22 January, 2009

Nobody is Allowed to Offend a Jew

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If you offend a yid, it’s like offending God himself [1]:


[1] Jews consider themselves to be godlike. For example, the idea that striking a Jew = striking God himself is mentioned in Sanhedrin 58b in the Jews’ Babylonian Talmud. It translates to “if you slap the face of an Israelite, it’s like slapping the face of God”

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    1. ty grant Says:


    2. anthony Says:

      That’s nothing, ‘coz their Babylonian Talmud is not the word of the Lord Jesus Christ at all, just like the Islamic Qur’an.

      It’s meaningless.

      In practice, you can do all you like to them yids, ‘coz they’re no different than everyone else.


    3. CW-2 Says:

      When Der Tag comes, jews are going to get much more than a slap on the face. They got off light last time, next time they won’t be so lucky.

    4. Futurist Joe Says:

      That is an interesting website Ty. I’m surprised it’s in English. I have thought for years that there are hit lists in Hebrew and Yiddish on any American who disagrees. I wonder if Mel Gibson has been able to get served in Hollywood without somebody spitting in his food since the Jewish patrol officer recorded and released against departmental policy Gibson’s stoned comments. Mel was smart enough to read the writing on the wall sober. But he lost his inhibitions when he was drunk.

    5. Ein Says:

      “Mel was smart enough to read the writing on the wall sober. But he lost his inhibitions when he was drunk.”
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      When someone’s drunk (or angry), that’s when the truth spills out.

      PS. It’s unlikely any Jews are preparing his food — probably Mexicans. They won’t care.