be White. Yes, that is a double standard; gladly.

    18. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “because of the horrors we will let loose on the world if we were once again to be a self-possessed people looking to our own interests”

      There would be a horror let loose on the world- Whitey’s purse would be snapped shut.

      The greatest problem is ongoing White support of the system, enabling jew drunkards to drive us over the cliff.

      >>(Tax) Withholding is a major lynchpin, brought to us by young Milton Friedman.

      Withholding is actually needed- withholding of White wealth.

    19. jimmysmith Says:

      I’ve got no proof, but I remember reading some shit from maybe the AFP/Collins Piper group that said Weber was a zog agent sent in to destroy revisionism.

    20. Justin Huber Says:

      I’ve always liked Weber myself. I think he should clarify his views a little bit and tell us what he believes really transpired during the Holocaust. Irving did so a couple of years back.

    21. Marwinsing Says:

      In the heart of the British Midlands lies the ancient estate of Coombe Abbey, a gracious old medieval building steeped in Anglo-Saxon history with stories of monks, knights, Henry VIII and whatever else Ye Olde British one could conjure up. A mate and I checked the place out a few weeks back. Fascinating. Except for one “out of place” observation. Floating around, nearby the tourist kiosk were damn Holocaust leaflets! What poor taste and how annoying. Henry VIII, I don’t think, would have approved.

    22. Zarathustra Says:

      Henry VIII would certainly not have approved of any Holohoax baloney, especially when you consider the fact that Jews were not allowed in England back then.

      I have to disagree with Capn. Chaos when he states that there were no heroes in WWII. I always thought Otto Skorzeny and Michael Wittman were heroes! Heinz Guderian and Hanna Reitch, too. Patton was heroic, as well as Nimitz and maybe MacArthur. Also, the figure of 50 million Euros killed in WWII is a bit high. Don’t let’s resort to exaggeration like our Talmudic enemies do.

    23. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Weber is definitely a fake. This guy is the head of something called the “Institute for Historical Review”, yet he COMPLETELY ignores a very recent and one of the most important historical events of the past 100 years which screams out for revisionism(the 9/11 attacks)?

      Give me a break.

    24. Z.O.G. Says:

      Mark Weber is definitely a fake. This guy is the head of something called the “Institute for Historical Review”, yet he COMPLETELY ignores a very recent and one of the most important historical events of the past 100 years which screams out for revisionism(the 9/11 attacks)?

      Give me a break.

    25. Socrates Says:


      Please, avoid calling people “fakes” unless you can prove it. Weber is a long-time revisionist.

    26. Jim Says:

      Justin; regarding Mark Weber, I have suspected for some time that he is not one of us. He may be working for the enemy. He took over the IHR from Willis Carto and ran the organization into the ground.

    27. Junghans Says:

      He may indeed be a Judas Goat, as Carto and Piper have surmised. His agenda is puzzling, to say the least.

    28. Socrates Says:

      Candy: Got any proof of “chronic drug abuse” and “multiple arrests”? Come on, be reasonable…

    29. Zarathustra Says:

      Willis Carto and Michael Piper accuse everyone of being either a “Zionist agent” or being part of some kind of “Conspiracy”. I think it would be best to avoid all of them, Weber, Carto, Piper, Jared Taylor, David Duke, Don Black, et al. They all seem to be more interested in fooling around than they are in fighting for the White Race. None of them will ever admit to being pro-White racists or revolutionaries, that’s for sure…………………………

    30. Z.O.G. Says:

      Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have called him a “fake”. But still, this guy is the head of the main historical revisionist organization in North America, and yet he doesn’t have one word to say about 9/11? Not one word?


