23 January, 2009

UK Bishop’s Holocaust Outburst Probed

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“Historians have established that six million Jews were murdered…” They have? What about the fact that Holocaust victim numbers have been revised downward in recent years? For example, the Polish government erased 2.5 million victims from the Auschwitz death rolls. So, how does the “6 million” number remain unchanged? (That’s what’s known as “Jewish math”):


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    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      The number of victims was inflated the same way they inflate the money- fractional reserve.

    2. Veritas Says:

      The interview with Bishop Williamson is from last November. The jews are just bringing it out now to try to torpedo the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops. According to several Vatican insiders, Pope Bendict XVI will lift the excommunications this weekend, which will mean a huge influx of traditional Catholics in full communion with Rome. The jews fear Catholic tradition more than anything else.

      Things are actually changing fast now with Ratzinger as Pope. First, he released the Latin Mass after 40 years of captivity with his Motu proprio of July 2007, now the lifting of the excommunications.

      Rumor has it that it was none other than Abe Foxman himself who pressured John Paul II to excommunicate them in 1988. Ratzinger clearly is not bowing to jewish pressure like his predecessor. The jews went nuts trying to prevent the issuance of the Motu proprio allowing the Latin mass in all the parishes after 40 years. What chutzpah! It’s not their religion! Ratzinger rewrote the prayer in the Latin Mass that called the jews “perfidious,” but, to their dismay, he still called for their conversion.

      If the SSPX bishops are un-excommunicated, all Catholics will be able to go to SSPX chapels, and the jews fear that because the SSPX know the deal about the Jews. They are the real Church in exile, trying to guide the post Vatican II church back onto the rails. The SSPX understand “Romanita,” which means to use old world diplomacy to get the Church back where it belongs. The sedevacantists don’t know how to play “Romanita,” which is why they’re going to be left out in the cold. The jews fear the real church, but it’s on its way back.

    3. Veritas Says:

      BTW, there’s a mistake in this article (besides the mistake about the holohoax being an historic fact):

      “This week, Pope Benedict XVI reportedly decided to cancel the excommunication of four bishops who were consecrated in 1998 by the conservative French bishop Marcel Lefebvre, including Williamson.”

      The consecrations were done in 1988, not 1998. Archbishop Lefebvre died in 1991. For all their obsession with traditional Catholics, the jews never get their facts straight.

      The reason Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated the 4 bishops without the Pope’s approval is that the Archbishop realized that Pope John Paul II wanted the SSPX order to die. In other words, it takes a bishop to ordain priests. After Archbishop Lefebvre died, if there were no replacement SSPX bishop, there could be no new priests ordained into the order. Then when the last SSPX priest died, the SSPX order would die too.

      Archbishop Lefebvre died in 1991, officially excommunicated. But history will show that he was a hero. He will be canonized one day. History will prove that the SSPX were right and Vatican II was wrong. You’re watching that history unfold as the excommunications are lifted. If you’re not Catholic, it seems unimportant. But it’s huge, trust me. The jews know this better than anyone.

    4. Veritas Says:

      Speak of the devil! Foxman speaks out.


    5. Zarathustra Says:

      “Historians have established that six million Jews were murdered…”

      Well, there it is, proof positive that millions of yids were gassed to death in WWII, because the “historians” said so. And we all know that “historians” never lie, just like “scientists” would never lie to us about global warming. Really, where would this world of ours be without the invaluable contributions of all those kosher-approved historians, journalists, politicians and climate activists?

    6. Saint Benedict Center, Richmond NH Says:

      Pope Benedict XVI is living up to his title, “Patriarch of the West”.

      I love this quote from Bishop Williamson !
      “Williamson was also quoted in a British newspaper as asserting that, “in accordance with their false messianic vocation of the Jewish world domination, the Jews are preparing the anti-Christ’s throne in Jerusalem.”

