6 February, 2009

Remembering Miracle Valley

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Black religious cults and small, White communities don’t mix, and that was proven in Miracle Valley, in southern Arizona, in the early 1980s. The Black violence that occurred there included a shoot-out with police and, allegedly, the attempted bombing of the Sierra Vista police station in 1981 (Blacks really shouldn’t play with dynamite). Note that there is video here, too:


More about Miracle Valley: [Here].

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    1. -jc Says:

      I think the Republic entered it death throes when it granted the voting franchise to those who weren’t landed and then to 18-year-olds and women, not to mention other races, e.g., the replacement of the original constitution for California (1849) that only offered the grant of citizenship to resident White Mexicans. Along with voting should go the right to bear arms, other than under supervision, such as in the military.

      Perhaps the traumatized military, BATF, and FBI HRT members will write their version of Waco someday and help set the record straight. Ahem.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      As for Waco, they thug criminals were almost all White who did that horror crime.

      Those who know cops, know the majority are simple minded per their willingness to go bang first rather than thinking if it is wrong or right. Now those were Whites, but wait till the multi-cult/women raids on Whites start up.

      The Texas case of kidnapping and violating that Morman Sects privacy and rights will cost government millions in damage’s, but the police in the Armored car’s were looking and anticipating trouble.

      Now the latest case police raiding civilians with CHILDREN shows how willing, criminal, ruthless tyrannical and thoughtless regime goons ARE.

      Even in Rural counties in West jooos like in Texas are in power like that female judge that ordered the taking of over “400” children” in a Pirate cloaked under the color of law raid.

      Judges are rarely sued or jailed even when the evidence shows them to be bums.

      How does a rural county get two anti-Western White judges ? One reason the local PAPER’s in towns are most all owned by bigger joo owned papers and there you go again.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      JC is right. Democracy can only work in a very limited and restricted way. Democracy is not synonymous with permissiveness or mass-equality, it was supposed to be somewhat elitist. Intelligence tests should be given before someone can vote and that person should also be a responsible, contributing member of society. And Senators used to be appointed by state legislatures, not elected by the mindless mob. Big mistake changing the Constitution for that.

      Negroes have had a few good opportunities to overthrow the System, such as the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. But they blew it every time because they are too lazy and undisciplined. That’s why it annoys me to see all those White Power groups constantly imploding, because that’s what the Black Power groups always do.