2 May, 2009

Bye-Bye, Joe Sixpack

Posted by Socrates in Brutus, Socrates at 5:21 pm | Permanent Link

Joe didn’t care about his race. He only cared about watching nigger-ball on the TV.


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  7. 45 Responses to “Bye-Bye, Joe Sixpack”

    1. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Looks like he’z got six-pack abs.

    2. MarkP Says:

      Ask the question – how is Joe Six Pack supposed to care about his Race, when he’s never been taught about Race ?

      Like nearly everyone else in the Western World, Joe has been brainwashed into accepting Christianity, Democracy, the Holohoax story, Multi-Culturism, and soon, Communism.

      All compliments of the jew-run media and jew-run federal goverment.

      What Joe needs is different Channel.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      What is it about watching large, sweaty Negro males dribbling a ball up and down the court that makes White sports fans pee their pants with excitement? I think it’s an example of latent homo-ism.

      Naturally, the Commissioner of the NBA is a goddam Kike, as are the Commissioners of Major League Baseball and the NFL. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. And of course, those Jew Commissioners are always trying to get rid of as many White ball players as possible and replace them with Negroes and Spic-o’s for the White sports fans to swoon over (But they keep all the cheeleaders White, don’t they?).

    4. Mark Says:

      Joe Sixpack is an opportunistic glutton. He already knows about race, he just doesn’t care, there are things more important to him, like entertainment and beer. Be “racist” or go with the flow and relax? Easy answer for him.

    5. dean Says:

      its the day of the nigger, niggers dancing at the capitol, niggers in the white house, its their victory. we have a nigger prsident thanks to the scum of america, which includes whites. whites continue their personal missions of helping niggers, celebrities adopting nigger kids. i have to work with niggers, live with niggers, nigger have it all these days, even in mississippi the new craze is to have a nigger baby. how did this all happen?? we are without a country. we can’t get away from them. i hate looking at them, hearing them, we are fucked. white women love opra, white men love nigger ball, white kids love rap. white girls love niggers. tell me what to do. its a nightmare!

    6. Ein Says:

      Great comments from everybody above! Oh, yes, all those commissioners (and team owners) are nothing more than coincidence. And anyway, what does “religion” have to do with it? What are you — prejudiced or something?

      And yes, Parsifal, there is something definitely homoerotic about spending Sunday staring at all those big, burly, blacks in their tight pants. But this is one occasion when it’s excused. After all, it’s sports! That’s a masculine activity. And Mr. 6-Pack and his sodden buddies would kill you if you even suggested otherwise.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Right though some our own brothers oppose US and would try to even hurt US perhaps, they are victims of severe brainwashing lies for the last four decades.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      For the most part and lucky for the enemy aliens Most so called rednects and Wiggers oppose us and are brain washed alike only slighty different b.s. between the two.

    9. sgruber Says:

      God damn, Doody, learn how to write.

    10. 2050 Says:

      Parsifal, they’re giving joe sixpack plenty of non-white cheerleaders to lust after. Just like putting negresses in a country video. Get those white guys to looking at those bodies.

      As for joe knowing about race. Sure some do, but they’re also going all out on the ‘there is no such thing as race’ thing. I found myself on the PBS website the other day and they did or are doing a series on the fiction of race. You guys should go check it out.
      It’s very detailed and full of ‘educational’ materials for teachers etc.. Meaning of course – propaganda.

    11. gw Says:

      sgruber Says: “God damn, Doody, learn how to write.”

      Well, whatever.
      But the message still gets through. And furthermore, he’s always RIGHT!

      (Thank you, Mr. Doody.)

    12. Z.O.G. Says:

      If there’s no such thing as race, then what’s all this I keep hearing about a thing called “racism”?

      WTF? :-(

    13. Arminius Says:

      It is hopeless to count on the insight of the masses.
      The white race will be saved only be a determined few.
      I wait for the day these few come together and do what is inevitable.