    7. ED! Says:

      A six pointed star, with six sides and six angles. “666” Six thousands years of bullshit, theft, manipulation, murder, and nation wreaking! Massive corruption is all the sickest race on the face of the earth has to offer! Organized Jewry contains the ultimate troublesome agents bent on the destruction of the poor worlds peace!

      Not 5,999,999 or 6,000,001 but 6,000,000 on the dot! I can just hear uncle A.H. saying to the SS; OK boys, when we reach 6,000,000 stop on the magic JEW number so the bastards will have the wow is me siren to crank when the don’t get their way!

      The Holocaust IS the WOW IS ME SIREN of the Jewish rat race!!!

      Got ear plugs?


    8. Ein Says:

      What chutzpah! It’s not their religion! Ratzinger rewrote the prayer in the Latin Mass that called the jews “perfidious,” but, to their dismay, he still called for their conversion.

      You’re right about chutzpah. But why convert them? If they’re so perfidious, why should we want them? Conversion won’t change that.

    9. Ein Says:

      But why convert them?

      As if we could, that is.

    10. Veritas Says:

      It’s official.

      Deo Gratias!


    11. Cpt. Candor Says:

      The ‘caust is certainly a steaming pile and a tool of control for those in high places, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many laws against the free discussion of it. Even in the HIGHLY unlikely event that 6,000,000 kikes actually met their end at Nazi hands, be it via gas leaks, being mistaken for pizzas, or being confused with shooting range targets, they’ve done enough horrible things since then, both as individuals and as a collective, to owe THE REST OF THE WORLD reparations.

    12. S.U.N. Says:

      Hollow causes aside, notice how Deutschland is more and more emasculated than ever. :(

    13. Veritas Says:

      Well, there’s one German who just gave a big F you to the Jews. But he lives in Rome.

    14. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      ADL Welcomes Election of Cardinal Ratzinger as New Pope

      New York, NY, April 19, 2005 … “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the election of German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new Pope, Benedict XVI. Under his leadership in Germany and Rome, the Catholic Church made important strides in improving Catholic-Jewish relations and atoning for the sin of anti-Semitism. Cardinal Ratzinger has been a leader in this effort and has made important statements in the spirit of sensitivity and reconciliation with the Jewish people.

      Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

      We welcome the new Papacy of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. From the Jewish perspective, the fact that he comes from Europe is important, because he brings with him an understanding and memory of the painful history of Europe and of the 20th Century experience of European Jewry.

      Having lived through World War II, Cardinal Ratzinger has great sensitivity to Jewish history and the Holocaust. He has shown this sensitivity countless times, in meetings with Jewish leadership and in important statements condemning anti-Semitism and expressing profound sorrow for the Holocaust. We remember with great appreciation his Christmas reflections on December 29, 2000, when he memorably expressed remorse for the anti-Jewish attitudes that persisted through history, leading to “deplorable acts of violence” and the Holocaust. Cardinal Ratzinger said: “Even if the most recent, loathsome experience of the Shoah (Holocaust) was perpetrated in the name of an anti-Christian ideology, which tried to strike the Christian faith at its Abrahamic roots in the people of Israel, it cannot be denied that a certain insufficient resistance to this atrocity on the part of Christians can be explained by an inherited anti-Judaism present in the hearts of not a few Christians.”

      Though as a teenager he was a member of the Hitler Youth, all his life Cardinal Ratzinger has atoned for the fact. In our years of working on improving Catholic-Jewish ties, ADL has had opportunities to work with Cardinal Ratzinger. We look forward to continuing that relationship.”


    15. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says:

      UK bishop’s “holocaust” outburst probed
      Published: 23 Jan 09 18:33 CET

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Author of the book “Some “Big-Mouths” Go To Prison”

      Zio-German prosecutors said on Friday they had launched a probe against a controversial British bishop on suspicion of “inciting racial hatred” for comments he made about the “holocaust” on Swedish television.

      A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in the southern city of Regensburg said it had opened an investigation against Richard Williamson, 68, for truthful remarks he made in an interview broadcast this week.

