11 April, 2009

Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia

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Have you attended a Jewniversity lately? You have? That’s so sad. Well, maybe you can get your money back if you write enough letters to the dean. Left-wing ideology is so fake. It doesn’t seek to understand or to explain. It seeks only to tear down the opposition, usually by employing fancy new-speak invented by Jews:


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  7. 19 Responses to “Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia”

    1. Arminius Says:

      “Like all power structures, the modern academic establishment is designed to perpetuate its existence. Adherents are rewarded and critics are purged.”
      This article reveals the complete relapse of university education back into the 15th century, when universities claimed to be the focal point of all knowledge. Which was, of course, theology only and everything else a mere appendix of it. Brainwashing students was then just as much in vogue as it is today.
      IMO unversities have outlived their usefulness, have ceased to be a cultural tool for the endowed youth and should be abolished.

    2. Brian Says:

      That was a great article. It was almost painful for me to read because I have had some similar experiences in two different Universities, though my majors were in the sciences. I liked his description of them as living in a “hermetically sealed alternative universe.” That really sums it up.

      My own proclivities tended to be more confrontational and I had some outright shouting matches with some of the students on campus and my relationship with some professors was strained.

      What they do however is rig the deck. They have co-opted the administration and the University security departments so that they can force out anyone that makes too many waves. While the lefties love to try bullying and intimidation when It suits them, when they run up against someone like me they run screaming to the Admin (“waaaa, make the bad man go away…”).

      The result is that you have to always walk on eggshells and bite your tongue if you hope to get a degree with a decent GPA.


    3. Voir Dire Says:

      These Marxist White professors need to to apply their studious minds to how White academicians and other “scholars” fared in the Jews’ Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

      They have bought in to a suicidal, destructive Jewish ideology built upon an edifice of lies which will assuredly come back to haunt them. And deservedly so…!

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Of Mass Men & Monsters

      Jimmy Cantrell

      Recently I had this question posed to me (in somewhat different words): Why are so few people in the Western World interested in studying and preserving the heritage of Western Christian Civilization?

      Part of the answer is that modern democracy elevated the mass man to preeminence and he is naturally anti-intellectual, as are all averages. The excellent old Southern phrase common as dirt is one attempt at expressing the problems of mass man enthroned by Modern democracy as arbiter of all higher cultural values. Culture that is worth having, however, is always created and refined by a select few from a cultural group’s conservative and tested core of values, and it is promoted by another select few whose societal positions above mass man guarantee that others, in an attempt to be seen as more than mass man, will strive to wrap themselves in the artifacts and beliefs of the higher culture. Such a system works to elevate people culturally.

      Rather like an adolescent, mass man now shouts that though he is running things, he ain’t going to be buffaloed into following old fashioned traditions or into reading nothing he don’t want to, because he is a free man and his opinion is as good as anybody’s—in fact, better, because his opinions are much more popular—and he infinitely prefers TV and James Bond and Playboy and Sports Illustrated and stock market reports to those big books written by dead guys whose names he can’t pronounce and whose ideas ain’t democratic anyways and sure ain’t useful in getting a high paying job. Clearly, such a system works relentlessly to stagnate and then lower people culturally.

      Add non-white races and non-Christian religions to the mix and you get Hell set loose for a romp in the subdivisions. As that is our current situation, it may be helpful to consider how we got to the point at which not only do most white people care next to nothing about reinvigorating Western Christian Civilization, but many actively work to strengthen and spread cultures other than that of their ancestors, and a significant number of those also work to destroy the heritage of Western Christian Civilization.

      Democracy is not the sole reason. In his Life of Solon, Plutarch spends a few lines on Thales of Miletus. That this one of the Seven Sages remained a bachelor in part due to fear that children and wife would die before him, which grief would be difficult to bear (and could interrupt work), is an irritant that Plutarch must address. Plutarch says that the mind, which ancient Greeks like Celts saw as the housing of the soul, naturally and inextricably features a calling to affection, to love. When people do not love that which is rightly theirs, the need will find expression elsewhere. Plutarch describes this as like a house abandoned by inheritors, which means the heirs, if they survive, occupy elsewhere, and others, someone else’s children, occupy the ancestral house. People like Thales denied themselves children and rightful heirs, and then at some point adopted to fill the need. Plutarch is most disturbed that this displacing of love means that illegitimate children -even slaves!- are made heirs.