    14. Blackshirt Says:

      One thing to keep in mind, there will always be “Joe Sixpacks” in this world. Even if “we” came into power, these small minded folks will still be around. Like I’ve heard it said before, “we want our sheeple back” . MarkP is right, Joe Sixpack needs a different channel.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      We can’t reason with joe six pack and his equally stupid wife sally soccer mom, so how can we get them to change channels or better still to bullet the jewtube?

      We are probably wasting our time and resources even trying, but where reasoned argument is futile laughter and derision may have some effect.

      These dick-heads probably think themselves as ‘fashionable’, well let’s dent their smugness by spreading jokes about them. They won’t like being ridiculed, it may even get them thinking.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      There is NO reason for there not being being a solid 15% of US being awake soon as they/we have the I.Q.

      S.Gruber as for errors in my writing thanks for the notice. I am busy/laboring/pets and tired FYI

    17. Parsifal Says:

      2050, the liberals are once again caught being wildly inconsistent. On the one hand, they say they are commited to “fighting racism” but then claim there is no such thing as race! So which is it, you anti-White liberal pinkos?

    18. Talecia Says:

      Goddamn, I forgot how many trolls occupied the comment section here.

    19. ein Says:

      What is meant by that?

    20. Mega Therion Says:

      Parsifal hit the nail on the head…there is a very homo-ish component. How these retards sit and watch a bunch of apes run around basketball courts/baseball diamonds and football fields is beyond me. The worst are the fat fucks who were team shirts like the one in the cartoon…fucking morons.

    21. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      You are not wasting your time by communicating your opinions to others. You never know when the message will reach that person or when something will happen to them which will remind them of your words. Every time something happens that they can relate and connect your words to the outcome will make a difference in their outlook. It may take weeks or months, but eventually this person will experience a crime against them by a black or will connect the jewdots as the economy and the nation tanks. Something will happen that will open that person up to your ideas. Be patient.

      Also, I believe it’s best to take the high road as often as possible. Point out the amazing feats the men of our race have achieved. Focus on EVERYTHING significant about the world and how it was the white man who created it. Remind your listener that it was white genius who did everything worthwhile. Do and say what you can to make this person feel sublime pride in his race. This is a potent tool as most people enjoy flattery. Watch as they seem to stand more erect as you speak.

      I have awakened several around me, so you do the math. If each of us wakes up a few family members and friends… imagine how this thing will grow as the economy and nation tank. Never give up, brother!

    22. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Agreed. This site probably has more influence than we suspect. I think there are some, perhaps many, very smart readers who never post.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      4 May, 2009 at 1:51 pm



      Gentlemen you absolutely correct!

      Before VNN and even Sam Francis we were POW’s in Solitary!

    24. One of 55 Million Says:

      A great bunch of posts, indeed. But special thanks to C.C.Clan (pardon the abbreviation) for reminding me of exactly the sort of mindset I try to maintain whenever I’m just about to clot some hippy-trippy c*nt ( of whatever sex) or smash Farnsworth’s Folly against the stucco side of the house. Even too much of the “good stuff” on VNN can work against you sometimes because let’s face it..much of the content here is by neccessity rather dire.

      The last time I found myself “employed” in the typical modern “diverse” nightmare I came up with several ways to cope with a workforce that was essentially half white liberal and half mestizo..the mestizos loved to chatter in “Spamish” about “gringos” in a derogatory fashion. I found a foil in young Russian immigrant who looked like a model but was in fact a hardass who came here right out of the Russian air force. One day I said “gimme some Russian curse words”..he complied. I spread it around to the few receptive whites in the place and pandemonium ensued. We’d clap a g-ball on the shoulder and say something like “Hey, good job, Potaskushka”…they’d smile a puzzled smile, we’d go around a corner and laugh ourselves hoarse.
      It took about a week for them to get hip to it.

      My other favorite game, when I had occasion to get into it with one of the guilty white types-would be to calm them down with a wise-sounding quote… get them to concur with it..then reveal to them that it was straight out of Mein Kampf. It was particularly effective because everyone laughed at them, brown or white. I didn’t last long there, not because of my pranking, but because I suggested to my soulless assh*le of a supervisor he should consider getting a glass navel to better see his way about.