      “I believe there were no gas chambers… I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers,” said Williamson during an interview with the SVT channel. “There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies!”

      Jewish fiction and science fictions writers such as Elie Wiesel and Isaac Asimov have “established” that “six million Jews were murdered” by Nazi Germany during World War II including vast numbers by “systematic extermination” in post World War II Soviet assembled (parts manufactured in the U.S. by Westinghouse as confessed by Betty Furness on her death bed in 1994) gas chamber replicas.

      This week, Pope Benedict XVI reportedly decided to cancel the excommunication of four bishops who were consecrated in 1998 by the conservative French bishop Marcel Lefebvre, including Williamson.

      The pope has already signed the decree lifting the excommunication, which will be made public later in the week, according to the Italian report Thursday which the Vatican neither confirmed nor denied.

      Lefebvre, who died in 1991, was excommunicated in 1988 by pope Jean Paul II for having consecrated the bishops in defiance of the Vatican’s authority. Since assuming office in April 2005, Benedict has made great efforts to heal the schism with the more traditionalist Catholic movement which has pissed-off the likes of Abe Foxman, the big fat boy Ashkenazi of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

      Lars-Goran Svensson, the Swedish programme’s producer, said the interview had been pre-recorded in Germany last November and its airing at this time was “pure coincidence.”

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from New York, New York………

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      And the winner in the survival of the West is . . . the Catholic Church?

      Could be.

      People are getting damned tired of the Jews, with their financial ruinations, their double-talk, sexual perniciousness, and their slaughter of innocent civilians.

      Just one more piece needs to fall in place—the Catholic Church should strongly recommend that Europeans should marry Europeans. They already are against birth control and sex as recreation. And they are the only ones (that I know of) that told us what would happen with birth control.

      Everyone else seemed to listen to Jews like Paul Erlich (zero population growth) and that abomination, Ruth Westheimer (gives directions on live tv about how to perform a blow-job on your boyfriend).

    17. Veritas Says:

      Archbishop Lefebvre was a prophet. In this 54 second youtube video, he speaks out against Muslim immigration to France. He was actually convicted of “hate speech” for this and had to pay a 5,000 franc fine. He died in 1991. So this had to be in the late 80s. He must be turning over in his grave today to see Muslims rioting in the beautiful city of Paris.


    18. gb Says:

      Here’s a link to article on it:


      Here is the last of the interview from the above article. Notice the ending. I feel like he is daring them to arrest him in Germany, which has a large Catholic population in it’s conservative south. Can you imagine the backlash of throwing this official in jail! It’s getting good, boys and girls.

      “The bishop [another bishop] can call me what he likes. He can call me a dinosaur, he can call me an idiot. It is not a question of name calling. It is a question of historical truth. Historical truth goes by evidence and not by emotion.

      There has certainly been a huge explotation. Germany has paid out billions and billions of deutschmarks and now euros, because the Germans have a guilt complex about their having gassed six million Jews. But I don’t think six million Jews were gassed. But be careful, this is against the law in Germany. You could have me thrown into prison before I leave Germany. I hope this is not your intention.”

    19. Z.O.G. Says:

      So disliking Jews is a “sin”? LOL

      That’s pretty funny.

    20. Z.O.G. Says:

      …and atoning for the sin of anti-Semitism.

      So disliking Jews is a “sin”? LOL

      That’s pretty funny.

    21. Veritas Says:


      It looks like the Church has decided to take your advice about advising women not to marry non-Europeans. A Cardinal warned against marry Muslims on 1/14/09, according to Reuters:


    22. Antagonistes Says:

      I applaud the Church for that, Veritas.

      I hope that someday they will warn about the differences among the races, generally speaking, and warn women about that. I say “generally speaking” because there are always exceptions, though few.

      I think it could happen–the Catholic Church, judging by the books I have read, has intelligent men, who can run circles around the Protestants (and I am one!) .

    23. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, guys, I hate to break up your little Catholic love-fest here, but the Catholic Church in the United States is one of the biggest promoters and cheerleaders of non-white immigration into America, both legal and illegal.

