4 March, 2009

A White World

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by Dr. William Pierce.


In these talks I have with you every week, I try to choose topics of current interest, topics that are in the news — or that should be in the news — because it’s important for all of our listeners to understand that the things we talk about in these broadcasts are real and relevant, and they demand our attention now; they are things that listeners can check on for themselves if I tell them where to check. Even when I choose to talk more about ideas than about current news, I try to tie the ideas into events, either current or historical, in order to keep listeners aware that the ideas are relevant, that they have consequences in the real world.

I want everyone always to have in mind that the essence of these broadcasts is not entertainment, and it’s not even education: it’s survival. It’s our whole future. It’s the continuation of the process of life that began on this earth hundreds of millions of years ago and is now on the brink of disaster. The reason I make these broadcasts is to move people — our people — to accept responsibility for where the process is going, to help pull it back from the brink, to deal decisively with those people and policies which pushed it to the brink, and then to help guide it back onto an upward path again.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 12-16-2000).

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  7. 11 Responses to “A White World”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      I don’t know if the White Race has the guts to do what needs to be done anymore. Two thousand years of Christ-insanity and Jewthink have really warped us.

      For example, babies that are born with serious mental/physical defects must either be discarded or sterilized, with the understanding that if sterilized and not destroyed, the family will bear the burden of taking care of it, NOT the State. People with hopeless criminal, genetic, physical or mental disorders must also be sterilized. The indolent and work-shy will have to be put into labor-camps and forced to contribute to Society. No more homelessness, no more overcrowded prisons and psychiatric hospitals, no more bums, no more welfare leeches. They either shape up or else.

      Do we have what it takes to do what is necessary, or are we going to let the effete churches and fat, weepy old women stop us?

    2. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says:


      How diversity came to Valparaiso

      BY LOIS REINER | Sunday, March 01, 2009 | (10 comment(s))

      One of my late husband Walt’s delights was to watch the wonderful variety of children from Hilltop Neighborhood House at play outside or at work on serious projects inside. “A little United Nations!” he’d chuckle, adding, “Do you believe it?”

      Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, African-American, Caucasian — all getting along together. Celebrating priceless diversity in miniature.

      If they only knew. Diversity did not come to Valparaiso easily .

      Forty years ago, Valparaiso grudgingly acknowledged the first African-American family to brave the all-white world of Porter County. They came because of the mother’s courageous determination to secure her children’s future despite the fear and loneliness she would experience in the process.

      Those few who first became her friends in that process experienced much of the same; but, together they discovered something about relationships between different races and classes. They called it “life-giving.” And, in time, the few became the many and … But let’s start at the beginning.

      In June 1965, Valparaiso University gave Walt a three-year leave from his football coaching duties to direct a program for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Chicago. After eight years of living as directors in men’s dormitories on campus, we had finally just settled in our first home — a new, four-bedroom dream on a secluded, heavily wooded double lot close to the university.

      How I resented having to suddenly leave this private piece of paradise, all my friends and my predictable parish for a city about which I knew absolutely nothing. The children, ages 1 to 10, were not happy either.

      Wisely, Walt factored that in by finagling housing that was both safe and in an excellent elementary public school district. Once we were unpacked, I began to even consider that four-room high-rise apartment a little exotic. And Walt, wary of allowing homesickness to creep in one iota, got us out constantly, walking the neighborhoods, miles and miles of them, hitting North Avenue beach, riding bikes through Lincoln Park all the way to Belmont Harbor, to church and museums and street fairs. All in the first month.

      In the beginning, Walt walked our daughters to school on the way to his office every morning.

      I followed shortly after, pushing our son — in the first of three strollers we exhausted during our stay — to the neighborhood park . It was there I made new friends — other mothers eager for friendship while their children connected. The girls were also making friends, and Walt’s work was taking him into neighborhoods and venues so diverse that our lives were constantly filled with the excitement of “getting to know the big picture.”

      For three years, singly and together, we experienced diversity not available in Valpo. Then came the chance to change that, and I discovered fear. Walking the talk was not something I’d been challenged to do before.

      A very bright young African-American woman, mother of six, was a member of Holy Family Lutheran Church. Walt had met her through his association with the young, creative pastor, Fred Downing, and had asked her to help interpret for him and his students life in that part of Chicago’s inner city. She became a valued part of the program.

      When, after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., life for families trapped in inner cities across the land became a nightmare, she challenged Walt. One week before we packed up to return to Valpo at last, she said, “Why can’t my kids have the same chances as yours?

      “Safe streets, good schools, friendly neighborhoods,” she added “instead of knowing they’ll be dead, on drugs or in jail by the time they’re 13!”

