8 May, 2009

Book Quote

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Re: Hungary under the leadership of Jewish communist Bela Kun:

“Dr. Eugene Hamberger, a Jewish surgeon who became Commissioner for Agriculture, wrote to a Zionist correspondent: ‘My good fellow, we mean to ruin the Christian landlords first, then we shall send all the Christian officials and professors to the dogs; and when once the people have given in, and made up their minds to acquiesce in Communism, we can give up talking about Palestine.'”

-– from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1939) by F. Yeats-Brown, p. 192

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    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Still shocking, in addition to how much we’ve been lied to and kept in the dark. Thanks for this Socrates.

    2. whodareswings Says:

      Bela Lugosi was the Vice Minister of Culture under Bela Kun. When the Romanian army marched into Hungary and chased the Kun govt out in 1919 Lugosi fled with him to Vienna. From there Lugosi made his way to Hollywood. In l919 it would have been odd for Hungarian gentiles to be mixed up with Jewish Bolsheviks. Bela Kun’s real name was Bela Kohn. His mother was Jewish. His father was a Protestant. He attended a Jewish highschool school in Romania and died in Russia. I believe Bela Lugosi is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Hollywood, but I’ve always wondered if he was really Jewish. He claimed to have attended Catholic schools, but Jews attended my sister’s convent school and my Episcopalian prep school so this doesn’t account for much. Does anyone have more info on Dracula’s ethnicity? FYI Hungary today is totally ZOGed out. The unpopular Jewish Prime Minister finally stepped down:

    3. Ein Says:

      “He claimed to have attended Catholic schools, but Jews attended my sister’s convent school and my Episcopalian prep school so this doesn’t account for much. ”

      Correct. It doesn’t mean much. Same with Sen. Diane Feinstein (born Goldman).
      “Feinstein’s grandfather was an imperial army officer [Russia] who was a convert from Judaism to Christianity. Feinstein attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School and was given a Catholic religious education, but also attended Hebrew school and was confirmed in the Jewish faith at the age of thirteen, having said that she has “always considered [herself] Jewish.”

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Jews are adept at taking on any convenient disguise. Bela Lugosi was certainly ugly enough to have been one.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      The quote you provided reads like something straight out of that infamous “forgery”, the Learned Elders of the Protocols of Zion. BTW, “Bela Lugosi” and “Boris Karloff” were just stage names for those horror movie actors. They were both Gentiles.

    6. Truthteller Says:

      I have read this book, somebody needs to get it up online in .PDF format. A recent trip to Germany I noticed quite a few streets dedicated to that Communist Kike-ess Rosa Luxemberg.