18 April, 2009

Women in Men’s Sports: Another Type of Feminism

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Vigorous sports-playing – e.g., running, jumping, throwing – masculinizes women by altering their hormone levels. Their soft, rounded features become sharper, harder and more male-looking (female bodybuilders provide extreme examples of that). They become more aggressive as well. Feminism, of course, is just one of the Jewish sicknesses that is wrecking our culture. The increase in female sports participation can be traced in part to Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972, which mandated “equal” treatment of girls/women in school sports (in other words, Marxism-meets-athletics):


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  7. 51 Responses to “Women in Men’s Sports: Another Type of Feminism”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      There is a lot that can be said about this subject……..Small, 99lb females like Danica Patrick should not be allowed to compete professionally against larger, heavier male drivers in NASCAR races. The WNBA and LPGA are for lesbians. Watching Peggy Flemming perform on ice did not produce any impure thoughts in my head. Whatever the League of German Maidens and the Hitler Youth did to promote healthy, Aryan athletic competition should be followed.

      And some women, like the roller derby queens of yesteryear or the WWE wrestling stars of today, are just naturally built for heavy-duty sports. In an earlier age they would have been hunting mammoths and prehistoric bison for their hungry Cro-Magnon tribe.

    2. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Er,ahem….field hockey is a girl sport. Let them have it.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Come, come.

      Female bodybuilders, like their male counterparts, gulp down drugs like drinking water. That’s why they look masculinized.

      In the book, Muscle, by Samuel Fussell, he tells of an anecdotal story of a young lady who went to the women’s room during a bodybuilding contest. There was a female bodybuilder in there who, to put it politely, was becoming masculinized below the waist. That part of her anatomy that corresponds to a male’s penis was actually getting bigger, due to the masculinization the drugs provided.

      Fussell also recounts that you simply cannot be a competitive bodybuilder without gulping the drugs, and taking shots that leave your buttocks scarred and pocked.

      He also states, quite correctly, that the whole bodybuilding schema is feminine in nature, with its yin attitude, the “look-at-me, look-at-me” demand for attention and adoration, instead of the yang, or masculine, outgoingness.

      My daughter played basketball, and she is still quite feminine.

    4. Luek Says:

      One of the indicators of being in a toxic environment is the abnormal gross deformities of the frog population if one exists. Some will have extra appendages, larger or smaller than normal body parts, etc.

      It is hard to ignore that men (particularly White men) in our Western cultural environment have become “bitchy” and exhibit other feminine emotional traits. And women (particularly White women) now exhibit insecure male like castration panic attack episodes rather than traditional hysterical feminine traits and other traditional male traits.

      Could this be nature’s way of warning us of something?

    5. old_dutch Says:

      Itz a slow newsday at VNN. LOL.

      Btw, the girls at exclusive womens’ colleges & “finishing” schools have been playing sports forever.

    6. BigCity Says:

      The blond in picture above the article looks like she has nice sexy legs to me.

    7. Marwinsing Says:

      Ah well… confession-pit time again: Dear Lawd UGH Socrates NOT AGAIN! Alex DAMNITALL!!! – Caesar NO!!! meant Brutus! – a few female bodybuilders have fallen prey to my lair, should I complain? Nah.

    8. S.U.N. Says:

      Males denying their testosterone to partake in feminist pursuits is just as sick.

    9. Voir Dire Says:

      Can someone here help me out with the name of the wealthy, female British patriot who was twice jailed (if I recall correctly) for her “anti-semitic” journalism perhaps in the early 20th century?

      There was an article on her posted here maybe a year ago, but scrolling down the side bar to see if I could ferret out her name proved unfruitful.

      Thanks in advance to my much more advanced Jew savvy brethren.


    10. Voir Dire Says:

      Btw, MUST reading on Specter’s vicious murder of Lana Clarkson and please DO watch the short, outstanding video posted there too:


      Alex: You should post some of this writer’s (Phillip Marlowe) pieces; he IS good, and his graphics are absolutely DAMNING. It’s about damned time we used THEIR weapons against THEM.



    11. old_dutch Says:

      Moslem bi-sexual big in Kirksville, MO.

    12. Mark Says:

      I’m not offended by women playing some sports. I’m offended by feminism and forceful equality.

      Aren’t people always saying Americans are too fat. So let the women sweat a little!

    13. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Well most “women” in all sports are lesbians from teen softball to adult tennis & some fuck niggers like Sonja Henie & boxer Joe Lewis.
      Link here on Jow Lewis.. http://www.nndb.com/people/356/000023287/

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Voir Dire, the lady in question could be either Diana Mitford or Jane Birdwood. Both were true believers and Birdwood’s article “The Longest Hatred” still causes quite a stir when presented to newbies.

    15. Ein Says:

      CW: Thank you very much for that. I had known of Diana Mitford (Lady Moseley) of course, but never heard of Lady Birdwood (a British Baroness of Canadian birth). Very interesting!

    16. Ein Says:

      “One of her major failed efforts had her calling for the UK to enforce the Edict of Expulsion against English Jews in 1290, saying that the Edict had never been revoked, but ignoring the fact that the British government overturned the edict starting with the rule of Oliver Cromwell.”

