25 April, 2009

White Identity in Postmodernity

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by Tom Sunic.

“We start to wonder about our identity at the moment when we are about to lose it. Our grandparents never asked questions about the meaning of identity; they never worried about who they were. They took for granted their affiliation to their religion, to their tribe, and to their race. It is with the rising tide of multiculturalism, followed by the waning of the traditional nation-state that identity becomes a problem.”


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  7. One Response to “White Identity in Postmodernity”

    1. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      The big problem with “white” identity in the Jewnited States is that it was ALWAYS coupled to JEWRY! The Founding Perverts were funded, yeah OWNED lock, cock and butthole by jew moneylenders like Haym Salomon, an important masonic jew responsible for financing Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Lee among others. (This Lee was the ancestor of Robert E. Lee of later infamy, fighting for the right of his fellow planters to continue their mysegenatory orgies.) In truth. “white” has always implied JEW or judeophile in amerikwan mass culture.

      This makes the import of correctly understanding who and what the word “Aryan” means, for this, not mere judeo-saxon “whiteness” properly identifies a real Race, from which real Nations have evolved. The Jew S A of course is a jew clusterfuck, not anything like a Nation, and thus “american” identity also needs flushing down the Toilet of History.

      I admit that I’ve been graced by a superior ancestry which helps one see american whiteness for the sick artifice it is, namely Irish Roman Catholic. As such, I’ve been and am constantly reminded of MY identity, which remains to this day excluded from jew-americanism, as ville a heresy as any ever hatched on this planet. I rejoice in my exclusion, and sincerely thank God for it! For long after this american abomination’s richly deserved demise, there will still be WHY will we outlast america, especially when it is so hellbent on destroying my Folk and Faith?

      Because, WE have the Truth, far more of it than the deluded pigs and morons running the amerikwan pervert-circus can even comprehend, let alone grasp or use. Part of that being this:yes Virginia, for your hateful judeo-state, the End Times are at hand!