      Translate that image from individuals to Western Civilization. For various reasons, countless numbers of people in the Modern Age have ignored the need to love and honor their culture and its heritage. The innate need to express love for culture then, when the clock began to ring that it was past time to do so, sought other outlets. For the moderns in this position, the illegitimate children and children of slaves they have adopted to inherit the ancestral house range from Americanized blacks and sub-Saharan African cultures to Islam to Buddhism to Marxism to Jewish style secularist agnosticism to ‘Native American spirituality’ to save-the-whales vegetarianism to the Lotus-Eater drug culture.

      Of course, Thales of Miletus had no child, which meant that he did not dispossess a natural child in order to make his sister’s son the heir of his house. But the moderns in the Western World who struggle to ensconce the eventually self-destructive alliance (because they are united only in desiring the emasculation or death of the common “oppressor”) of blacks, Jews, Moslems, mestizos, East Asians, Feminists, homosexuals, atheists/agnostics, and socialists in the ancestral house as new Multicultural Autocrat must first participate in killing Western Christian Civilization.

      He who murders his child is a monster. He who murders his child precisely to prevent that child from inheriting the ancestral house so that the scions of slaves and foreigners may move in and remake it according to their lights is doubly a monster. He who refuses to denounce the monster partakes of its crimes.

      Jimmy Cantrell

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Many posters at all the White forums have repeatly stated again and again that J.F.K. ‘s skull being ventilated really did not matter as he was this and that any way.

      IMO make no mistake about it that the HIT on JFK along with then blaming a 23 year old honorably USMC discharged Oswald as the sole culprit led to an completed our distruction that started in earnest with the bankers war of April 12, 1861, 148 years ago today.

      The murder/hit on JFK made it possible for full blown filthy TV and mass filthy depraved movies, along with open borders.

      With out JFK’s murder he or the criminal enemy alien LBJ who would never have ever been elected would ever have passed all that great anti White society b.s. Believe it.

    6. Lord Nengwen Says:

      I could really relate to that guy!

      One he was into Black Metal, and two he had figured out that the jew-niversities are all pretty much BS and had even taken the extra step of going to all the trouble of finding out how to counter them. (socio-biology, which I don’t really know that much about and also Evolutionary Psych. which is where Kmac comes in)

      The one thing this dude doesn’t know though is that there is a meta-political movement that is deconstructing the lefts decocstruction and that is the French New Right.

    7. Revelations Says:

      yeah but JFK could have been done by the Mossad as well. All the motive was there concerning his anti-nuclear mideast policy. Look it up a book was written about it

      and his wife was a Jewess who even could have been the real killer


      oh and Christianity is not what you think it is. It’s history is full of tyranny and torture and coercion and censorship and propaganda



      besides the Old Testament is PURE FICTION anyway, just desperate Jewish mythology with no archaeological or non-Biblical documented evidence


    8. DataMiner Says:

      Most state funded colleges are not functioning as a vehicle of higher learning, but rather an adult nigger day care facility and brainwashing factory of white lib-tards.

    9. Ein Says:

      Thank you, M. Doody for that very interesting piece discussing the Mass Man Such a creature inevitably means (of course) the reduction of everything in civilization to the Lowest Common Denominator, an assembly line person for an assembly line culture. This calls to mind the famed work on the topic by the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset, “The Revolution of the Masses”. It was written long ago (1930), but I understand is considered a classic. I must confess I have never read it (yet), but it has long been on my list of “books to read someday”. Maybe now I will. http://www.historyguide.org/europe/gasset.html

      Lord Nengwen: WHAT guy? What “dude”? Who??? What on earth are you talking about? Your post is a mystery to decipher. But I would like to have heard more about “the French New Right”. That sounded interesting. Alas, you left us hanging in space.

      Revelations: Many thanks for those fascinating links. Jackie Kennedy’s mother was Jewish?!!! I would never have guessed it! Jaded as I am at this point, every day still brings a new surprise, a new revelation. But, come to think of it, her mother’s avid pursuit of rich husbands and her obsession with wealth and status should have rung some bells. Not really so surprising, after all.