      I’m not a historian, BUT …… It’s not my understanding that the edict was ever “overturned”, but tather that it was simply overlooked and no longer enforced. There were probably good reasons, tho not publicized, as Cromwell had been receiving financial aid from them.

    17. Voir Dire Says:


      Thank you so much. I knew someone would come through, and YOU did. It was Jane Birdwood and “The Longest Hatred.”

      My God… We have had SO many people (even rare women) throughout history trying to sound the sirens about this Menace in our Midst. It is just incredible. And now their whole disgusting global tyranny is unfurling at break-neck speed because too few heeded them.

      Jew Shrew Napolitano has cracked the whip and let us know that they are cementing the police state with its Judaic iron grip over our collective throats. Interestingly enough, I came across an article whereby the top two choices for Commissar of our very own police state apparatus “Homeland Security” were of course both extremely dangerous Zionist Jew Shrews: Napolitano who completed bankrupted Arizona and all but gave away the keys to the Reconquistas and none other than Jane Harman who was one of the two co-sponsors of last year’s hate crime legislation to criminalize bloggers. Beautiful, eh?

      Very, very good excerpts/document (the /owner/writer at this website is a very serious student of the Jews; He (my deduction) only started learning English three years ago, but is a very powerful writer despite his sometimes poor grammar:

      The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State

      His “22 Secret Weapons of the Jews” is an ongoing project but still very, very good

      The 22 secret weapons of the jews – by Hoff


      Thanks, again, CW-2. Immensely appreciated.


    18. Ein Says:

      Friday, 18 March 1994: “THE 80-year-old Dowager Lady Jane Birdwood went on trial at the Old Bailey yesterday accused of stirring up racial hatred ….The charges relate to an anti-Jewish booklet, The Longest Hatred. It alleges a conspiracy by Jewish bankers to undermine society by the manipulation and control of financial institutions.

      She sent copies to all members of parliament and MEPs, and all those on the Church of England’s yearbook list, Anthony Longden for the prosecution said.”

      How interesting! And now, only 15 years later, we see the USA, and the entire world, sinking into a bottomless financial morass brought on by one enormous financial scandal after another, all originating with those same people and their “manipulation and control of financial institutions”. It has been building up to this for years.

      And yet, even AFTER those scandals, our Fed. Reserve, Treasury Dept., and major financial institutions (as well as those in England and elsewhere) remain STILL under control of THE SAME PEOPLE, who are supposedly now fixing the mess (with billions of the public’s tax money)!

      Lady Birdwood died in 2000. Too bad she can’t be around to demand an apology and say, “I told you so.”

      Oh, and let me add, ominously, that Austria’s Jorg Haider recently said much the same thing on Austrian TV. And he pointed the finger. Within a week or two, he was dead in a mysterious auto accident. Speeding and under the influence, they said…. although he was known to be an excellent driver and not a drinker. (Would he have been drunk on the way to his mother’s house for her birthday?)

      Lady Birdwood was already 80. At least they waited for her to die a natural death.

    19. Ein Says:


    20. Voir Dire Says:

      Thanks for that link Ein; it was even better (larger text) than the one I found. The PDF file in Vanguard’s archive could no longer be accessed.

      Your comment is dead on. What a remarkable, brave, and prescient woman she was. I wanted to pay tribute to her on a British blog on an article about THEIR central bank, but couldn’t remember her name which is why I turned to the Jew wise posters here. Thanks again to you both.


    21. Hoff Says:

      One jew say You have no right in America

      To all americans: YOU ARE NOW PALESTINIANS TOO!

      ”BREAKING NEWS Rahm Emmanuel Disarms America with MOSSAD computer” at YouTube.

      “Maybe a possible terrorist.” “There is no right for you if you are on that terrorist list. You are not a member of the american family. You don’t deserve that right.”


    22. Hoff Says:

      Hello, 100 + books about the global jew mafia in full text online.


      500 + videos about the global jew mafia.


      Br Nathan, an ex jew telling the truth about the global jew mafia.


    23. Hoff Says:

      The longest hatred – in full text online. l haven’t read it yet, but anyone that say that communism is jewish is more then good enough for me. l have studied communism for some 35 years and it was only after l got je(w)ise that l understud, well … you must understand what jews are and think, only then can you understand what communism really is – a jewish fraud.

      Communism is about one thing and one thing only – controlling the state. Once you control the state you can do anything you want, like stealing everything and take all as slaves, like the jews did in Russia 1917.

      To control the state you must control the secret police and that the jews did in Sovjet. “Stalin’s jews” by Sever Plocker in Ynet, both jewish.


      The longest hatred – Click Hoff at top of page to goto Main.


    24. Hoff Says:

      Very, very good excerpts/document (the /owner/writer at this website is a very serious student of the Jews).

      Hoff: 8O)) Well, l speak and read fairly good english, but write?l woke up to the global jew mafia three years ago. From day one for ten years on the net people keept telling me that there is a jewish conspiracy. -How does it work? was my Q but none could explain, l investigated as good as l could and came to the conclusion that was paranoid brain trolls.

