25 February, 2009

Talmudvision Funny-Business

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by Arch Stanton.

“President Obama signed a bipartisan bill on February 11 decreeing that analog television will remain until June. If you were unaware of the national conversion to digital TV, you’re not alone. ‘Backers of the delay feared that 20 million mostly poor, elderly, or rural households’ were unprepared for the conversion, reports Reuters.”

Can anyone find the big clue in this excerpt? Is it possible that the government fears people will quit volunteering for Talmudic indoctrinational programming? I remember a few years back the great hue and cry going up that broadcast TV would soon be discontinued. It was lamented how everyone would have to buy a cable subscription or suffer forced withdrawals from their addictive viewing habit. Then a few years later the word came out that the time frame for the shutoff was going to be extended. During that time I discovered many people’s reaction to the alleged shutdown was to get rid of their Talmudvision set. GASP! Get rid of TV? But, but, but that would mean huge numbers of sheeple unplugging from the jew’s Borg cube! Unacceptable Will Robinson! Unacceptable! Mysteriously it soon turned out they never really intended to stop broadcast TV, but were simply gong to transform the analog broadcast to a digital signal. But that did not seem to go far enough because it turned out the converter boxes were going to be rather expensive. So a government voucher program was henceforth announced that would support the necessary converter boxes. Hmmmmm – government-supported Talmudvision.

Since that time there have been two more delays in shutting down the analog broadcast signal. Hey! Does anyone get it yet? They will pay you to watch Talmudvision! If all the sheeple grazing in the fields call up their cable company and cancel their subscription, you can bet your sweet rabbit ears it won’t be long before they offer free cable subscriptions. This will save the average viewer $60 to $100 a month in fees. But why bother? Instead, why not take that Talmudvision set and turn it into an attractive planter box. Or how about using the evil eye to raise funds for crippled children by offering a swing at it with a sledgehammer for $1. Then again if you simply do nothing and wait just a little while longer, you’ll be able to use it as a fireplace – just like the one seen in the original Terminator. If you have recently purchased a flat panel display it’s much, much, easier. Simply unscrew the cable input and purchase a male-to-male VGA plug. Then you can put it to a more useful function as a big screen monitor, the better to research the internet for information about Bishop Williamson and the Hollowhoax.

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  7. 23 Responses to “Talmudvision Funny-Business”

    1. Z.O.G. Says:

      Other funny names for television:

      Jew Tube
      Jew Box
      One Eyed Jew
      Electric Jew
      Electric Synagogue


    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      LOX BOX

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      How ’bout Tel Aviv-vision?

      I don’t think ZOG is necessarily trying to keep everyone “indoctrinated” with their efforts to get every US household a digital converter box. It’s probably more a result of pressure from the consumer electronics industry.

    4. OldRight Says:

      The consumer electronics manufacturers would rather you bought a new digital television than a cheap converter box. It’s the broadcasters (all jews) who are pushing for the distribution of boxes that can pick up the new signal, not electronics companies.

    5. JewTracer Says:

      This digital switchover thing being a Jew project is a bit conspiratorial.

      The analogue broadcasts systems are going to convert to digital systems sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

    6. JewTracer Says:

      It’s a bit like saying going from black-and-white to colour is a Jew conspiracy.

    7. Tom McReen Says:

      The same “switchover” fuss is happening in the UK. They hyped up digital radio in a big way and that turned out to be a disappointment.

      Why is perfectly workable technology being switched off? Perhaps digital technology lends itself to being tracked more than analogue does or it will in the future. Also money grabbing: the analogue airwaves are being sold off for a large sum.

    8. -jc Says:

      More bandwidth is desired, ergo digital instead of analog. It has other advantages for viewers. In my area, there are about three times as many PBS programs available, e.g., NOVA, NATURE, FRONTLINE, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, AMERICAN MASTERS, and a host of how-to shows, as a result of sub-channels from the same broadcaster.

      It is the delay and taxpayer subsidy for converter boxes that should raise eyebrows, as the usual suspects are afraid of losing communication with their clients (read “slaves”).

      Television itself is a people-controller and is promoted and programmed by a loose coalition of corporations, government, neo-cons, and Zionists. Anything that facilitates viewership is a cooperative effort.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews will have to redouble their efforts to maintain control of their goy cattle, now that Jewspapers are all but extinct. But did they really gain more control over us when they switched The Andy Griffith Show and The Beverly Hillbillies to color?