    31. Shylock Says:

      Michael Collins Piper talked about Weber just recently. Apparently he’s the guy who filed a fraudulent affidavit that was used to unlawfully raid Willis Carto’s residence. You cab hear the archive of Piper’s show here

      MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2009
      MP3 Files: Hour 1
      Playlist Files: PLS M3U

      Robert Vaughn; Israel and Gaza;
      Mark Weber & Institue for Historical Review;
      Pro-Zionist Policies in Germany

    32. Truthteller Says:

      Listen get a clue ..Weber has killed the IHR. The guy is an indolent loser. I have no time for Carto either, but at least he puts out a magazine and a weekly newspaper..WTF does Weber do ??? Oh Yes that right … other peoples news stories!

    33. Charles K. Says:

      The fact that holocaust revisionism has been embraced by a head of state, President Ahmadinejad of Iran, whom you can watch on You Tube rationally defend it with an outraged Mike Wallace on “60 Minutes,” is very significant. Mark Weber, who heads the premiere historical revisionist organization in America, chose NOT to attend the 2006 holocaust conference in Tehran hosted by President Ahmadinejad. This, was very significant, too, because it indicated then that Weber’s commitment to the research that the name of his organization represents wasn’t genuine. When pressed for comments about the Tehran Conference by the media his statements were equivocal and counterproductive. It’s time for Weber to step aside and let someone else run the IHR, or change its name to reflect the purely anti-Zionist direction he’s announced that he wants to take it in. It’s not honest to continue to use the names of jailed revisionists to solicit funds for an organization that no longer promotes what these men believe in. Weber is a pamphleteer who has been living for too long now off of the hard work of real authors who have sacrificed everything, including their liberty, in the search for truth.

    34. Truthteller Says:

      Piper on Weber here

      Fritz Berg on Weber here


      Stormfront Thread here


    35. Justin Huber Says:

      I agree with Socrates in that I don’t believe that Weber is a “fake”. He has been a revisionist for a long time and I’ve enjoyed several of his articles. What is puzzling to me, is that all of a sudden he seems to be pulling back, possibly recanting. If that’s the case I think he should come out and say it.

    36. clay curtiss Says:

      Judging from Zarathustra’s posts he’s
      obviously cognitively challenged…to say the least.

    37. Zarathustra Says:

      Just because someone is an “historical revisonist” doesn’t neccesarily mean he is pro-White or anti-Jew.

    38. Zarathustra Says:

      Typical of a Jew/anti/sexually-disoriented troll………Just accuse a racially concious individual of cognitive deficiency and prance away. Brilliant, Gay Smart-ass, simply brilliant.

    39. clay Says:

      Well, well, well, Zara Boy, looks like I dun stepped on some corns.
      So you’re “a racially conscious individual,” eh? You do mean a
      racially conscious Jew, don’t you? Afterall, you adopt the
      modus operandi of a typical Jew troll, shooting off your mouth
      about irrelevant matters, then denigrating those individuals
      who truly are trying to make a difference for the White cause,
      no matter if we are in total agreement with them or not. By the
      way, Jew Troll, how much money have you been contributing to the movement, including this website? Yeah, we know…not so much as a nickel. So pack ‘er on up, Boy, and take your trolling operation elsewhere…you’ve done been outed, dickhead. PS, learn to spell “conscious.”

    40. Zarathustra Says:

      Gay Curt-ass, I have had to deal with lame, online jerks like you more than once. And you’re not exactly being original when you accuse me of the tired old “jew troll” and “how much money have you contributed? ” routine. But then again, maybe you’re only pretending to be a stupid moron (quite convincing, I must say). Maybe you are one of those left-wing, anti-White homos from the One People’s Project pretending to be a “good ol’ boy” racist. Either way, YOU REALLY SUCK.

    41. clay Says:


      “Curt-ass”? Oh, my goodness, bitch boy, the last time I heard
      that slur was — when? — grade school? You’re so amusing,
      so witty, bitch boy! I have the courage to write under my own
      name, not under a pussynom as you do, Zarathustra, you little,
      semen-sucking Semite, you! You call me a stupid moron, yet
      you can’t even spell “conscious.” I thought you kikenspiels
      were supposed to have a better grasp of the English language
      than that.