      Then some five years ago l saw thing that was how the jew talker said it was. Many small things and then l read two sentences that changed my life. Then l asked myself if it could be possible that a so small group could have that much power or: Is there a jewish conspiracy and if so: How does it work?

      Today l know exactly how the jew mafia do it and l can explain how they do it. The jews have 33 secret weapons. Although l know a lot about the jews l still find things, that is why l had to upgrade my 22 secret weapons of the jews to 33 secret weapons of the jews.

      One of the most powerful secret weapons of the jews is Boycott. You don’t see it – until you know what to look for. Just take “Rahmbo” and No-Fly list, what is that? A boycott. The jew mafia is boycotting the american people in their own country by boycotting all americans that the jew mafia say is an enemy, aka “terrorist”. Anyone accused of being a “terrorist” is boycotted.

      Affirmative action = boycott of white americans. Hate Laws = boycott of white americans. Banning anything christian in public life = Boycott of white americans. The No-Fly list = Boycott of white americans, you can’t fly, you can’t buy a gun, if you obstruckt the jews send IRS to attack you. They did that with Charles Lindberg so it’s nothing new. He had paid some ten percent extra in tax so that one diden’t work.

      l have followed USA politic for three year now and it amazes me how fast the jew mafia has taken over. Cheif of Staff White House, a jew. Just look at how many jews are in key positions in the admi. The only one left is shabbat goy or non-white people. They trained Obama since 1992 when the jew mafia chosed Obama to be the first negro “president” in America.

    25. Hoff Says:

      ZIONISM AND COMMUNISM: JEWISH TWINS?Douglas Reed stated that Communism and Zionism both sprang out of the Jewish ghettoes of Eastern Europe—one to undermine Government from above and the other from below, and that the final objective of both these movements is the same: Jewish World Government..


    26. Hoff Says:

      Zionism and communism is just the same thing – judaism. On the surface they appear to be different but their endgame is the same – jewish supremacy, or in other words: JWG – Jewish World Government.

      To do that the jews must have a world police state and that is exactly what the jews are turning America in 2oo9 into. To do that the jews must control America just the way they controlled Sovjet.

      The way the jews is going to control America Sovjet style is to force a eternal mind of warfare upon America and take away civic rights.

      What is most amazing is how easy it’s done by the jews. All the jews have to do is accusing Y-O-U of being a “terrorist”, once accused you lose everything, or as the Real President of America tells it: “You have no rights. You are not a member of the american family.”

      American citizenship? American passport?
      What of it? You have no rights.


    27. Hoff Says:

      When the jew controlled Sovjet toke over Poland during world war two they forced every pole to vote, cast a ballot. The outcome was given, 100 percent approval to the annexation of Poland to Sovjet, so what is the point to cast pappers in a box?

      Every papper had the name of the “voter” and every pole was carefully scrutiniced. Anti-communist-zionist? An X on the paper and off they go to Gulag and Siberia.

      What the jews was doing was putting people on a list.
      Listen really good to what this KGB jew is saying.
      -If you are on that list you have no rights.


      What the jews did in Poland some 70 years ago they are doing in America today 2oo9. Are you on that list? Then you got no rights. Passport? What passport! YOU have no rights, you are not part of the american family and of you go to a FEMA camp, Gulag in America.

    28. Parsifal Says:

      The right-wing always complain about the gulags in Russia and Cuba, yet we have gulags of our own. They’re called FEDERAL PRISONS.

    29. Hoff Says:

      Jewecontrolled Gulag in America

      I have heard about these FEMA-camps but l diden’t want to believe it and the Q was: How are the jews going to force armed americans into concentration camps?

      After listning very careful to the video with the jew Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel and thinking l understand how the jews is going to success in take away true american patriots guns.

      The jews are going to accuse true patriots of being “terrorist” and put you on a list and once on that list you lose all rights you ever had.

      The jews have 33 secret weapons and one of the secret weapons is that the jews write the laws, and when you write the laws you can turn the whole judicial system against its own people.

      The jews did that in Sovjet. The first law was death penalty for the bogus accusation “antisemit”. Nazi, bigot, counterrevolutionary, Kulak, antisemite etc etc are all code words for anyone that resists the jewish takeover of the state.

      “Terrorist” is a jewish code word for anyone resisting the jews to take control of the United States of America.

      Once ONE jew accuses YOU to be a “terrorist” you are on that list and off you go. Who will get you? Your local police or a SWAT team. You are a “terrorist” Remember? You got no rights Remember?

      l never wrote a word about FEMA camps before this day, simply because l thought it was fearmongering, but now l understand how the jews are going … correct ARE doing it. They just write a list and the constitution of America is void.

      The only thing the jews have to do is accuse anybody that don’t obey of being a “terrorist” and put you on a list and then send in a SWAT team to get you. You paid for that SWAT team.

      As l said: The jews wants a global police state, paid and executed by stupid americans – and they are getting it.

      The jew Rahm tells 300 million americans that they must cast a ballot, just as the jews did in Poland.


