12 February, 2009

Race and IQ: Should Scientists Even Study It?

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No, says Jewish scientist Steven Rose, a well-known foe of racial science. Jews have led the movement to downplay or deny the importance of race [1]. Here’s a thought: if Holocaust denial is illegal in many countries, why isn’t race denial illegal as well?


[1] the Jewish pioneers of race denial include: Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, Gene Weltfish, Melville Herskovits and Stephen J. Gould

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    1. jimmy smith Says:

      This “Ned Potter” looks like a Jew as well.

    2. Osama bin Laden Says:

      The cat is out of the bag. Race science and IQ testing aren’t going anywhere and its becoming less and less taboo to talk about it.

    3. Dutch Windmill Fortune Cookie Says:

      Why study them or reject them in a totalitarian way? White and European survival are naturally in conflict with totalitarianism. Race and I.Q. are subtle. Jesus, a white man, said “be clever as a serpent and gentle as a dove.” This is an aggressive strategy for winning, not liberal pacifism. Successful aggression requires subtlety.

      For winning what?
      The game of life. Winning the game of life is rewarding. Quite an experience of glory and excellence. “Gloria in excelsis Deo” … etc
      Many concerned and otherwise thinking white men today shoot themselves in the foot however by opting for one or other of many different types of nihilism.
      The race is a waste if nihilism is its end.
      The unique steeple chase that crushes nihilism is Christianity. If white men don’t recognize this, what is all the fuss? Either way? Nikola Tesla smart or Roger Staubach dumb?
      The black cosmic maw of Death, nihilism, pantheism and all the heathenisms and their excitement and fun are kinds of totalitarianism. There’s no Good Shepherd in any of it.
      The Good Shepherd would recognize race and I.Q. for what they’re worth, but not in a totalitarian way. Totalitarian habituations nix glory, excellence and grace … which are the natural ends of I.Q. and race anyway.

    4. Z.O.G. Says:


    5. Steve Rosen is a Jewish crank Says:

      You’re absolutely right, Osama. De-coding the genome and allied research into the frontiers of gene-therapy and genetic engineering are BURYING the Lamarckian pseudoscience of Semitic crackpots like Ashley Montagu and Steve Rosen.

      Each day it becomes more obvious that cranks like Rosen are fighting a desperate and losing battle to obscure the implications of genetic research. The brain is being revealed for the bio-mechanical structure it is, with DNA providing the code or blue-print. Not only is it easy to quantify and analyze intelligence, but someday we will have the ability to construct digital and mechanical models of the brain–i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

      Rosen isn’t even a real scientist. His all-too-typical Semitic biases preclude him from being a dispassionate observer of nature. Good riddance Rosen…Good riddance Boas…Science will s**t on your memories…

      GO VNN! (And where’s Alex? We miss you, dude!)

    6. Ein Says:

      “Here’s a thought: if Holocaust denial is illegal in many countries, why isn’t race denial illegal as well? ”

      That one’s easy! Because Jews determine what is legal or illegal.

      Next question?

    7. Dutch Windmill Fortune Cookie Says:

      A bee

      A bee
      staggers out
      of the peony.

      For what end?

    8. Ein Says:

      This “Ned Potter” looks like a Jew as well.
      Well, no. I don’t think so. Neither the face nor the name suggest it. But he might just as well be a Jew. I think, more likely, he’s one of those many gentiles who are employed by Jews (ABC) and who know where their bread is buttered.

    9. Dutch Windmill Fortune Cookie Says:

      Off Topic Syncopation:

      Missouri Ordinance Of Secession

      An act declaring the political ties heretofore existing between the State of Missouri and the United States of America dissolved.