      So look on the brighter side. As a few posters here have said, something, sometime, somewhere…. will make these folks come around. In the mean time, I’ll endure being called “fag” everytime I point out to my Sunday Athlete relatives “the idiocy spectator sports” (I believe that’s a W.L.P. quote) and their ghastly taste in beer.

    25. Futurist Joe Says:

      Plenty of trolls is right.

    26. Futurist Joe Says:

      Fag’s on the money too. What a pity all of that hostile mental illness energy can’t be channeled into medical research or building a road instead of resenting your shame from being a homosexual. You keep fighting the good fight ok? I know it’s your life’s mission to get even with all the normal non inbred non jews. If it makes you feel any better – it really is all our fault. But you’re only 3 percent of the population. It’s for you to be trained to accept the wishes of the 97 percent. Not the other way around.

    27. Marwinsing Says:

      Back here in Africa (Britain/Europe threw me out; because they don’t want any more whites there, especially the colony-born White Nationalist-types, you know, because we know too much, we ‘racist white Saffers’ get in the way of their Grand Plans for a Brave New Mud World overlorded by their YHWH/Allah PBUH whoever/whatever-types; and besides, The Europeans are just too ecstatically happy with their well-thought out EU plans to commit Mass Suicide/Self Genocide) ah where was I? Ah yes, back here in Africa… where I’m 360º surrounded by obedient, docile, naturally tending towards violent (but still vapourizable) Zulu porch-monkeys the only shit I’ve had in my six weeks of being back here upon this vainglorious dumpsite of my birth is from…

      You guessed it: white liberal crap.

      White liberal crap is way, way worse than any other kind of vowel-uttering biped stalking upon this planet, white liberal crap is the same everywhere… Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australasia… they’re all the same.

      White liberal crap must go.

      Once the white liberal crap goes, then the jew goes, and all the rest follow…

      …and The Golden Age can then kick in.

    28. Marwinsing Says:

      …and when the Golden Age finally kicks in Socrates can be Big Brother on the Telescreen and BRUTUS can handle all the propaganda posters & graphics & jokes to keep us all happy.

    29. Jon Says:

      “Ask the question – how is Joe Six Pack supposed to care about his Race, when he’s never been taught about Race ?”

      The Joe Six-Packs of America are FOLLOWERS not independent thinkers. When you have a government, media and educational systm that has the best interests of White folks in mind, these lemmings, like Dr. Pierce called them, are beneficial.

      Unfortunately, the “system” is blatantly and openly anti-White and his type is a serious liabillity collective White interests, and its long-term racial survival.

      Terrible situation we’re in. Calling talkshows, voting (ha, ha!) writing/calling your elected officials, posting messages on Internet forums, blogs, etc. has gotten us NOWHERE! NO F*CKING WHERE!!

      Does ANYONE out there have an EFFECTIVE, WORKABLE solution to return the “system” to its rightful owners (guess!)?


    30. Jon Says:

      “its the day of the nigger, niggers dancing at the capitol, niggers in the white house, its their victory. we have a nigger prsident thanks to the scum of america”

      To add great insult to injury, THIS MARXIST MULATTO WITH AN MUSLIM/AFRICAN FIRST, MIDDLE AND LAST NAME, DOES NOT EVEN MEET THE U.S. CONSTITUTION’S REQUIREMENT OF BEING A “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” required of ALL presidents since day one! And no one seems to care ‘cept us (informed) “haters” who only expect the rule of law to prevail.

      Can you believe this travesty of justice has occured and that nothing legally has or can be done about it?? I still can’t!!

      Make no mistake about it: we are living in the modern day equivalent of the old Weimar republic. The only thing that remains to be seen: will there ever come a modern day response?

      I’m waiting…


    31. Jon Says:

      “even in mississippi the new craze is to have a nigger baby. how did this all happen?? ”

      Absolutely revolting. How did this all happen? JEW TV!!! Which openly promotes, encourages and glamourizes white female/black monkey relationships!

      This is what I think: let those defective whites be mongrelized out of the collective White gene pool. If they didn’t breed with a black they’d more than likely produce liberal offspring that would be equally detrimental to us.