    30. Hoff Says:

      “Citizenship is not an entitlement program” Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel, Cheif of Staff White House.

      Or in other words from the same jew. “You got no rights!”

      “Obama’s Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25” 0:33


    31. Hoff Says:

      What you americans MUST understand is that there is not any “War on terror” – it’s a fraud, just the same as the “Cold War” was a fraud.

      The global jew mafia created the “Cold war” to scare people into obliviousness. The muslim threat is just the same thing. Scaremongering. The jews are scaremongering you to welcome a police state.

      This is another of the 33 secret weapons of the jews: Fearmongering

      Scared people do as their leader tells them to.
      The jews scream “TERRORIST” and you give up all your rights to be “safe”. Well, you are so “safe” that your american citizenship can be revoked by ONE jew.

    32. Parsifal Says:

      The Empire always needs a war against someone, whether they are called Fascists, Anarchists, Terrorists or Communists. They’ll do whatever it takes to justify keeping the military-industrial complex fat and bloated at taxpayers’ expense and keeping the sheeple scared into submission.

    33. Hoff Says:

      Yes, right now its “terrorists”. When the jews toke over Russia and renamed it Sovjet they turned Sovjet into one gigantic military-industrial complex, and that is exactly what the jews are doing with America 2oo9. The jews wants the military spending up from four to five percent of GNP and a draft = A Global Police State.

    34. Hoff Says:

      Jews killing white America.


    35. Antagonistes Says:

      Hoff, I hope you would possibly consider writing a series of articles on this website about the 33 secret weapons of the Jews, or at least listing all 33.

      You sound expereinced, informed and thoughtful, and I, for one, would be quite interested.

      I hope Socrates would be amenable to this idea.

      Good day.

    36. shabbos s shabazz Says:


      This should get you started:


    37. Antagonistes Says:

      Thanks much, shabbos.

      Much valuable stuff there.

    38. Hoff Says:

      lt’s really easy, read what the jews themself say and turn it against the lying jew mafia. The jews are the most criminal people in the whole world and it’s easy to prove – whit jewish sources only.

      Of course not all jews are criminals, of course not all jews are lying SOBs and it’s thanks to the honest jews we know what the criminal jews are doing. Well … we also know what the criminal jews are doing because they must brag anout what they have done. They have to tell what they done AND got away with.

      This is a good startingpoint. AJC, American Jewish Committee, are the top jews in the whole world and they tell what they have done, how they did it and why they did it.


      This book online by Edwin Black, Ape Fraudman at ADL approved and all, l have read at least ten times. Mandatory reading! Copy and save.


      The hidden history of zionism. Mandatory reading.


      l’ll be back with a list of the 33 secret weapons of the jews.

      l can’t get my comment posted???

    39. Hoff Says:

      The jews own census for 105 years.
      Tell me what year-s six million jews perished.


      Six million jews – during the FIRST world war.
      The jews own words in their own paper,


      Probably one, if not the most important docu ever made.
      32:00 the jew Richard Perle eplains how the jew mafia controls America. The jew mafia selects who will be voted into senate and congress.

      ”The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)”


    40. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Don’t forget Ape (S)aperstein, of the harlem globetrotters basketball team:


    41. shabbos s shabazz Says:


      What are jews’ vulnerabilities? (Achilles heels)

      What are jews’ blind spots?

    42. Hoff Says:

      @ shabbos – The TRUTH.

      The TRUTH is the mafia jews Achilles heel.

      Once you tell the truth about the lying jews – they are all gone.

      One exampel: Where have all the jewish Neo-Con’s gone?

      Hoff’s Manual how to deal with obnoxious lying jew thugs.

      First you grab the obnoxious lying jew by the neck.
      Then you nail the lying jew to the floor – face down and then you start to shovel FACTs down the lying jews troath.

      The facts are irrefutable jews ONLY sources that no jew can debunk.

      The lying, obnoxious jew scumbag can’t win over the truth.

      Truth is the lying jews Achilles heel.

    43. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      And that’z the truth!

      “First you grab the obnoxious lying jew by the neck.
      Then you nail the lying jew to the floor – face down and then you start to shovel FACTs down the lying jews troath.”

      Material for a cartoon.

      They shovel shit, we shovel facts. Just the facts. ma’am, as As Sgt. Friday put it.

    44. Ein Says:

      shabbos s shabazz Says:
      What are jews’ vulnerabilities? (Achilles heels?)

      Ego. Avarice. Paranoia. Money in any form.
      And they’re obsessive control freaks who must always be in control of the gentiles around them.

      Their Achilles’ Heel?
      As Hoff said, TRUTH. They can’t stand it — like Dracula shrinking back from the crucifix.

    45. Voir Dire Says:

      The jews own census for 105 years.
      Tell me what year-s six million jews perished.