      WHEREAS, the Government of the United States, in the possession and under the control of a sectional party, has wantonly violated the compact originally made between said Government and the State of Missouri, by invading with hostile armies the soil of the State, attacking and making prisoners the militia while legally assembled under the State laws, forcibly occupying the State capitol, and attempting through the instrumentality of domestic traitors to usurp the State government, seizing and destroying private property, and murdering with fiendish malignity peaceable citizens, men, women, and children, together with other acts of atrocity, indicating a deep-settled hostility toward the people of Missouri and their institutions; and

      WHEREAS, the present Administration of the Government of the United States has utterly ignored the Constitution, subverted the Government as constructed and intended by its makers, and established a despotic and arbitrary power instead thereof: Now, therefore,

      Be it enacted by the general assembly of the State of Missouri, That all political ties of every character new existing between the Government of the United States of America and the people and government of the State of Missouri are hereby dissolved, and the State of Missouri, resuming the sovereignty granted by compact to the said United States upon admission of said State into the Federal Union, does again take its place as a free and independent republic amongst the nations of the earth.

      This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


      Passed by the Senate, October 28, 1861.
      Passed by the House, October 30, 1861.
      Signed into effect by Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson, October 31, 1861.

    10. Ein Says:

      It’s interesting, but maddening, to read some of those comments (after the article). I get so sick of reading the worn out cliche that “There is no race but the human race.” That fool means the human species, not race. He doesn’t recognize the difference. Would he also deny that there are different different breeds of dogs, or of roses, or of apples? And then he (Juan) goes on to claim that he knows this as a fact because he has studied biological anthropology.

      The people who are most avid to deny the existence of race are those who have no definite race of their own (meaning those mongrels who are a mishmash of this and that). They have no clear-cut racial identity, and they don’t want anyone else to have one either. They resent those of us who do. That includes Jews. And it doubtless includes Juan.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      Those god damn liberals want it both ways. First they say that there really is no such thing as race. But then they accuse White people who don’t like niggers of being racists. “Intelligence can’t be linked to race”, they say, but then they want prestigous medical schools and law schools to set aside a certain number of seats for Black and Mestizo students only.

      And if anyone is obsessed with race, it’s the lefties. They love using terms like “people of color”, “African-American”, “Hispanic-American”, “Native-American” or “Asian-American” . But when describing Whites, well, we’re just plain old white. No grand, exalted, hyphenated titles for us honkies, right, assholes?

    12. Islander Says:

      As the science of genetics continues to delve into the human genome, and
      discover differences between the races, it will become increasingly difficult
      to make the claim that “we’re all the same under the skin” A recent article on the
      BBC about the mapping of the Neanderthal genome claimed that none of the
      variants of a certain brain development gene found in Europeans was present
      in Neanderthals. The Neanderthals however, possesed an ancestral or primitive
      form of the gene which today is still found in Africans. Perhaps that in itself
      could explain the differences in IQ between sub-saharans and Europeans.


    13. gw Says:

      “And if anyone is obsessed with race, it’s the lefties. “

      Yes. I believe it’s called “Projection” …. assigning to others the behavior or feelings that are really your own. In other words, accuse the other guy of something before he can accuse you. It’s a common strategy with psychopaths. They do it a lot.

    14. Kevin Fitzroy Says:

      “Shutting down distasteful research by fiat—as opposed to by superior data and argumentation—will only increase suspicion that such research reveals truth, since (some will reason) if opponents could defeat it logically, they would.” – Memorize this.

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      Jews provide the best examples of those who are guilty of Projection. They accused the Nazis of fancying themselves to be a Master Race, yet it’s the Jew who believes this of himself. They accuse others of being “anti Semitic” when it is the Jews who are always pushing for the slaughter of Semitic Arabs and Semitic Palestinians.

      And of course, the Holohoax fantasy is not an example of Gentile hatred of Jews, but rather it’s an example of the Jews’ hatred of Gentiles. Nazis were accused by Jews of committing all sorts of bizarre, pornographic atrocities. But those are crimes the Jews themselves are guilty of. Yup, Jews are psychopaths, all right.

      Dutch Windmill Fortune Cookie, I like your little Haiku poem about that bee. May I suggest you stick to that kind of stuff and forget trying to make sense of Christianity? The Bible has been endlessly interpreted to advocate everything from Capitalism to Communism, from telling us to love the Jews and homos to “proving” that Bigfoot was responsible for 9/11. Read Hunter S. Thompson or Kurt Vonnegut instead.

    16. Mark Says:

      Collectively Jews don’t value objective truth, they are far too zealous and ethnocentric.

