6 March, 2009

A Question for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “A Question for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      You can’t expect a rational repsonse from liars and fanatics, like those who promote the Holocaust Hustle. And the general public is too apathetic to look into the whole matter for themselves, so what’s the point of getting all worked up about this issue, Mr. Smith? I have a spare brick wall you can hit your head against, if you want. It will produce the same results.

    2. Luek Says:

      My question is just why are US taxpayers supporting a memorial to an historical event that may not even have happened as officially recorded?

      And it happened to Europeans; inflicted by Europeans and in Europe?

      Just where is the America link to this dubious event?

    3. Ein Says:

      Luek makes a good point above. Even dismissing the whole Holocaust controversy, aside from whether it happened or not, one fact remains completely undebatable: that it occurred (if it did) in Europe and was a European event.

      Whether true or not, IT WAS NOT AN AMERICAN ISSUE! It isn’t and it never was. So why do we have a U.S. Holocaust Memorial? What are we repenting or memorializing? What does this have to do with us? In fact, it’s getting so that we now have Holocaust musems in ALL of our major cities, whereas it first it was just in Washington.

      This is indeed their “Holycause” and it’s forbidden for anyone to question it… in some countries under pain of prison. Just as America’s Negroes will be living for the next thousand years off the heritage of “suffering and injustice inflicted by slavery”, so will the Jews be demanding compensation for the Holycause. It will also make them, as perpetual victims, a people on a pedestal, above all criticism or reproach, and entitled always to have things their way.

    4. DMS Says:

      The vindictive Dwight Eisenhower, jewing the Geneva Convention:


      One month before the end of World War 11, General Eisenhower issued special orders concerning the treatment of German Prisoners and specific in the language of those orders was this statement,

      “Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts.”

      Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who was given access to the Eisenhower personal letters, states that he proposed to exterminate the entire German General Staff, thousands of people, after the war.

      Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.

      Of course, that was illegal under International law, so he issued an order on March 10, 1945 and verified by his initials on a cable of that date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction.

      Months after the war was officially over, Eisenhower’s special German DEF camps were still in operation forcing the men into confinement, but denying that they were prisoners.

    5. gw Says:

      ” ‚ÄúPrison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts. He proposed to exterminate the entire German General Staff…He ordered that these Germans did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or jurisdiction.”

      Amazing. The great Eisenhower!
      There’s always a way, by playing with words, to get around the law. And those who win the wars make the laws. Who’s to stop them? If it had gone the other way, there would be a very different list of “War Criminals”.

      Remember that this scoundrel in uniform was the same commanding officer who, in 1932, attacked and slaughtered (with bayonets and gas) American war veterans in Washington who were merely seeking their pay, which had been promised them 8 years earlier.

      Oddly, there isn’t a single word about this incident in his biog. in Wikipedia. It’s also worth noting that two other later “war heroes” were involved in this action: Patton and MacArthur. They too went on to greater glory.

    6. gollywog Says:

      Gw Bonus Army

      I did not see a single mention of the great Eisenhower in the blurb but what about that great little foot note about some shit head Jew kid Myer who may on may not have been any where near the march and died. WTF.

      It is about time we started to turn this shit on its head. The Jew’s have set up their musems in every western country to shame all of us. They need to keep the story alive because those that were there are becoming less and less and the Jew story is begining to have little relevance.
      We need to start the communication in many media formats to list the numbers of all the people that have been slaughtered throuhout history to presentday and give the historical facts. We give the figures, reliable accurate accounts of what happened, pictures and of course anyones refuting testimonial of the same stories. WE DO NOT LIST AND/OR MAKE MENTION OF THE HOLOCAUST. We list all the atrocities of all people, white, black, or green but never the Jewish stories.
      By doing this we can not be accussed of denial and thereby stopped. We keep it going and sooner or later it will hit main stream. Then we agree to start to list the Jewish stories but only if real debate can be engaged on any Jewish story submitted.
      Lets stop them telling us that we are denying their stories but make them want us to openly debate them.
      We do not lose. We keep the education going on all dead and dying people with open ended debate and ignore those that only want one side of the story spoken about.
      Nothing illegal in that.