      Six million jews – during the FIRST world war.
      The jews own words in their own paper,



      Those proved to be astounding, documents to me when I first came across them from your posting the links on Bro Nat’s website. Another damning nail in the coffin of their mostly embellished, phony “holocaust.” Truth is indeed the ultimate weapon that is going to bring about a needed (if you will) “correction” as history has amply demonstrated time and time again that harsh reckonings for these people are predictable responses for the wickedness/destruction they visit upon any host foolish enough to allow/welcome their inhabitation in significant numbers. How many more millions have to perish from this timeless scourge before it AGAIN backfires as it invariably will?

      I have got to tell you, Sir, you are a man on a mission, obsessed to a degree that marks you as someone to be contended with (as in identified quickly by these usurpers infesting our State as one of those enemy “terrorist” (please be careful), and I applaud you for your invaluable devotion, courage, obvious intelligence, and remarkable patriotism for doing what you do knowing better than almost anyone the risks (torture is their specialty for their designated enemies) it entails as they now brazenly cement their police state upon America. We are about to find out what our formerly free Western brethren (and God knows the Arabs and most of the world who suffers/perishes under the unbearable yoke of their “gift to the planet, Marxism) have been enduring for decades (and a century+ for the truly unfortunate) at the hands of these perennial tyrants.

      Thank you for your sacrifices you make to this truth movement, Hoff. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.


    46. Hoff Says:

      @ Voir Dire. Thx 8O)

      The holohoax – the most undocumented event that never happend.

      Frontpage in jewish paper 1991, One-Nine-Nine-One.
      “Iraqis have gas chambers for all the jews”


      There is also a qouta from Stephen Wise, a jewish mafia boss who claimed in 19o2 that six million jews had perished. The qouta is in a Encyclopedia, don’t have the link right now. Maybe on my other blog.


      I deleted your comment on my blog by mistake. Please do another comment.


      l woke up three years ago, l did not say that there is a jewish conspiracy, l asked myself: Can there be a jewish conspiracy and if so: How does it work? After three years of more or less 24-7 studies of the jews l know there is a jewish conspiracy, l know what the jews are doing, l know how the jews are doing it and why the jews are doing it.

      l don’t debate – i’m telling people how it is. Short and to the core. l don’t have time for nonsense. When other people told me that the holohoax is a fraud l justrefused to believe it. How can anyone lie that much? The first thing you notice when you start to investigate the jews is that they are lying. The jews will lie to you about anything.

      Can we subdue all non-jews by telling them six million lies?

      If l was a jew, l would do that. lf l was a jew l would tell the stupid goyim any BS if it could get me on top of them. And that is what the jews are doing, they are telling us stupid nonjews any BS to get on top of us.

      Bergen-Belsen was under the british by mid April 1945. There was 5.000 dead people, the next two months another 9.000 died and what they all had in common is that they were all skin and bone. If you get Typhus-fever and live you are skin and bone. If you die you are skine and bone. Look at the dead from any camp, what do they all have in common? They are all skin and bone. Every single dead is skin and bone. They all died from Typhus-fever. And they died because they did NOT get gassed!

      There was gas chambers and they all got gassed – to save life. The gas chambers had nothing to do whit the jews.

    47. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “From across the sea, six million men and women call to us for help […] six million human beings. […] Six million men and women are dying […] in the threatened holocaust of human life […] six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying […]”

      The American Hebrew, Oct. 31, 1919, pp. 582f.
      Martin H. Glynn was temporarily governor of the State of New York
      between Oct. 17, 1913, and Dec. 31, 1914

      Geezus Phucking Krist
      needs to spread all over

    48. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Origin of Holocaust Propaganda

      The ‘holocaust” propaganda regarding the “extermination” of “6 million” had an early start prior to the First World War and developed to a fever pitch following the Second World War. Today we are exhorted to not question these themes and warned that we are somehow “anit-semitic” if we do. Examination and discussion of these keywords are considered “hate speech” and against the law in many nations where Jews have pressed for such laws. Recognizing that we are being told to not look there, we know exactly where to look to see what is behind the propaganda curtain of illusion.

      Rabbi Stephen S. Wise was the major leadership figure of the American Jewish Congress during its formative period. Born in Hungary, the son of a Rabbi and a porcelain heiress and the grandson of Joseph Hirsch Weisz, a Grand Rabbi of Hungary, he was brought to New York by his parents as a small child in 1875, when his father became rabbi of a Brooklyn, New York, congregation. The younger Wise was instructed in Talmudic law by his father and the Rev. Dr. Gustav Gotheil. He attended the College of the City of New York, and was reported to have completed his studies abroad. After returning to the United States, at the age of 20, he was elected rabbi of the Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York where he remained for over five years. Shortly after June of 1900, he went to Portland, Oregon, to head up a congregation and then returned to New York, founding the Free Synagogue in 1906. Early on, Dr. Wise was known for his progressive ideas on general topics and also as an exponent of Zionism, a movement then contemplating the reestablishment of the Jewish nation.

