6 February, 2009

Blacks and Workplace Testing

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Who can’t pass multiple-choice tests? Actually, it’s surprising that any tests are allowed to be given in the workplace today: to take the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1971 Griggs v. Duke Power Co. court case as two examples, Jewish civil-rights activists have been trying for years to outlaw the testing of employees:


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    1. Waldo Starr Says:

      Why should blacks be tested you might ask. Let us remember that our new mullato president, President Barry Obongo never had to pass any test, in fact his history has been clouded in secrecy and as luck would have it, just in time to save the ole USA. Thank you Ophra Winfrey for getting all those white women to vote for this handsom (?) genius. “Tests, we don’t need no stinkin’ tests.”

    2. gw Says:

      “Actually, it’s surprising that any tests are allowed to be given in the workplace today”

      Indeed it is. Very surprising. And I’ve long suspected that we’re coming to the day when that will be so.

      People who can’t pass tests will demand to have them abolished.
      If you can’t pass the test the first time, fix it! If you still can’t pass it the second time, get rid of the damn thing completely! It must be biased! Obviously it’s weighted with subtle white racism. (How much is 5 divided by 5? That’s a trick racist question!) Those same people are growing in numbers and influence with every year, so it’s just a matter of time.

      So how will jobs be apportioned then? Well, how are they given out in Africa right now? Look to Haiti or Zimbabwe to see the future.

      It makes me think of the movie, “Idiocracy”, where the Secretary of State won his position through a raffle or lottery, something like that.
      Frankly, I am rather surprised that Jews are fighting this though (except that it’s on behalf of their usual “minority” clients). Jews have traditionally relied on tests, on which they tend to do well, as a way upward through the civil service system. Tests have served several generations of Jews well. Jews wouldn’t abolish the things that have been useful to them. Perhaps now they’re sufficiently advanced in wealth and power that they don’t need ’em anymore.
      Now that they have become the bosses and owners instead of the employees, they may have come to see things quite differently from their immigrant grandparents.

    3. gw Says:

      “Jews have traditionally relied on tests, on which they tend to do well, as a way upward through the civil service system.”…
      And I should add, into the universities and the lucrative professions.

    4. -jc Says:

      Houston, we have a problem.

      “HFD has about 4,200 firefighters and paramedics. Roughly 700 are black, Jordan said. ”

      Do you suppose that 15% of Houston residents are Black?

      By the time you reach Captain, presumably something besides just being strong enough to pull hose, smart enough not to drag brass, and courageous enough to trust your judgment and condition to invest yourself in risky lifesaving. Management of even a crew involves cognitive ability.

    5. S.U.N. Says:

      Is this what they call Mississippi Burning? lol

    6. Kick the Kikes Says:

      Jews have relied more on nepotism and cronyism to move up through civil service and universities. Once some actual smart jews are in, they hold open the doors for the rest of the tribe. Jewish intelligence is exaggerated as shown by Flynn (the real average IQ for ashkanazi yids is about 107, for Germans 106, Poles 106 etc) so their inbreeding has resulted more in a different structure of intelligence rather than higher intelligence than whites. Anyhow, over 10 years ago Yggdrasil showed that jews and asians are admitted to Harvard and other schools at over three times the rate they would be if test scores and grades were the only criteria, so obviously Big Jew is pulling a lot of strings. It’s jewish press manipulation that has created the aura of them and other groups being so much smarter than whites. Look around see how much of what drives the modern world was invented or created by whites. They can go on and on over the polio vaccine (the jew credited – Salk – was actually just the head guy of a group that was handed all of the research from other groups looking for a cure – look it up), Einstein (an overrated plagiarist) and then…? They stand on the shoulders of whites and steal the credit.

      This applies to civil service jobs and everything else. It likely doesn’t matter much of the time how a connected jew does on a test, as long as he’s connected. In fact, even an unconnected jew will do well as long as there are jews higher up. Then they will work to rig things to hurt whites and help everyone else. Sometimes even WN’s give jews too much credit. Much of the time what we see in academics or argument is jews spitting back memorized information with no original thought applied. I worked with jews for many, many years. They’re overrated. It’s their alien level of cohesiveness that brings them “success”. There are a lot of jews in lucrative professions, but imagine if just 20% of the white population put in the amount of study time that jews and asians put in while in school. Think about it.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Let’s see how politically-correct the affirmative action liberals are the next time they and their civil-union partners are trapped on the 10th floor of a burning building. Will they ask to be rescued by a 4 foot, eleven inch, 200 pound Puerto Rican princess with a little toy fireman’s hat on her head? I think not.

