12 February, 2009

Spain Rejects the Idea of Kosovo

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Spain won’t recognize the new, bandit state of Kosovo, which is composed mostly of part-Turkish, Muslim Albanians who are squatting on what was once a White region, i.e., Old Serbia. That non-Whites were allowed to steal ancient, culturally-important, White land with America’s blessing says a lot about the USA. In fact, given how America usually treats Muslims, its support of a Muslim state in the Balkans – i.e., Kosovo – is just plain idiotic:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Spain Rejects the Idea of Kosovo”

    1. Topkea Says:

      Finally someone recognizes the truth! Too many WNs think it’s sufficient to be European in order to be White. I fully agree that the Kosovars are part Turkish and would add that the racial profile of ALL people historically subjugated to the Ottoman Empire is HIGHLY suspect. I don’t think Greeks, Bulgarians, Macedonians and many Romanians would ever qualify as objective White. The Turkish admixture is not only evident in religious terms, like the Albanians, but in the criminal, shady, backwards cultures of nominally Christian countries in the Southern Balkans.

    2. flemmard Says:

      While it is true that support for Kosovo is counter-intuitive (actuated by no more than Jewish interest in bringing to heel a violent white Christian state) it is not true that Albanians are “part-Turkish”. I’ve been around Albanians in Italy, in Boston, and immigrants from Kosovo here in France, and while many of them are not “objectively white”, a good number of them ARE as white as you or I, and any of us would be hard-pressed to distinguish them from the host nations, except perhaps in America where they are obviously swarthier. Thing is, the Greeks, Bulgarians, Macedonians and Albanians had a racial history long before the Turks entered the region, as did the native Anatolians themselves, with whom Balkanites and Albanians do share ancestry, not the Turks proper. X-conquers-Y just isn’t a valid explanation of genetic relations in some cases, esp. not fixating on one we particularly don’t like as a way to brush off the existence of entire peoples. Maybe Topkea wouldn’t accept Romanians into his Holy White Reich, and maybe I wouldn’t either, but thank God neither of us are empowered to make such a ridiculous choice.

      Another thing: Kosovo has been over 90% Muslim for generations — and yet it’s considered “theft” when it’s recognized as a separate entity. Well, what about South Ossetia? I think most WNs would side with the white Ossetians (who call themselves Iron, “Aryan”) in its will to break from non-white/Caucasian Georgia, and with Russia’s defense of the region. Yet this is exactly the same situation as Serbia/Kosovo. Imagine if tomorrow the Mexicans in lower California declared reunion with Mexico and this were ratified by the UN or Washington: sure you’d have a lot of patriotards up in arms (or rather words), but why should we lament the loss of a thoroughly mexicanized area at all? We should not identify ourselves with the sheer size of the country and feel the political removal of one part as some symbolic injury. Maybe the Serbians, too, should accept that Kosovo hasn’t been Christian or Serbian in a very long time and wish it luck. Would be the easy route!

    3. flemmard Says:

      The Turkish admixture is not only evident in religious terms, like the Albanians, but in the criminal, shady, backwards cultures of nominally Christian countries in the Southern Balkans.

      I have bad news for you: south-eastern Europe was shady, backward and corrupt long before the Turks rode down from the Altaï Mountains. Read Xenophon. The Hellenes considered the Macedonians — among whom blond hair and blue eyes are, I tell you from experience, quite prevalent, as is the R1a genetic marker (associated with the proto-Aryans) — just as unfavorably as you do. Has nothing to do with this mythologized entity “the Turks”. A conquering people cannot impose criminality on a life-system.

    4. George Dalton Says:

      We supported the KLA so we could put a Chevron pipeline through there. We couldn’t do it before, because the Serbs are alligned with Russia. By the way, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, is Hashim Thaci, a communist listed by Interpol as the leading heroin smuggler in Europe.

    5. -jc Says:

      What bothered me about the “spin” of the movie, Shot Through the Heart, was the use of at least White-appearing actors for kind, gentle Albanians and swarthy actors for those attempting to ethnically cleanse the nation, whether they remained a majority or not. America had NEVER been a White, Chrisitian nation when the colonists arrived, much less those who cleansed and civilized as they moved West.

      As for Southern California being peacefully ceded back to Mexico, just because it is so thick with Mestizos, I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Either you have the heart for holding territory or you don’t but spare us the left-liberal pseudo pacifist justification of ethnic cleansing by stealthy invasion.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      ZOG will support a Muslim State in Southeastern Europe if it means that White, nationalist Serbians will be marginalized to the point of extinction as a result. Otherwise, ZOG is usually at war against Mohammedanism for its refusal to submit to Zionist World Domination.

      BTW, The Balkans region of Europe, along with Asia Minor, were quite Aryan in their demographic compostition before the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks showed up in the Middle Ages, so let’s stop being contrarians just for the sake of being contrarians.

    7. Emily Says:

      Also, don’t forget, Ataturk, was a Marrano Jew & it was under tutelage of the Young ‘Turks’ that the Armenians were distilled. Of course with the usual m.o., first confiscate their every weapon (knives) then hv them swatted grotesquely. In order for the alien to fight you he has to first get you to disarm. Then he loses all cowardness. Talk about White– In all nobile houses, it was the way to keep your lineage pure and strong–except for when there could be too much internal breeding, then it was time for ‘some fresh blood’. Just let me say, the oldest civilization, Mesopotamia& the Fertile Crescent, from whence we Whites all came & eventually left for Europe–even Jericho, carbon tested to be +10,000 years old–is still there, except for the destruction by the same rat that constantly keeps sneaking around & biting when no one’s looking. If u don’t want the bathrm to stink, get the scum out!

    8. Rescue Slavic Women Says:

      Many handsome Serbian men have died through the centuries defending the ancestors of you lazy white anglo saxon pigs from getting impaled on turkish stakes. Fuck you white anglo saxon pigs. The Serbian people from the Battle of Kosovo to Ante Pavelic’s genocide against them to your genocide against them will be avenged, you better believe it. You fucking english are uglier and stupider, lazier shits than the jews. The Battle of Kosovo will always live on and Serbs around the world will never ever forget it, it’s in THE BLOOD. Backwards states? Tzar Dusan of Serbia had an empire before the British did. Fuck you and your Edison and Westinghouse direct current shit. Jews and Enlgish motherufckers had Nikola Tesla murdered so you assholes can keep killing each other for jewish and anglo controlled oil, uranium and resources instead of living peace with free energy. Serbia should be using flying saucers now and billions upon billions of dollars in royalties for patents and inventions in use by english motherfuckers and jewish motherfuckers are owed to those “backwards” descendants of Nikola Tesla, who are war refugees whom you motherfuckers supported Croatia against the Krajina Serbian population, which defended your sorry motherfucker asses from the Turks. For every Serbian life and every ounce of Serbian blood that has been spilt, may it all come back to you and your families. You ugly motherfucking english inbred and jew mixers can rot and hell and eat your own children alive.