      As early as 1900, Wise is recorded telling a Zionist gathering that “there are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism” as reported in a New York Times article. (“Rabbi Wise’s Address”, New York Times, June 11, 1900, p. 7)

      The position of our co-religionists in Russia grows increasingly deplorable, and recent advices from that country indicate that there is little likelihood of any relief being afforded. The situation is of the gravest. It may be doubted whether Jewry has ever confronted a greater crisis since the overthrow of the Jewish state by the Roman Empire. Not even the horrible persecutions of the times of the Crusades or the expulsion from

      Spain and Portugal affected so large a mass of our co-religionists. Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews. REPORT OF AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE American Jewish Year Book 5672 (Sept. 1911 to Sept. 1912) p. 308

      “As soon as the World War [One] started and it was obvious that a large part of the War would be fought in the zone in which six or seven million Jews lived, particularly Poland, Russia and Galicia, many worthy people started organizations to collect funds for the sufferers in the War zones.” — Felix M. Warburg, A Biographical Sketch, New York: The American Jewish Committee, 1938, p. 14.

      The story of the holocaust of up to six million European Jews didn’t originate with World War Two. In fact, a very similar scenario was played out in somewhat less flamboyant terms during World War One and its aftermath. After World War One it was reported as news that five million, over five million, even six million Jews in Europe were sick or dying in a holocaust from starvation, horrible epidemics, and a malignant persecution. The following focuses especially on the World War One fund raising drives. These selected campaigns by major Jewish advocacy groups may offer historical significance both on their own and in terms of the post World War Two Holocaust industry.

      “Holocaust” is a World War I word. Holocaust was used during and after World War One to describe what was going on in Europe and what allegedly happened to the Jews of Europe during and after that war. While the stories that are today referred to as “the Holocaust” weren’t called a holocaust during or even for decades after World War Two, the word holocaust was used while World War One was happening and thereafter. It was called a holocaust, it was called the greatest tragedy the world has ever known and it was called the greatest need the world has ever known.

      Until 1917, the leader of the Jewish community in New York, Jacob Schiff, repeatedly called for an end to “this holocaust”.(1)In 1919, the American Hebrew magazine used the word holocaust in describing the plight of European Jewry in an article written under the byline of a former Governor of New York State.(2) Yehuda Bauer wrote in My Brother’s Keeper, an authorized history of the Joint Distribution Committee of Jewish War Sufferers, that (3)

      “the destruction of European Jewry during World War Two has obliterated the memory of the first holocaust of the 20th century in the wake of the First World War.”

      A “holocaust of humanity” is the way World War One was described in The Great Betrayal, a book co-authored by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and published in 1930. The premise of The Great Betrayal was that the British had reneged on promises they made concerning Palestine to the Jewish leadership during World War One. (4)

      The Price of Liberty is an authorized history of the American Jewish Committee that was published in 1948, after World War Two was over. It contains a chapter about World War One entitled “The Holocaust of War”. This chapter mentions some of these World War One and postwar fund raising efforts and includes the following quote: (5)

      “As the armies rolled back and forth in desperate conflict over the borders of Poland, Galicia, and East Prussia, terror, desolation and death descended on the civilian population in general, but most of all upon the seven million Jews. The Christian Poles, Ruthenians and Germans suffered the inevitable hardships that attend all warfare; but the Jews, already proscribed by the Russians and Poles, met with a concentrated orgy of hatred, blood lust and vindictive opportunity that threatened to wipe them out in one vast holocaust.”

      In 1915, at a rally in New York, Louis Marshall, on behalf of the American Jewish Relief Committee, along with Jacob Schiff and Congressman Meyer London, denounced the apathy toward the suffering of co-religionists declaring that millions were in dire distress and pleading with the rich to give. Marshall said there were about 13 million Jews in the world, and that over 6 million of them are in eastern Europe where the war is being fought. Marshall also read a letter from Schiff that “private reports” had been received showing conditions in Russia, Palestine, Poland, and Galicia, “the frightful nature of which could not be pictured.” Mr. London said this was the worst period in Jewish history and that millions of Jewish peoples depended on the generosity of more fortunate Jews of the United States. (6)

      Another 1916 project was a book entitled The Jews in the Eastern War Zone. Published by the American Jewish Committee, 25,000 copies of this book were sent to the leaders of American thought and the molders of public opinion including President Wilson, members of the Presidential Cabinet and Congress, the press and the magazines, influential men and women everywhere.(7) The book said that Russia has virtually converted an area into a penal settlement, where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre, subject to the caprice of police officials and a corrupt administration – in short, without legal rights or social status: (8)

      The Pale of Settlement

      At the beginning of the war the number of Jews in the Russian Empire was estimated at six million or more, comprising fully half of the total Jewish population of the world. Ninety-five percent of these six million people were confined by law to a limited area of Russia, known as the Pale of Settlement, consisting of the fifteen Governments of Western and Southwestern Russia, and the ten Governments of Poland, much of which territory is now under German occupation. In reality, however, residence within the Pale was further restricted to such an extent that territorially the Jews were permitted to live in only one two-thousandth part of the Russian Empire. No Jew was permitted to step outside this Pale unless he belonged to one of a few privileged classes. Some half-privileged Jews might, with effort, obtain special passports for a limited period of residence beyond the Pale; but the great majority could not even secure this privilege for any period whatsoever. A tremendous mass of special restrictive legislation converted the Pale into a kind of prison with six million inmates, guarded by an army of corrupt and brutal jailers.