      Regarding that, anyone here knows that I’ve consistently been a sceptic when it comes to flimsy or unfounded allegations about “who’s a Jew”. I prefer to lean to the side of caution. Sometimes my reluctance to jump to hasty conclusions has earned me the wrath of others. But that link gave a list of unimpeachable sources with which I cannot quibble. After all, if Jackie’s own step-brother, Gore Vidal, revealed that her mother was Jewish, he if anyone should certainly know. As for LBJ and his wife “Lady Bird”, they were discussed here recently. As I recall, they were not conclusively proven to be Jews, but their background was certainly very much in the shadows to say the least. That will usually do it.

      As for the JFK murder (and other such incidents), I’m especially leery of conspiracy theories, with which the looney left and right both abound. Some people go nuts with them, which makes me want to keep away. But I cannot argue with dispassionate, well researched and well presented facts. That article was good. The same was true with the other links: I could find no flaws, no factual errors, in any of them. Very impressive. Thank you. They give us something to think about.

    10. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “by the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset, “The Revolution of the Masses”.”

      I just started to read it yesterday. It is entitled The Revolt of the Masses. Chapter One:

      “There is one fact which, whether for good or ill, is of utmost importance importance in the public life of Europe at the present moment. That fact is the accession of the masses to complete social power. As the masses, by definition, neither should nor can direct their own personal existence, and still less rule society in general, this fact means that actually Europe is suffering from the greatest crisis that can afflict peoples, nations, and civilization. . .” (1930)

    11. Parsifal Says:

      Universities like UNLV, the University of Miami and Notre Dame are supposed to be non-profit, yet they rake in millions from their niggerball teams and sports merchandising every year. Many other schools less known for their sports teams get millions in research money to study the sex lives of queer baboons in zero gravity or some such nonsense. And then there’s all that alumni money that always gets sent in. What a racket. Most institutions of higher learning are now crime-infested, Jew-controlled, PC brainwashing pens where only the over-represented Oriental students (probably spies for Peking) even bother to learn anything.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      White people in general should concentrate on an education in self education. Not an easy thing to do, especially when most White people think that ‘self education’ comprises watching the History Channel!!

      Sightly off topic; JFK, (he of the spring-loaded zipper, allegedly), was killed not for something he had done, but for something he was about to do.

    13. Parsifal Says:

      The whole rotten Kennedy clan deserves JFK’s fate. He was a bad President who began caving in to “Dr.” King and got us involved in Vietnam. Getting assasinated made everyone forget how bad the guy really was. Same with Lincoln.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Parsifal Says:

      15 April, 2009 at 2:34 am

      The whole rotten Kennedy clan deserves JFK’s fate. He was a bad President who began caving in to “Dr.” King and got us involved in Vietnam. Getting assasinated made everyone forget how bad the guy really was. Same with Lincoln.


      The Congress alone, never mind a big no in the senate would ever have changed the immigration law in 1965, nor the approved the filthy lie of the “Gulf Of Tonkin B.S.” See U.S. Senator Wayne Morse


    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bottom line is to all you 18 to 100 years of age, with out the trauma of THAT time, because of the JFK murder the enemy aliens check mated US! Those who were alive then if the only look how even TV changed, along with the snivel rights law changes that this crime made possilbe.

      LBJ coming to power only because of this murder gave the Bandit state a a blank check, and we got the http://www.ussliberty.org

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      No one from NYC to Atlanta fogot how horrible ABE LINCOLN was.

    17. Ein Says:

      Parsifal Says: “JFK… was a bad President who began caving in to “Dr.” King and got us involved in Vietnam. Getting assasinated made everyone forget how bad the guy really was. Same with Lincoln.”

      Yes, and MLK too. Getting assassinated made them automatic national heroes. It put them beyond reproach. It was their passport to instant sainthood.

      JFK in reality was a spoiled playboy, drug addict and sexual compulsive, whose super-rich daddy contrived to buy him the presidency.

      Oddly, it was in a way the best thing that could have happened to them all — or at least for their legacy. If not for that accident, they would be remembered today very differently.

    18. babette Says:

      Oriental students learn very little, but they do pay well to have their essays written for them. ‘Nuf said.

      A subtly defiant attitude towards professors has always served me well. I am, in fact, a paying client. Try it.

      911Truth (USrael)

    19. babette Says:

      Sorry about the double entry, folks.

      Howdie Doody: I concur. Would you say the last righteous or decent or honest or what have you, president was Jefferson?

      911Truth (USrael)