      I have more contempt for these despicable ngger-f*cking, race traitors than I do for all the uppity niggers who give me sh*t whenever I cross paths or am forced to interact with them.

      How sick….


    32. Jon Says:

      “White liberal crap is way, way worse than any other kind of vowel-uttering biped stalking upon this planet, white liberal crap is the same everywhere… Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australasia… they’re all the same.

      White liberal crap must go.”

      My friend, white liberal crap as you call it, has its basis in Jewish anti-White (crap-filled) idealogy. THAT is what must go. The goyim are merely parroting the fatal, sugar-coated, propaganda they’ve been fed.

      I cannot foresee a non-violent solution to this multi-pronged attack against us and our people.

      I really can’t…


    33. Jon Says:

      “white women love opra, white men love nigger ball, white kids love rap. white girls love niggers. tell me what to do. its a nightmare!”

      Nightmare, yes. However, I can assure that NOT all or even the majority of white men/boys and white women/girls watch nigger ball, listen to rap, nor date niggers respectively.

      It is very alarming and disturbing, I agree. But don’t let it get to you. There are many good, decent, wholesome, respectable Whites who share you concerns and on your side!

      Hang in there!!


    34. Jon Says:

      “Once the white liberal crap goes, then the jew goes, and all the rest follow…”

      My friend, you have it reversed!



    35. Jon Says:

      “I found myself on the PBS website the other day and they did or are doing a series on the fiction of race.”

      Why subject yourself to infuriorating and aggravating propaganda emanating from this orifice of semitical correctness? I can only imagine what sugar-coated dung is contained in the presentation!

      The bottom line is this: race is a reality. Just like gravity. It is self-evident! You can not ignore it!

      To even suggest race is somehow fictional, is akin to saying there is no such thing as different breeds (i.e., “race” in animal terms) of dogs, horses, etc.

      It is painfully obvious of the existance of distinct race types. What is even more painfully obvious is the blatant, non-stop, down right CRIMINAL jewstream media’s lies and propaganda on this issue!

      E-nough already!!


    36. Jon Says:

      “The white race will be saved only be a determined few.”

      You are absolutely correct! The rest are lazy-ass, non-thinking followers.

      Even though our situation looks very bleak, still, it is not unsurmountable.


    37. TreueWiking88 Says:

      Brother & sister Aryans, the world is a Scheiße place indeed, almost like a rope tightening around the neck of the sane. But what does it help to complain amongst ourselves? Its like we’ve allready been beaten and no hope remains. Sure we need these discusions to create awareness of jewish deceit, but we need to remind ourselves of our shared heritage and superior accomplishments so that we may be strong for the day when uter madness has to answer to sanity, honour and justice; A modern day 1933. Sieg!

    38. Ein Says:

      “Does ANYONE out there have an EFFECTIVE, WORKABLE solution to return the “system” to its rightful owners (guess!)?”

      The only effective way I can think of would be foresight, planning, organizing, developing a sense of community, working toward that ultimate goal. In other words, doing it just the same way they have accomplished it (and without their ever having to fire a shot or lose a life). Their takeover of our country and culture did not come about overnight. It was underway for at least a century. They worked very hard at it — it didn’t fall into their lap. Whites will have to do the same. We whites have taken too much for granted.

    39. One of 55 Million Says Says:

      Hey F. Joe…where you goin’ with that gun in yo’ han’?

      “Calling Dr. Freud…white courtesy telephone…One of your co-racialists is posting on VNN..”

      Was the “troll” comment your way of announcing your presence? Yeah..I get called a lot of names by butt-grabbin’, sweaty jocks in love with the “action” they see on the uncountable number of network and cable channels devoted to the High Church of Negrophilia. That’s what will happen when you can fix their computers in your sleep, prefer progressive rock and classical to wigger racket or cuntree, or when you’ve escaped being tied to a whippin’ post by a 9-to-5 J.O.B. You come off just like one of my clan…who paid to have a “wild animal” set up up so he could take it out without risk..like that UberPussy from Montgomery Gentry. Oh shit..I’m sorry man, you’re probably a big fan of theirs..poster over your bed and all..?

