8 May, 2009

(We’re) Free (To Eliminate Your Job) Trade

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“Hello. You have reached the American Big Fat Huge Profit Corporation, manufacturer of things that you don’t really need since 1975. Due to the spread of Jewish ideas such as free trade, our customer-service center has been outsourced to other countries. To speak to a Chinaman, press 1. To speak to a Filipino, press 2. To speak to a Pakistani, press 3.”

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    1. Parsifal Says:

      I hear that at least some US manufacturers are unhappy with the high cost of transporting their goods from China to this country, so they are re-opening their factories here. I don’t know how true that is, but those greedy a-holes would never do anything to benefit the White working man out of the goodness of their stony black hearts.

    2. old_dutch Says:

      Let me assure you that there is no truth that transportation from China to the US is a factor in any corporate business decision. If anything bulk shipping from China to the US has never been cheaper.

    3. Dave Says:

      I always like to take this time to point out a wonderful American cottage industry. Most of us like music right? most of us own some sort of stereo right? most people don’t know that there are literally hundreds of American and European stereo companies! most are owned and operated by whites, made in small batches by hand,by whites,often by the designers themselves. Furthermore the construction,aesthetics,and sound quality usually surpass the mass market junk ie: sony pioneer kenwood and all the other malaysian made garbage. Check it out,but do be careful, there are a couple of companies owned by jews,such as Linn from scotland! And Magico from the U.S

      Dave in Montana