8 March, 2009

How Jews See Themselves, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

“Any group that expects to survive into the long term future should be aware of current trends and how they will influence the group. Jews take such planning quite seriously. The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute has assumed the role of long term planning for the Jewish people, not only in Israel but also the Diaspora. The JPPPI is an independent think tank that reports to the Israeli government and has close ties with other Jewish organizations. Its mission is ‘to promote the thriving of the Jewish people via professional strategic thinking and planning on issues of primary concern to world Jewry. JPPPI’s work is based on deep commitment to the future of the Jewish people with Israel as its core state.'”

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    1. 2050 Says:

      How about The White People Policy Planning Institute?
      Oy Vey, a hate group!

    2. Edison Says:

      VNNforum is still blocked from being viewed by Tor proxies. Whoever you’re trying to keep out has, by provoking the admin to purge all anonymous readers, now made it impossible to read the page safely.

      Some of us have careers that could be ruined if we were known WNs.

      This coincided with the upgrade of the forum software. It’s possible that it was inadvertant. The programmers of forums are enemies of free speech and including an anti-proxy default is just the way they’d do it. VNN isn’t a normal forum. It must be accessable through proxies, at least for reading, or it’s nothing but another honey trap for jewry’s enemies list compilers.

    3. Tina Carter Says:

      Now, now, you know very well that our race prefer to socialize with people who use shouldn’t even share this planet. Jews of course on the top of that list, and let’s not forget we moved all of ours jobs to overseas. In nation where peopale worship rats, and eat excrement of an animals god.

      Rat worship in India

    4. old_dutch Says:

      From personal experience. Jews hate to be referred to as “Hebrews” either in writing or conversation. LOL. Itz like running your fingernails across a chalkboard when you referrer to a Jew as a Hebrew. I guess it opens a number of doors the jews really don’t like?

      I wonder if Dr. MacDonald has noticed this?

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Jews………I’m sorry, HEBREWS, are neurotic, pathological and project their miserable characteristics on to their enemies. And despite their superficial differences, they all pretty much think the same way.

    6. DMS Says:

      Bailouts diverting U.S. wealth into Israeli banks:


      “Alon Glazer, banking analyst at Leader Capital Markets, says “The nationalization of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is good for the local banks.”

      “The banks that today hold bonds of Freddie Mac and Fannies Mae are Israel Discount Bank, Bank Leumi and First International Bank. As far as they are concerned, the nationalization is a positive step because now the bonds are those of the U.S. government – and their price can only go up,” Glazer said.”