      What are you afraid of? That there might be more homos in the NFL than there are in let’s say… all the orchestras of the major cities in this country? You speak of these “others” that will bend their will to the majority, man that sounds SO gay. So that’s what you aspire to be? One of the masses of asses, Sodomite Division? Oh..wait… maybe you’re one of the republicanistas that thinks we’re gonna rescue this mess..right? Without so much as setting down the remote to the hi-def LCD TV , the one you purchased with your stimulus payment. The one with a picture of GW on one side of it and and a framed copy of “the constitutional” on the other…?

      Fuck you and anyone else that changes their nick’ every time they troll someone who is capable of fighting back. Unlike you, I have no need for peer approval nor do I care what anyone thinks of what I post here. In my day-to-day I do all I can for my people, in spite of the fact that it’s cost me a lot over the years.

      No, I’m not pissed off..sorry.. Like I stated previously, there’s a lot like you about. And to my undying shame I’m related to some of them. It’s with utter coolness that I write these words. Or as you would no doubt call them “Ferty Doller faggit werds”.

      You’re the feces-flecked lube on Bill O’Reallys dildoe. freeperrepublic awaits you…go to them, go to them now, WuWear Bwoi!

    40. One Who's Wised Up Says:

      Ahhhh…I see.

      Deftly fire back at a troll and get your post dumped. I guess the rumors are true. Gl*n M*ll*r is obviously more than a band leader lost at sea.

      Oh….hey..umm…Future J.O.?

      You’re still a c*m-drenched whigg*r in WuWear with B*ll O’Really’s vibrator chipping away at your tooth. As Ozzy said in the Sabbath’s epic “Megalomania” , S*CK ME!

    41. Parsifal Says:

      Instead of getting all paranoid looking for “trolls”, why not do something a little more constructive? For instance, I got a piece of junk mail the other day from the Southern Puberty Law Center with a postage-free return envelope in it. They were begging for money to help fight “right wing extremists” and “hate groups”. I wrote a bunch of pro-White, anti Dees stuff on the card and mailed it back to them on their dime. Now they know that not every White out there is brainwashed by their bullshit. When I get other postage-free envelopes for subscriptions to Jew magazines I do the same thing. Granted, it’s not much but it’s a small way of fighting back until the Day of the Rope arrives.

    42. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Hey Joe (The Leaves, 1966):


    43. Futurist Joe Says:


      Gee was I talking to you? Why. WHY do you say that? Little boy…

      You said it I didn’t. Your comment on Fags was supposed to be innocent in its contempt for us “stupid nonbelievers”? Just like your comment on cracking white heads and getting away with it three topics ago… What a moron to acknowledge your veiled hostility openly.

      My god… but maybe you’ve made a break thru…

      I know your a Fag. Only fags write like you attempting to be “sophisticated”. Maybe only people who know Gays are the Jews big plan are the ones to point it out one post below?

      It’s your feminine side trying to come out right?. Women getting their girly on at a garden party and Sean Penn’s big smiling pauses in his interviews on Milk…

      It shows the difference between this site and SFgate. Your threats about cracking heads and killing whites three topics down would never last there if it were comments about gays and their sordid sad views on a California Newspaper site. But then this board is probably run by straight whites who were raise under nonjew/non gay free speech rules.

      You’d never allow your comments to last in a million years if the views were reversed… No way.

      Your unexpected acknowledgement has been received.

      You sad self raped raping jealous- of- the- normal mental health case… TOOL of the Jewish supremacists.

    44. Futurist Joe Says:

      Hear you Parsifal. You’ve got a good idea. I’ll do as you say.

    45. Tom McReen Says:

      “Instead of getting all paranoid looking for “trolls”, why not do something a little more constructive?”

      Hmm, why would ‘Parsifal’ feel the need to post that? Answer to come on later threads. Note the ‘paranoid’ jew smear.

      I still don’t know what the hell Futurist Joe is talking about.