18 April, 2009

The New Border Czar

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He’s Jewish, like so many people in the federal government:


More about Bersin: [Here].

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    1. Parsifal Says:

      I strongly suspect Border Czar Bersin will do little if anything to keep unwanted Beaners out of this country. Could this suspicion be due to the fact that he is an Ivy-League educated Talmudic Zionist Jew from the Bolshevized Borough of Brooklyn? Well, yes, it could.

    2. gollywog Says:

      Might as well let him take control of the drug lines into America since this border area is probably one of the last vice domains that the mafia JEW is part of but does not control.
      How come there is so much attention now of all of the Beaner murders. Do you think there will be an inquiry into the numerous light plane (and some less frequent rather large cargo plane) flights into destinations south of the border from well known American southern border states. And I wonder if there will be any attention to the fact that there are millions of “lost” small arms and munitions out of the Middle East conflicts, little evidence that these arms and/or munitions are in the hands of captured and/or killed enermy combatants. But large numbers of the same weapons are in the control of those living south of the border. I do not remember one media report of any large numbers of missing weapons from the Mexican government.
      Any take over bid in any form of any operation usually begins with divide, confuss and create KAOS. Then the white knight arrives, restores calm, enforces his own way of order, takes the victors’ share of the spoils and declares business as usual.
      We need to wake the fuck up. Unless the US is prepared to invade and declare a WAR on Mexican Drugs there is only going to be a pissing contest on the big arse bush fire.
      Here is another job for another Obama campaigner who will set up another office that will be filled with even more Jews on the Federal wage account that will enjoy life time employment, health care, subsidized living, and a very comfortable retirement package to boot.
      Hell I love this country.

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      “Napolitano named Alan Bersin, a former Justice Department official who was charged with cracking down on illegal immigration in the 1990s, to fill the post at the Homeland Security Department.”

      Golly, A lesbian Jewess hiring a straight male Jew! Now that’s real affirmative action. If the economy wasn’t crashing, we could expect another 20 million illegals to cross the border, now.

    4. Ein Says:

      ‚ÄúNapolitano named Alan Bersin, a former Justice Department official who was charged with cracking down on illegal immigration in the 1990s”

      Since he did such an outstanding job “cracking down on illegal immigration” in the 1990s, I see that he’s proved his competence! Can we expect more of the same?

      BTW both are Brooklyn-born Jews. Her bio says “She is of Italian heritage and is a Methodist.” Reah, right! Some Italian Methodist! But her mother was Weiner (now spelled Winer) a Brooklyn Jew, and so Janet is an official Jew, no matter what religion she presently wears.

    5. Kike Stomper Says:

      They are having this announcement ceremony on a bridge linking to Juarez ? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the drug gangs joined forces on this one and just gunned him down.