26 April, 2009

George Koval

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In a current American magazine [1], there is an article about George Koval (1913-2006), the Jewish engineer who was a key player in the providing of nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s. This is a good time, then, to bring up the rarely-mentioned fact that almost all of the people who spied on America for the Soviet Union were Jews. It’s pretty amazing. Like, 99% of them were kosher [2]. The fact that Jews were hired in large numbers for sensitive jobs involving classified information says a lot about our national security in the 1940s (i.e., there was no security).

[1] Smithsonian, May 2009

[2] the biggest spy ring ever discovered in America was run by a Jew named Nathan Gregory Silvermaster (1898–1964)

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  7. One Response to “George Koval”

    1. Bret Ludwig Says:

      It’s been admitted by several Jewish chroniclers of the era, that amongst the Jews in the bomb program giving the bomb data to the Sovs was in the interest of the Jews and so many leaked stuff to varying degrees.

      The Rosenbergs were knowingly prosecuted and sentenced to die by Jews because they thought it beneficial to Jews as a group. While I don’t feel sorry for them they were no more instrumental than dozens of others in the Sovs getting nukes. Some of those people are still alive and have access to LLNL, LANL and Sandia. I’ve always secretly suspected Dyson even helped a little though I can not prove it. I don’t think Feynmann did but of course that’s just a very-outsider guess.

      But then again, I’ve always thought defense contractors often dimed themselves out on occasion-no Jews involved, usually-because then the enemy upgrades and the US has to one up them again. While I don’t know that any knew of or supported John Walker, it’s a fact he made a hell of a lot of money for the crypto community.