    24. Veritas Says:

      Z.O.G., you’re missing the whole point. The people who have been in control of the Vatican since 1958 are Judeo-Masons who have deliberately been trying to destroy the Church. That’s why the “real” Catholics, the traditionalists like SSPX and Abp. Lefebvre, have been persona non grata ever since Vatican II (1962-1965).

      If the real Catholic Church were really in favor of non-white immigration into White countries, ask yourself why this only happened since the 1960s (post-Vatican II). In other words, Europe and America would be totally brown right now but for the fact that real Catholics have kept them out all these centures. Just remember: there’s the real Church pre-1958 represented by SSPX, and the Judaized Church since 1958.

      The battle going on right now is over whether this Judaization will continue or if it will go back to normal. That’s the whole point of the controversy over the excommunications, etc. The Jews see it slipping it away. There’s a life or death battle going on right now in the Church, and it looks like Ratzinger is actually trying to do the right thing. I don’t mean to be curt, I’m just too tired to explain it anymore.

    25. Zarathustra Says:

      The Church was not exactly stain-free before 1958. It has a lot of White blood on its hands. Remember The Thirty Years War, for example? Or the sacking of Constantinople in 1204? Or the St. Bartholemew’s Day Massacre in 1572?

      And exactly how did those Popes finance their Crusades, the construction of the new Vatican Palace and acquire all those priceless works of art? Was all that money raised legitamately or did they secretly get it from Jew money-lenders?

      The Church also sent armies of missionaries into the New World to convert the heathens. The result? About a quarter of a billion Mestizoes. Thanks, Rome.

      Let the Church and the Mohammedans beat each others’ brains out. They still think it’s 1209, not 2009. White people should just walk away from that conflict. Besides, Mass is for little old ladies, not White he-men……………………

    26. Ein Says:

      “It looks like the Church has decided to take your advice about advising women not to marry non-Europeans. A Cardinal warned against marry[ing] Muslims.”

      Not good enough. That advice is religious, not racial.

      I don’t expect to see the day when the Church takes a racial stand.
      Too many “souls” to be gained in Africa and Latin America.

    27. Antagonistes Says:

      Zarathusthra, I appreciate your posts, and your insights, but an organization like the Catholic church is BOUND to make mistakes, somewhere in its history, and quite big mistakes at that.

      In the same way, the Nazis, in my opinion, made MAJOR mistakes, although I think we should have left Hitler alone!

      Life is a bloody business, and all, I think, die remorseful, to some degree, for some action or inaction.

    28. gb Says:

      “…the Catholic Church in the United States is one of the biggest promoters and cheerleaders of non-white immigration into America, both legal and illegal.”

      Yes, but so are the Lutherans and the Methodists et; I hate to admit, they are just as bad. And yet why is it “THE Church.” What about the Protestants and Orthodox? Like New York being THE City–bullshit.

      I think the above article is good news though. You have to start somewhere after all. And maybe the Protestants down here can show what they can do to start fighting the white suicide cult of cultural marxism (I have a dream). Any move from any quarter against this slavery of which we live under, I am grateful. Really, I’ll take anything substantial, it’s been such a long dry spell for “us”.

    29. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Catholic Charities first announced its politicization in a wild-eyed manifesto that invokes such radical sixties icons as Malcolm X, Gloria Steinem, Herbert Marcuse, and—above all—the Marxist-inspired Liberation Theology movement that (to put it crudely) equates Jesus with Che Guevara. Ratified at Catholic Charities’ annual meeting in 1972, the so-called Cadre Study totally abandoned any stress on personal responsibility in relation to poverty and other social ills. Instead, it painted America as an unjust, “numb” country, whose oppressive society and closed economy cause people to turn to crime or drugs or prostitution. Moreover, the study asserts, individual acts of charity are useless. We must instead unearth “the root causes of poverty and oppression” and radically reconstruct—”humanize and transform”—the social order to avert social upheaval.