      Frankly, although three years in the city had changed me, when Walt shared her request with me, I wanted to run. All my life before that had been lived on parochial college campuses. The closest I’d gotten to poverty or injustice or racism was reading about it. Suddenly, I’d been confronted with a very real request to help right those three wrongs. Our children did have every chance.

      Valpo is a marvelous city in which to bring up children. This woman’s children should have the same chances. Reciting the litany over and over did nothing to make me brave, however.

      The brave ones were the Valpo friends with whom we shared that request a few days later, at the end of August 1968. When the first house we’d secured via “gentleman’s agreement” was suddenly sold for cash two weeks before The Move, and no Realtor would “be the first,” and our friend was braver still, insisting, “Nothing could be worse than here,” bravado took over: we decided to build on the Reiners’ side lot. And the Valparaiso Builders Association was born.

      The fight to make our new friends welcome had begun, starting with an all-volunteer effort in putting up The House in time for their move in February 1969 — appropriately, in the middle of the university’s Week of Challenge.

      This is not the place to lay out the rest of the story. Our friend and I talk of collaborating on that one day. It’s enough to say that harassment was constant, though sophisticated. A “night watch” composed of faculty and student supporters patrolled between our two houses in response. Day by day we were learning together as new friends joined the adventure and life gradually normalized.

      And then one more mother desperate for her children’s future, and then another, asked, “Why can’t my children … ,” the request that should be made into a banner!

      So because of that first mother’s courageous determination to transcend her fears for the sake of her children, others came, welcomed by us who already knew Valpo is a wonderful place to raise children. And the few have become the many who relish sacrificing sameness for relationships — real relationships with someone living a different life story, a different set of gifts to offer and a commitment to full participation in establishing Valpo as a bona fide “Love thy neighbor” city!

      Lois Reiner is a Valparaiso resident who helped her husband integrate the city 40 years ago. The opinion expressed in this column is the writer’s and not necessarily that of The Times.

      Hear the story
      Interested in hearing more about how and when Valparaiso was integrated? Plan to hear the story firsthand from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, March 22, in the Brown and Gold room of the Valparaiso University Harre Union. Events include comments from members of Valparaiso’s first African-American family and others’ related anecdotes. They will reflect upon the relevance of their move with respect to our current societal backdrop as well as what it was like for them back then. Author Kathryn Gagchutt, whose doctoral thesis was recently published as a book titled, “The Career of Andrew Schulze,” will share personal sentiment about Schulze and his work.

      10 comment(s)

      Jason wrote on Mar 5, 2009 8:20 AM:

      ” Forced diversity doesn’t work. It has to come from a desire within the people. Discrimination shouldn’t be allowed either so it’s a slippery slope to get a happy medium. ”

      ken wrote on Mar 4, 2009 12:24 AM:

      ” I can’t wait until I get to talk too. Many may be shocked! ”

      Word Nerd wrote on Mar 3, 2009 1:30 PM:

      ” I read the book on the story about how this family got here. I admire all the people involved in trying to deversify Valpo and overcome the racism that was and still is here. I am looking forward to the talk at VU. ”

      I dont believe it wrote on Mar 3, 2009 8:03 AM:

      ” Didn’t I just read that they painted swastika’s on a black womans car last week in Valpo? ”

      Lois Reiner wrote on Mar 2, 2009 3:57 PM:

      ” The rationale behind several responses leaves me shuddering. However, Mandel’s wise and loving plea to ” make room for all humankind in Valpo” cheers me again. Let’s hear it for “human” and “kind”! Lois Reiner ”

      Stacy Kent wrote on Mar 1, 2009 8:38 PM:

      ” Are you saying the local store was robbed yesterday because you have diversity in your neighborhood? ”

      *Francis wrote on Mar 1, 2009 4:01 PM:

      ” I think Bishop Williamson of England knows more about the “holocaust” then most “survivors”. Anyway, i live in Valparaiso and will never move from here! ”

      *Nick wrote on Mar 1, 2009 11:50 AM:

      ” I would like to ask Mandel what is the fourth holocaust? I live in Valparaiso and am of Ukrainian extraction. In the years 1932-1933, the Ukrainians were holocausted by the Soviet communists and up to ten million were starved to death by induced artificial famine, yet i don’t see any Steven Spielberg movies about this holocaust. As for diversity in Valparaiso, did it help Gary? ”

      *Mandel wrote on Mar 1, 2009 6:37 AM:

      ” As a survivor of the fourth Holocaust (World War Two), who’s entire family of 22 were gassed by the nazis & actually witnessed it, i would like to say i am part of Valpo’s rich diversity at the ripe age of 101 years old. Let’s make room for all humankind in Valpo. ”

      kara wrote on Mar 1, 2009 12:37 AM:

      ” Sorry. I don’t sse it working. Diversity has settled in my neighborhood. Now I have 10 homes for sale on my block. Oh Yes! The local store was robbed yesterday. “

    3. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Pat Boone sings Speedy Gonsalez (1962):


    4. Andrei's Ghost (A. Yustschinsky, 1898-1911 Says:

      Pat Boone is rapture bunny! Pat Boone would let the negroes in his neighborhood like the people in story above. He also wants them in your neighborhood too! Pat Boone also wants your kids in Iran, not for a vacation but to kill Iranians for Israel & world Jewry.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      How about AHAB THE ARAB by Ray Stevens (’62)


    6. gw Says:

      Andrei’s Ghost says:
      “Pat Boone is rapture bunny! ”

      Not only that, his wacko Beverly Hills family has become intermarried with Jews. I recall reading somewhere, some time ago (don’t ask me where) that he proundly stated they were a Judeo-Christian family. Yetch!
      Basically, this dope is just another Beverly Hills hillbilly.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Before we start extolling the dubious virtues of Sparta let’s recall that Spartan society rested on the twin pillars of slavery and homosexuality, very shakey foundations! Indeed a healthy Aryan community needs to rid itself of those two evils.

      Clearly the criminally insane should be prevented from breeding. Today their procreation is actively encouraged and the well disguised of their ilk often attain positions of great power and influence; FDR and Churchill spring to mind.

      Unlike the Semite, the Aryan is naturally compassionate and magnaminous. Even Nordic warrior societies found a place for those men who were unable to fight, they either made armour or attended to horses. Surely we can be equal to our ancestors.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      As much as I respect Dr Pierce, re-reading his excellent article set alarm bells ringing in my head.

      What , only 50 million White Americans in the whole of North America! What’s going to happen to the other 150 million?? I can guess!

      It is an atavistic Luddite prescription for the White future which will exclude many fine wholesome White people. Indeed, many racially conscious Whites will be put off such a scenario, as they were put off by W S Simpson’s prognostications.

      We all harbour recessive dangerous genes. Just because 2 college professors marry and produce children doesn’t guarantee that all their off-spring will be of ubermenschen status.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      The offspring of two White college professors may be introverted, wimpy nerds, not brainy Aryan supermen.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      I agree with Dr.Pierce’s Article for the most part.50 million seems somewhat low a figure,but I imagine he saw that number as a goal to work toward.I see alot of fellow Whites,who we could probably do without,not just the mud people.However, there are many social programs we should adopt from Nazi Germany.They were on the right track of racial evolution in many ways.Encouraging smarter,healthier people to breed many children,although its not for sure their offspring will be “superior”,its certainly more likely.I personally think people who want to reproduce should have to pass a battery of mental,physical,and emotional tests to qualify or be “certified” to have children.A cleaner environment,with restocked animal populations is a noble goal,and would take several generations to fully implement.
      We are moving in the opposite direction,in all these areas,thanks to our Hebrew Overlords.The millions of third world peasants they have imported,along with our continuously “uppity” negro population,are breeding and sucking up social services meant for Whites originally,and helping to destroy our once pristine environment with their mere presence.America as it is constructed,along jew-led multi-cultural lines,and population overload to feed the ever-expanding monster of “capitalism” is doomed to certain failure.Dr.Pierce points out that any positive change for our People will only happen with sacrifice,supreme effort,and probable heavy blood-letting.Hopefully much more Mud blood than White,but only in this way can we be free from Big Jew,and reclaim our destiny and birthrite as a people.

    11. Ein Says:

      “Encouraging smarter,healthier people to breed many children,although its not for sure their offspring will be “superior”, its certainly more likely.”

      Yes, a better likelihood is the most we can hope for. When you’re dealing with genes, it’s all a matter of tossing the biological dice, basically. It’s all up to chance. But you can influence the toss for a better outcome. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Two idiots may produce a genius; or two geniuses may produce an idiot. But not likely! It’s FAR more likely to be the other way around. Same with beauty, health, and everything else.

      “I personally think people who want to reproduce should have to pass a battery of mental,physical,and emotional tests to qualify or be “certified” to have children.”

      But I would be extremely leery about what burocrats have control (or get control) of issuing those certifications. Certainly, as the system is now organized, no one here on this site would ever be certified! And we know that some certain people have a history of worming themselves into such critical positions from where they are able to assert control. Particularly if they are already involved in scientific/medical fields. Nuff said!

      “We are moving in the opposite direction,in all these areas, thanks to our Hebrew Overlords. America as it is constructed,along jew-led, multi-cultural lines and population overload to feed the ever-expanding monster of “capitalism” is doomed to certain failure.”

      Exactly. And well said. Those “Hebrew Overlords” have an agenda of their own. And while it may be perceived as “good for the Jews”, it’s not going to be good for us.