      Jews don’t want race and intelligence studied for the same reasons they don’t want the Holocaust studied. The truth will be known and consequences will follow.

    17. Dutch Windmill Fortune Cookie Says:

      Hearing Zaruthustra and Persia but not abandoning baptism nor confirmation.
      The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented but inevitably it so very often it is. Sometimes with good results.
      As many things as can be counted can be done with mathematics because they’re true, and in mistaken operations the errors still inevitably point back to their corrections, to what is true.
      It’s right and natural for a white man to attack liberals and liberalism. It’s an act of faith and hope and self-preservation to continue the attack through the generations. This type of sustained attack requires religion and organization. Please remember Liberalism is a Sin and Las Navas de Tolosa and the Vendee of the French Revolution and Werner Molders and Adolf Galland were all Catholic.
      Enjoy the nice buildings. Have a great day!


    18. Captainchaos Says:

      I attempted to post the following comment at the site of the linked article in response to a spewer of platitudinous drivel who calls himself “Paul Wall”, but was blocked from doing so; other comments I have posted in response to the linked article, one was deleted:

      Paul Wall: “Juan is correct, there is only one race, the human race.”


      Read this abstract of a medical study regarding genetics, race and hypertension…carefully:

      “We have analyzed genetic data for 326 microsatellite markers that were typed uniformly in a large multiethnic
      population-based sample of individuals as part of a study of the genetics of hypertension (Family Blood Pressure
      Program). Subjects identified themselves as belonging to one of four major racial/ethnic groups (white, African
      American, East Asian, and Hispanic) and were recruited from 15 different geographic locales within the United States
      and Taiwan. Genetic cluster analysis of the microsatellite markers produced four major clusters, which showed
      near-perfect correspondence with the four self-reported race/ethnicity categories. Of 3,636 subjects of varying race/
      ethnicity, only 5 (0.14%) showed genetic cluster membership different from their self-identified race/ethnicity. On
      the other hand, we detected only modest genetic differentiation between different current geographic locales within
      each race/ethnicity group. Thus, ancient geographic ancestry, which is highly correlated with self-identified race/
      ethnicity—as opposed to current residence—is the major determinant of genetic structure in the U.S. population.
      Implications of this genetic structure for case-control association studies are discussed.” – Tang H, Quertermous T, Rodriguez B, et al (2005)Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding
      in Case-Control Association Studies. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 76:268–275, 2005.

      Note too the scientists’ names strongly imply they are of multiple races, so “racist” bias cannot be inferred; just good science.

      “IQ has been proven to be a culturally biased instrument.”

      Oh? Let’s have the proof then. Some counter evidence: there is an IQ test known as the Raven’s Progressive Matrices that contains no linguistic (i.e., cultural) content; simply the ability to recognize the progression of patterns (i.e., pattern recognition) is needed. Even an African Bushman can recognize the shape of a lion approaching him on the plain (i.e., pattern recognition and the progression of said pattern). What is the group average score of sub-Saharan Africans on IQ tests? Around 70.

      “an IQ score is never an indicator of future learning or intellectual growth.”

      IQ scores are highly correlated with future success, e.g., the SAT, the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test). Where do you get your nonsense?

      “the Bell Curve controversy has been laid to rest decades ago as racist rubbish. why resurrrect it?”

      Paul, I’m will to bet you are a “secular” “progressive” “humanist” kinda guy. Get this, there is something posited by Richard Dawkins known as the “faith-gene”. You have it, only the “faith” that you have been inculcated to is egalitarianism/equalitarianism.

      Have you ever heard of Dawkins’ concept of the “extended phenotype”? It is simple, it is the expression of the genes of a given entity (e.g., a group) onto the external environment. For example: a beaver’s damn is the extended phenotype of a beaver. Likewise, Western Civilization is the extended phenotype of the White race. If the White race is not preserved – yes, genetically preserved – Western Civilization will fall. Bank on it.

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “a beaver’s damn is the extended phenotype of a beaver.”

      Well, that’z a dammed interesting piece of information!