      PS…..Contrary to what many on this site believe, Jews are not really any smarter than the Goyim, just more pushy, clannish, persistent and sneaky. I hope that doesn’t upset all those who post on this site and seem to be in CONSTANT AWE of the invincible Jews and their amazing superpowers. Jerks.

    8. Kick the Kikes Says:

      Absolutely correct Zarathustra. That’s what I was trying to get across in my post. The tribe thinks differently. From the time they can walk their parents are on them to look at all the angles, distrust the goyim, work with their fellow jews. I’m not exaggerating, a few have told me as such. Their group cohesiveness is doing it for them. On their own they’re lost. Against organized angry whites they’ll lose. We need an event that ignites white awareness, and I think that’s going to happen, despite all the best laid plans of the self-absorbed arrogant jews.

    9. gw Says:

      Zara: “Contrary to what many on this site believe, Jews are not really any smarter than the Goyim, just more pushy, clannish, persistent and sneaky. “

      Exactly! Absolutely! I fully agree. And that can’t be said enough. The self-serving myth of Jewish invincibility needs to be demolished.

      By standing in awe of them (as some sites do, and weak-minded sappy Christian Zionists) it elevates them to the status of supermen — which turns out to be hardly the case, as you find when you have dealings with any of them personally. Their strength is in their intense tribal clannishness. And they know it! We need to know it too.

    10. gw Says:

      Regarding the power of clannishness, an outstanding example, in a more limited, not tribal way, are the Kennedy’s. They practice this same clannishness and solidarity on a family level that the Jews do on a tribal level. Old man Joe, while not known for having any ethics, must have been a very smart – if unprincipled – guy. I give him credit for that. He inculcated in his children the importance of family, family, family!!! Every since, they have practiced an intense sort of family loyalty. Everything is done as a group. And with spectacular results!

      Just look at them. Any one of them, taken individually, is hardly an impressive specimen. What do they have going for them anyway (aside from name and money)? Basically, nothing! They are very ordinary people, with no special talents or looks or brains at all. But taken together, as a unit, they have proven over the past half century, to be almost invincible. Even today, they still emphasize the importance of FAMILY! Everything with them is FAMILY! They know that, taken individually, no one of them is likely to get anywhere on his own. But taken as a single, coordinated fighting unit, they can name what they want, and they will get it.

      We could learn something from them. If they are so successful as a family, and Jews as a tribe, what could WE be as a race?
      – – – – – – – – –
      Well, to answer my own question, we’ve already seen the answer to that. Up until 1914, we pretty much ruled the world. But then everything came apart because we fell to fighting with each other. We didn’t work together! Our world crumbled.

      Where would the Kennedy’s be today if they were all squabbling with each other? Where the Jews be? Without their intense solidarity and unity, they would be nobodies. Same with us. Solidarity is everything.

    11. brutus Says:

      I instinctively knew we’d be hearing more rubbish like this even after the blacks got their boy in as president.

      The sole reason why the jew makes this inanity newsworthy in their controlled press is to race bait. Every reader here can clearly see the absurdity of not testing firefighters for the senior positions and yet we all feel our tempers flaring. And this is what the jew wants. The jew wants us steaming mad so we lose our cool and say something harsh and then the jew will point a self-righteous finger of condemnation at us then tell the lemmings to “look at the haters!”

      Part of the reason why it’s easy to get angry is because the jew writers will never point out the absurdity of the black’s behavior, or in this case their demands. This purposeful omission is by design.


    12. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


      The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
      Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect.

      The enhanced result of two or more people, groups or organizations working together. In other words, one and one equals three! It comes from the Greek “synergia,” which means joint work and cooperative action. The word is used quite often to mean that combining forces produces a better product.

    13. gw Says:

      Synergy: “The enhanced result of two or more people, groups or organizations working together. In other words, one and one equals three!”

      Thank you Shabbos. Splendid comments! You can always be counted on to see to the heart of the matter, and to deliver a brilliant elucidation.

    14. Lutjens Says:

      The Jews are overrated, not to mention filthy pigs. Their beloved nigger pets are worthless, in every aspect of humanity. They fucking smell too. Basically untermenschen, or affenvolk. There is no race-baiting here – this is all pure facts. I have never been able to have a coherent conversation with a nigger or Jew in my life. Maybe I am just lucky.