      The Jews in the Eastern War Zone is an important book from this period because the language in the book is reused extensively by other sources, such as the New York Times. It is important today because it shows what the American Jewish establishment was telling people before the United States entered World War One, as a reading of the introduction and the introduction to the section on Russia shows. This book’s concept included the theme that the Jews in eastern Europe were experiencing a unique suffering, that this suffering was to an extent suffered by no others, that they were denied elementary rights denied to no other people, and were the victims of government sponsored persecutions. It even contains the buzz words “six million” and “extermination.”

      After America entered the war, “actual war films” (sic) were produced in Hollywood and released, and the Committee on Public Information employed an immense army of speakers and pamphleteers. Lies were successfully circulated including poisoned sugar-candy dropped by German airplanes for children to eat and German soldiers giving poisoned candy and hand grenades to children. A particularly gruesome lie about German soldiers crucifying a young girl was the basis of a war propaganda drama, “Duty to Civilization”, which had the blessing of President Wilson. (9)

      It was during this period that the Provisional Zionist Committee whose chairman was Stephen S. Wise in a news story entitled “Germans let Jews Die, Women and Children in Warsaw Starving to Death” vouched that “Jewish mothers, mothers of mercy, feel happy to see their nursing babies die, at least they are through with their suffering.” (10)

      This report ignores the facts that aid had been sent to Warsaw through Hamburg while America was still neutral and that just a month before, in May of 1917, ‘Joint’ officials made arrangements through both the U.S. Secretary of State and German officials to send relief funds to the German occupied areas of Poland and Lithuania by way of a committee of Dutch Jews as noted previously in this chapter. The Netherlands managed to remain neutral throughout that war and provided asylum for Kaiser Wilhelm the Second from the time of his abdication until his death in 1941.

      Also in 1918, the American Jewish Congress was founded with the original goals of “providing humanitarian relief for European Jews who had suffered from the carnage of the war and restoring the State Of Israel to Palestine”. (11) The American Jewish Congress saw itself as the voice of the eastern European Jews rather than the American Jewish Committee, whose members were mostly German Jews.

      In November of 1918, Wise was named chairman of a delegation to go to London, England, on behalf of the Zionist Organization of America. (12) In January of 1919, after conferring with Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, Wise was in Paris, France, where he conferred with Colonel House and received the Legion of Honor decoration in appreciation of his eminent services to the French cause. When asked if there was any likelihood of boundary difficulties in the Near East, Dr. Wise said:

      “Not if France and Great Britain act as they may be expected to act in the spirit of friends and allies – and have regard not for obsolete conventions and questionable facts, but for that spirit throughout the permanent conference.”

      After returning to the United States, Dr. Wise met with President Wilson in 1919 who approved of a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine under British rule. Wise was quoted on page one of the New York Times on March 3, 1919, saying: (13)

      “The rebuilding of Zion will be the reparation of all Christendom for the wrongs done to the Jews.”

      The occasion was a meeting of Zionist leaders headed by Wise and President Wilson at the White House, where guarantees for human rights to Jews throughout the world including eastern Europe and Palestine were discussed. Afterwards, Wise and other leaders spoke to a large Washington, D.C., audience about his recent experiences in Paris and its bearing on the Paris Peace conference. He predicted that Britain, through the League of Nations, would accept a mandate over Palestine and that the Jews would return to their rightful place in the world.

      These articles show that by 1919 the Jewish lobby was international, focused, and powerful. They were in friendly contact with the heads of the victorious allied governments and a strong voice at the Paris Peace Conference. Wise was a major player as the head of the Zionist Organization of America and later the driving force behind the American Jewish Congress. Wise was meeting with world leaders, passing on their agendas, and representing the Jewish leadership on the issue of Palestine. Chaim Weizmann, Chairman of the British Zionist Committee who had been that organization’s central Paris Peace Conference figure, indicated that the allies and especially the British were sympathetic to the Zionist cause. Displaying confidence and assurance that the mandate of Palestine through the League of Nations would naturally evolve into a Jewish commonwealth, Weizmann said:

      “The League of Nation has made it possible to give expression to the centuries old desire of the Jewish race.”

      An early American Jewish Congress news story and fund drive article from May 20, 1920, included this message:

      “The fund for Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death.”

      In the second paragraph Dr. Wise says:

      “If American Jews now fail to help those who suffer through no fault of their own, the blame will rest on their own heads should they miserably perish. Surely no self respecting American Jew will wish, or even will suffer, the extinction of large numbers of Jewish people to come to pass.”

      The article lists many large contributors, including a ten thousand dollar contribution from Adolf Ochs, who was then the owner of the New York Times. (14)

      We are concentrating on Stephen S. Wise because of his role in breaking the World War Two extermination stories to the American mainstream media through the New York Times. A New York Times article of November 25, 1942, written under the byline of James MacDonald, has been mounted and displayed in the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. It is titled:

      “Himmler Program Kills Polish Jews. […] Officials of Poland Publish Data – Dr. Wise Gets Check Here by State Department.”