    20. The Red Skull Says:

      The Race that controls a Space,creates the Culture.If the Races were all the same,then we would have experienced across the globe continuity in the development of civilization.The fact that Africa is a Third World shithole,except for South Africa(built by Whites),which is in the process of turning that way under “Black Rule”.The liberals and other Elites who wish to constantly flood our White societies with Muds,are in denial of this basic fact of Race and Culture.Somehow,they delude themselves with thinking that America can maintain a First World Economy,Military and Culture with 3rd World Brown/Black Parasites as the(soon to be) majority,and no manufacturing base anymore.Name almost any American Major City that is filled with muds and not in the process of cultural and/or structural decay.I agree with Captain Chaos,in his example of the phenotype extension.Beaver Dams are an extension of the beavers themselves,with their particular mission of creating better environments for themselves and other animals.The fall of Western Civilization itself,will surely come when the Race who created it are mixed and/or bred out of existance.No Beavers,no natural dams.No Whites,No High Culture and Western Civilization.

    21. Zarathustra Says:

      If the White race didn’t exist, then the Yellow Race would be the most advanced race on Earth. If that was the case, technological advancement would not have gone past the 11th or 12th Centuries, if even that far. The Japs and Chinks would have the most advanced societies, but they would have isolated themsevles from everybody else, so the rest of the world would never have advanced beyond the Lower Paleolithic. To an aborigine or an African bushman, fire would still be something created by magic or conjured up by a shaman. In fact, it still is.

    22. Tom McReen Says:

      “Yes. I believe it’s called “Projection” …. assigning to others the behavior or feelings that are really your own. In other words, accuse the other guy of something before he can accuse you. It’s a common strategy with psychopaths. They do it a lot.”

      Chronically. Arguably THE defining trait of jew/left-wing psychosis, itz.

      “Left” people have jew mentalities because they are jews psychologically. I think the jew appeals to the predisposed psychopaths in our race and that’s how they gain followers.

      It’s heartening to see these themes being developed, they have been fermenting in my mind for some time. They cannot be understated. Lemmmings need to be made to grasp these points or they will continue to be vexed and confused by jew/leftist false accusations. You know we are making good ground when we have established a solid psy-profile of our enemies and their cliched tactics. There is a classic book waiting to be written here. Maybe it has been written already.

    23. gw Says:

      “Left” people have jew mentalities because they are jews psychologically.

      Certainly those I have known have been around Jews a great deal. Especially those in certain professions (such as media and entertainment) and those with university careers or who’ve spend extensive time on campuses. They sort of become Jews by osmosis. Being surrounded by Jews, Jewish talk, and Jewish opinions so constantly, they gradually become the same.

      Many of these innocents may not even realize that their professors, companions, bosses, etc. are Jews. Or else, to them it means nothing and they play it down as irrelevant. I know one such person, a physics professor, ex-hippy — whose eyes have recently been opened — but who has led a very sheltered campus existence. He tells me that for most of his life he’s been surrounded by Jews (though he didn’t realize that many of them were Jews). For many years, they have been practically the only people he has known. Even his girlfriends — all Jews! They doubtless considered him quite a “catch” …being a tall, blond, good-looking Southern WASP. Today, he hardly knows any gentile friends. Very sad.

      In such circles, there is just one way of thinking: the Jewish way. One way of politics. It’s their way or none. He tells me he went along with his hippy, left-wing Jewish girlfriends, not out of conviction, but simply because it was the expected thing to do. Everybody else, back then, was going to rallies and signing petitions. That was up until he realized that his people are a dying race. And then he knew something was wrong.

      As for psychopaths and their strategies, they will rush to accuse you of planning, thinking, doing, whatever is in their own minds BEFORE you can figure out what they’re up to and accuse them first. The point with them is that they have to get there and hit you with it FIRST. It’s also a very common left-wing/Jewish strategy. Coincidence?

    24. Tom McReen Says:

      “BEFORE you can figure out what they’re up to and accuse them first.”

      Yes, that’s something I’ve noticed too. A very important point to realise. That’s how most sheeple get flummoxed. The sheeple will SENSE that something is wrong/odd but they can’t quite articulate it. That’s why you to think it through and untie the whole process, bit by bit. As we have done.

    25. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Yes, the psychology. A big arena.

