1 April, 2009

Race Suicide

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by Dr. William Pierce.


With the end of the year at hand this seems like a good time to sum things up. Before we sum up the past year, though, let’s look at the past century. The salient feature of the 20th century was the collective suicide of the White race. In 1900 we ruled the world. We ruled politically, militarily, culturally, economically, scientifically, and in every other way. No other race even came close. We ruled India and Africa directly, and China was for all practical purposes an economic colony of Europe and America. The Chinese Emperor remained on his throne only so long as he let White men have their way in China. Japan was the only non-White nation of any significance which even had pretensions of autonomy.

We had superior weapons, superior armed forces, superior communications, superior transportation, superior agriculture and industry, superior standards of health, superior organization, superiority in every facet of science and technology. We had the best universities — really, the only universities worthy of the name — the best engineers. We built things that other races couldn’t even imagine. We explored, we conquered, we ruled.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 12-23-2000).

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  7. 3 Responses to “Race Suicide”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:


    2. CW-2 Says:

      One of Dr Pierce’s best articles, really what more can we say, to add anything by way of commentary would be superfluous.

      Our task is to get this material to a wider audience.

    3. Junghans Says:

      Bingo, and ditto, as well, CW-2. I passed it around to many folks, too. I really don’t know what will move the clueless white bunnies off their complacent asses, except desperation, when it’s way too late.