    10. El Stronzo Says:

      Aren’t you trackable by your cellphone, too, as long as the battery is in, even when you aren’t making a call? Or does the power button have to be on? There are more people, I think, who don’t have cellphones than there are people who don’t have teevee. It is just a matter of time before you will have to have a cellphone before your teevee will work. I think it will all be linked somehow, the purpose of which is to TRACK US ALL ALL THE TIME…

    11. Cambell Crawford Clan Says:

      So is analogue for sale? And if so, why aren’t we buying it for our own programming? Funny, the word program…that’s exactly what it is…we are being programmed by our joo-handlers.

      I turned the damn thing off over a year ago, and now only watch carefully selected movies. They all have some of the joo in them, but it’s a game seeing how the silly bastards manipulate and control. Even in the early films, there is plenty of mind manipulation by the joo.

      I’ve been taking notes, and someday I believe all this white bashing, nation destroying, evidence will be used against them.
      God, they’re ugly bastards!

    12. Angryyoungman Says:

      On the other side of the coin, the big boys know the brainwashed masses might riot if they don’t get their yearly quota of cheap alcohol and monkeyball.

    13. James Hawthorne Says:

      A cartoon that was printed in the old NSWPP newspaper White Power has stuck in my head for many a year now.

      A family gathered around the Star of David box with a bubble coming out of the TV saying….. This is not quite the exact wordage. If anybody has it it would make an excellent post.

      “I give you entertainment — I give you fun — I give you sex — All I ask in return is YOUR mind! “

    14. Z.O.G. Says:


      You neglect to mention the issue of the GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY of the digital converter boxes.

      The subsidy should be enough to prove to anybody that the Jewish social engineers in the media and government are indeed afraid of losing viewers for their “programming” once the analog signals are cut off.

      The government only subsidizes things that it wants more of.

    15. Z.O.G. Says:

      On the other side of the coin, the big boys know the brainwashed masses might riot if they don’t get their yearly quota of cheap alcohol and monkeyball.

      Niggerball and alcohol.

      Hey, that rhymes! Cool.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Though alot US have no intereste in TV for over a decade, or even feel the urge to watch in a Hotel room.

      Every decent was removed from TV, and CSPAN PBS and the rest was constant hate against rachetting up more every day.


    17. Greg Kay Says:

      Why do you think the Jews are so hot to censor the internet? I predict that, within the next 20 years or so, the Internet will supply practically all TV and, probably, radio “needs,” just as it has, to a large extent, supplanted newspapers, magazines, and hardcover books. There’s money to be made there, which attracts Jews like s*** draws flies, but unless they can control it, the free exchange of information damages them; after all, the cookoo’s egg would never be tolerated in the nest if the unwilling surrogate parents were aware of what kind of parasite it is.

    18. JewTracer Says:


      It pays the Gov to subsidise the digital decoder boxes because:

      (a) their propaganda on stations such as CNN will continue to be aired


      (b) TV stations won’t lose out on viewers and ad revenue. The media biz is putting the Gov under pressure to get the analogue-to-digital switchover right or else there will be revenue loss.

    19. MB Says:

      Great piece, Arch. A lot like Linder used to write.

    20. Ein Says:

      El Stronzo Says:

      26 February, 2009 at 5:23 pm

      Aren’t you trackable by your cellphone, too?
      It is just a matter of time before you will have to have a cellphone before your teevee will work. I think it will all be linked somehow, the purpose of which is to TRACK US ALL ALL THE TIME…
      – – – – – –
      That’s an intriguing thought. You may be anticipating one step ahead of them.
      It’s just like in many countries right now (eg. Latin America) where you MUST carry your national ID card at all times. So, in future, you will HAVE TO carry your cell phone (or whatever the gadjet becomes), and will be subject to arrest if caught without it.

    21. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, totalitarianism comes in all colors LOL. Coax Cable will become obsolete someday. Fiber Optics is in. I see it as just another consolidation of the power grab. Step by step. New baubbles to keep the”goy” busy with building his own prison.

    22. Unknown Says:

      Screw the Kikes and their NIGGER puppet. My wife and I prefer our analog television just be connected to our DVD and VCR so we can watch WN programs.

    23. sgruber Says:

      I don’t see anyone on TV that I identify with. It’s not for me.

      Giving it up was no loss.