      An opener with one Frederick Perls, jew gestalt therapist of note during the fifties and sixties. He was Mr. Projection.

      “The defensive manouvers / neurotic emphasis about which Perls wrote most extensively were PROJECTION (especially projecting my disowned power onto others); INTROJECTION (uncritically “swallowing whole” ways of acting, thinking, and feeling that you tell me to; RETROFLECTION (doing to myself what I want to do to you, but fear the consequences. For instance, I want to strangle you so I choke myself. I want to give you a box of chocolates but I’m afraid you’ll spurn me so I eat them myself. CONFLUENCE is a fuzzy lack of contact in which there is not a clear distinction between where I leave off and you begin. This may involve projection–that is, I intrude my conceptions of you into your space and don’t leave you room to be yourself; or it may involve Introjection–I don’t establish my own boundary but allow your definition of me to obtrude far into my space. (Erv & Miriam Polster have dealt wonderfully with the subject of contact boundaries in Gestalt Therapy Integrated.”



      “Fritz” Perls demonstrates gestalt therapy with Shiksa:


      He wrote “In and Out of the Garbage Pail”


    26. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Working link for therapy with Shiksa:


    27. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


      “There can be no doubt that psychotherapy is the boom industry of our age. In 1955 psychiatric clinics treated a modest 233,000 people. By 1977 the figure had risen to 3.9 million. Another 3 million attend private therapists.

      Yet objective tests have shown that much of this “therapy” is totally unnecessary. Dr. Jerome Frank of the Johns-Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore suggests that the therapy industry may be self-perpetuating and self-serving:

      “The greater the number of treatment facilities and the more widely they are known, the larger the number of persons seeking their services. Psychotherapy is the only form of treatment which, to some extent, appears to create the illness it treats.”

      Dr. Hans J. Eysenck of the University of London’s Institute of Psychiatry compared the success rates of patients who had received therapy and those who had received none. There was little or no difference. This was in 1952. He followed up with a 1965 study which so outraged the psychiatric establishment that he was forced to conclude that it was “as if we were attempting a statistical test of the efficiency of prayer”. More recent surveys, cited in Martin Gross’s blasphemous Psychological Society, underline Eysenck’s early findings. Comparisons between patients receiving therapy, and patients receiving placebos or even just staying on waiting lists, showed no difference whatsoever.

      Many of the modern therapy gurus started off as orthodox Freudians. Some, like Eric Fromm, started off as Orthodox Jews. Fromm was born in Frankfurt in 1901, descending from a long line of rabbis, and was raised in a strictly orthodox home. After graduating from Heidelberg University University at the age of 26, he apparently severed his ties to dogmatic Judaism and became an agnostic. He studied at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute and in 1929 returned to Frankfurt, where he lectured at the local university in Social Psychology. He also became a member of the famed “Frankfurt School” (Frankfurt Institute for Social Research) of far-left Jewish thinkers, which also included Max Horkheimer, Frederick Pollock, Leo Lowenthal, Herbert Marcuse, Franz Neumann and Theodor Adorn. Here, each of them pontificated on the reasons for the rise of Nazism, and Fromm would pirate most of his “explanations” published as Escape from Freedom (1942) from his colleague Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933). Other ideas he lifted from Karl Marx, that other great German Jewish rabbinical descendant.

      Fromm “explained” that “the psychological foundations of Nazism” were due to:

      “an ambiguous relationship to authority, characteristic of the German lower middle-class. The petty bourgeois at once craved authority and rebelled against it.”

      Fromm blatantly ignored the fact that National Socialism was a movement of the proletariat, not of the ruling class or bourgeoisie. Even the name of the party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In a straight case of projection, Fromm was actually attributing Jewish bourgeois behavior patterns to the Nazis. As we shall see later on, Jews are caught up in a continual psychological conflict: craving paternal/rabbinical authority while at the same time rebelling against it. The rebelling is often redirected into other areas, of course.”


    28. I’ve Seen the Steel and the Concrete Crumble | Spirit/Water/Blood Says:

      […] “Here’s a thought: if Holocaust denial is illegal in many countries, why isn’t race denial illegal as well?” […]