      This radical shift in thinking had two practical consequences. First, Catholic Charities moved away from “just” charity toward a stress on government solutions to every social problem, making political advocacy a key mission. “We undertook to get more involved in making a contribution to the formation of public policy,” says former Catholic Charities president Monsignor Lawrence Corcoran, one of the authors of the Cadre Study. Second, Catholic Charities began to organize local communities to resist “unjust” social structures. As Corcoran delicately puts it, “We also increased our activities in the field of social action, over and above the traditional role of charity.”

      At the same time, as the War on Poverty got under way, the federal government increasingly contracted with Catholic Charities agencies to provide welfare services. Those agencies, imbued with their new faith in government’s potential to solve social problems, eagerly accepted government money. Catholic Charities received nearly a quarter of its funding from government by the end of the sixties, over half by the late seventies, and more than 60 percent by the mid-eighties, where it has remained ever since. As they became government contractors, the agencies began to serve more non-Catholics and to hire non-Catholics too, usually professional social workers with ardent faith in the welfare state.”


    30. Zarathustra Says:

      Well said, Antagonistes. Life can be a bloody, remorseful business indeed.

    31. gw Says:

      Why all all this talk about “The Church” and Catholic Charities… and yes, even the Lutherans and the Methodists are mentioned.. and even the Orthodox. But no mention at all of a certain group called the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society? They have a hand in it too. This discussion is getting to sound like Amren!

    32. gw Says:

      Well ….. Why all this talk about “The Church”?
      We’re still waiting.

    33. Zarathustra Says:

      “Well ….. Why all this talk about “The Church”?
      We’re still waiting.”

      Perhaps it’s because a lot of WNs are still Catholics. They seem to believe that before Vatican II, “The Church” was somehow pro-White, which is total bullshit.

    34. gw Says:

      Perhaps that’s it. I notice there are certain areas that are verboten in some circles — just “whited out” with deafening silence. Many staunch Catholics are still hanging onto some thin hope that the Church will at last come around and save them. No sign of it!

      But I’m still waiting to hear some criticism of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. They’re just as much involved in promoting non-white Third World immigration as any of the other groups. And I think even the Mormons are into it too, avid for more Souls. Maybe people just aren’t aware of it. These are rarely mentioned (anywhere) and even more rarely criticized. It’s the Catholics and the Lutherans who get most of the attention and blame (although with good reason, I admit).

    35. Zarathustra Says:

      Not only does the Moron Church encourage Turd World immigration into this country, they will travel to the Turd World to find hominids they can sign up for Moron Church membership. To the credit of those hominids, most of them get bored with being Morons and eventually lose interest, so the Morons have to send a few more nerdy White dweebs in black ties and short-sleeve white shirts to keep those hominids in the flock. And to think this whole sick, criminally insane racket is tax-free!

      After the Revolution, all churches and religious organizations will be heavily taxed, and I mean HEAVILY. I will see to that myself.

    36. gw Says:

      “so the Morons have to send a few more nerdy White dweebs in black ties and short-sleeve white shirts to keep those hominids in the flock”

      Splendidly put, Zarathustra! I can’t add a word. (Can’t improve upon perfection.)

      As for your tax-reform proposal, you get my vote.

    37. walt235 Says:

      The holocaust is a kike lie, but the world would be much better off if millions of kikes were exterminated!

    38. DWMT Says:

      I will NEVER forgive the Third Riech for NOT exterminating 6mil.
      of those vermin, because if they had done what they are falsely
      accused of we would be living in a VERY different world than today!

    39. Wiking88 Says:

      As an agnostic National Socialist raised protestant, I can’t help to wonder if christianity forms part of the ZOG plan. The roach-kikes killed Jesus, but wasn’t he a jew himself and aren’t they supposedly God’s ‘chosen people’? Think about it… No offence meant, just putting it out there…? Death to jews = death to ZOG.?Ariesche Blut, Freiheit und Ehre, solang noch weiße Wölfe leben! Sieg heil!