      You complain about being called a Jew troll in the past. Did
      you ever think that if you didn’t think and write like a Jew troll
      people wouldn’t be accusing you of same? And you completely
      dodged my question concerning donating to White-cause organizations. That simply begs the question: Do you, kike boy?

      Tell us, little, bitch boy, if you’re not a kosher kocksucker, why it
      is that you’re attacking nationalists online who are doing their
      very best to make a difference; i.e., Duke, Piper, Black, et cetera. Tough question, ain’t it, kikenspiel? That’s my beef with you, bitch boy.

    42. Zarathustra Says:

      Flame away, jerk, you are only making an ass out of yourself, not me. If you are in fact some species of pro-White activist, then you are truly an embarassment to the Cause and are doing much more harm than good, only I wouldn’t expect you to have a clue as to why that is. I didn’t realize the mighty Don Black and the invincible David Duke needed the likes of YOU to defend them. But I guess you appointed yourself. Maybe it’s a man-crush thing you have with those guys?

      I do make a mistake spelling a word here and there, but the words you are using are so base and peurile that even a simpleton couldn’t mis-spell them. Something tells me you are not a subscriber to The Economist or The New York Review of Books, so why the correct spelling fetish?

      I’ll admit that I was originally angry and perplexed by your sudden, obnoxious and thoroughly unwarranted attack, but if it’s sincere and you really think I am a Jewish troll, if you’re not an Act Up or One People’s Project troublemaker, then by all means go ahead and be as angry and abusive as you want. Of course, I was under the impression that Alex Linder was not going to tolerate this kind of invective among those who post here.

      BTW, “Clay Curtis”…..I doubt you would be able to recognize a real Jew if Woody Allen and Henry Kissinger took turns burping in your crazy-looking face.

    43. ein Says:

      “Of course, I was under the impression that Alex Linder was not going to tolerate this kind of invective among those who post here.”

      It goes on all the time. (Sad to say.)

      It’s one thing to disagree, respectfully, but we must learn to be more civil with each other. This disgusting sort of schoolyard spat only drives reasonable people away — which may be the purpose of some others all along.

    44. clay Says:


      You’re right…civility is usually the very best policy.
      But when you’re dealing with maggot-mouthed,
      infiltrators like Zarathustra then you’ve got to dog them;
      you’ve got to humiliate them; you’ve got to call them
      to task. You don’t debate these coprophiles; you
      expose them as the subhuman garbage they truly
      are. If I seemd unfriendly to this hooked-nose, little prick
      it was simply to bait him for more information with which
      to expose this semen sucker’s anti-White agenda…more coming soon.

    45. gw Says:

      “.…more coming soon.”

      Let’s hope not! We’ve already seen enough.

      Incidentally, I also did not care for his disparaging comment about Duke and certain others, but this is no way to address it.

      (And what would you know about his hooked nose?)

      Some paranoid posters imagine there’s a Jew lurking under every bed, but I am not one of them. We do, however, have a surfeit of quarrelsome and abusive gentiles. If only they could channel their anger productively, instead of at each other!

      Let’s get back to the topic. Let’s see …. what was it anyway???

    46. gollywog Says:

      Do the simple math.
      6000000 over the simple say 5yr period. That is approx. 2.3 people every minute 24/7 for 5 years.
      Now factor in building the camps, building the transportation, moving in the live bodies, moving out the dead bodies, extreme working conditions of weather, the occasional down time due to the other major concern at the time the war, the occasional gasing and / or firing squad mishap, the pissed off detainees and their fucking inconciderate uprisings, the sympathetic German colaborators removing the livestock and upsetting the system and not to mention the lunch breaks of the German war machine.
      Shit if all of this fell into place and the result was 6000000 dead Jews the Toyota car plants would be using this work time and motion method to improve their productin output.
      Shit you buy into this myth you buy into the myth that the US of A is not in a sleeper choker hold from the smelly Jewish armpit.
      Free Palestine