      The first part of the article was based on a report issued on November 24 by the Polish government in exile in London, England, although details of the report had allegedly been previously printed in unnamed Palestine newspapers. It stated that in June of 1942 Himmler had visited Warsaw and ordered that half the Jews in Poland be killed by the end of the year and that this was being done throughout Poland and especially at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor. There is no mention of Auschwitz because according to Arthur Butz, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, p. 89, Auschwitz entered the Allied war propaganda with the publication of a booklet by the War Refugee Board in November, 1944. Therefore, it makes sense that Auschwitz isn’t mentioned in this 1942 story. Stephen S. Wise, who was still the president of the American Jewish Congress as well as chairman of the World Jewish Congress, is the source of the second half of the article “Wise Gets Confirmations-Checks with State Department on Nazis’ Extermination Campaign.” Wise said that he had learned through unnamed sources confirmed by the State Department “that about half the estimated 4,000,000 Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe had been slain in an extermination campaign” and that “the plan was drafted by Herman Backe, Secretary of State for Economics, and was put into effect by Hitler by late summer.” Wise presented a detailed memorandum on atrocities committed in areas occupied by German, Rumanian, Hungarian, and Slovak troops and summarized the statistical effect of the campaign on the Jews living in each country. One example:

      “The total number of Jews in Poland, after the deduction of some 500,000 refugees in Russia, should have approximated 2,800,000.”

      I don’t want to say that Wise’s numbers in the article were wrong because one would think that, if anyone knew the Jewish population in German occupied Europe in 1942, it would be the chairman of the World Jewish Congress. If anything, he would inflate the numbers, which may have been the case here. For example, however many Jews purportedly were in Poland, since there was no modern Poland before 1918, they were previously also counted as citizens of other countries, chiefly Russia. In 1939, when Stalin invaded eastern Poland, it was on the pretext of protecting the minorities within what had for two decades been Poland. The Soviet Union considered the Jews under their control to be Soviet citizens as they had been Russian citizens before 1918. Also many so called Polish Jews moved to Hungary, a country that Wise left out of his statistical analysis. This historic article contains several inconsistencies and is historically significant for its timeliness, not for its accuracy.

      There are many other articles. One such example is an article on page one of the New York Times of July 22, 1942, printing the text of messages from President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill to Dr. Wise containing vague statements of atrocities. There are other such examples. The points are that Wise was a major force behind breaking the World War Two holocaust story to the mainstream press through the New York Times, that he then had a history of an active ongoing relationship with the Times that went back over forty years, and that he also had a long history of making extermination claims all the way back to World War One. This makes Wise’s activities during the First World War era holocaust fund raising drives all the more significant.

      You can’t help but wonder how much of what he said he actually believed but it’s possible he believed everything he said.

      In summary, at the beginning of World War One the leadership of the American Jewish Committee established The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for Jewish War Sufferers, ostensibly to help Jews living in Palestine. It channeled aid to Jews living in eastern Europe through Jewish welfare agencies in Germany until America entered the war, after which, with the permission of the German and American governments, aid continued to be sent through the neutral Netherlands. The suffering of Jewish civilians living in eastern Europe was described literally as a holocaust, a unique suffering, and regular fund raising campaigns to aid these people were conducted throughout the war. January 27, 1916, was set aside as Jewish Sufferers relief day by President Wilson, and also in 1916, an influential book was published by the American Jewish Committee entitled The Jews in the Eastern War Zones, that reported Jews were being denied rights denied to no other people, and used the words six million and extermination in describing their persecutions under the Czar. Anti-German hate propaganda, directed against both Jews and non-Jews in the United States reached a fever pitch. The Balfour Declaration was declared a month before the British army entered Jerusalem. The American Jewish Congress was launched and both the American Jewish Committee and The American Jewish Congress sent delegates to the Paris Peace Conference that placed Palestine under a British mandate.


    49. Voir Dire Says:

      Good stuff, my friends, and truly horrifying as the God awful reality sinks in of the formidable odds of what we are up against.

      Hoff: Here’s a gem for your collection if you’ve not seen it. Did you know Senator Jack B. Tenney wrote an alarming, skin crawling, hair-raising piece about his visit to B’nai B’rith Headquarters in THE 1940’s whereby he details how they were collecting dossiers EVEN THEN on anyone they deemed their enemies. It is by far one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read. He nailed them for exactly what they are: SUBVERSIVES/TERRORISTS/SPIES/DUAL AGENTS (Can you say Jane Harman who occupies a key position on the “Intelligence Committee?). He also wrote two books trying to alert Americans about “Zionism.” I found one copy for sale online. I’m sure it’s a treasure trove of information.

      Here’s the link: http://www.davidduke.com/general/senator-jack-b-tenneys-long-out-of-print-repo


    50. Hoff Says:

      Many books as pdf




      Jack Tennet – Californias McCarthy


    51. Hoff Says:

      http://www.zogsnightmare.com/index3c.htm http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/whosafraidofADL.html http://ia341210.us.archive.org/0/items/TheAnti-defamationLeague/MicrosoftWord-Document1.pdf