12 June, 2009

Apartheid is Dead, But White Supremacy Lingers On

Posted by Socrates in Africa, apartheid, egalitarianism, equality, race, racial differences, Socrates, South Africa at 1:49 am | Permanent Link

If Whites aren’t supreme, who is?


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  7. 8 Responses to “Apartheid is Dead, But White Supremacy Lingers On”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      That cocksucker writes books on “White Privilege”, just another piece of shit, nigger lover. I hope he stays in South Africa..he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    2. Grimnir Says:

      I have lived in South Africa for 27 years, by no means do n posses a university degree in journalism or philosophy. In my high school years I would say that I was liberal concerning race, I knew we were different based on color but otherwise did not make distinction in class or rights. 1994 the “world” finally had their way and democracy was ushered in, Equality was the term that was coined as much as I would ever care to hear it. What is understood of equality in South Africa is that a black government will act only in the interest of black citizens at the cost of white citizens, they wil only do business with black citizens based on a “Black Economic Empowerment” policy. It should have been called “White Economic Disempowerment”, If white citizens dare say something of crime and the prevalence thereof towards white people we are told to shut up or leave the country if we don’t like it. The wealth that is acquired in this BEE policy never reaches the needy black that “suffered” so much under apartheid it is only the top 10% of the black society that benefits from this. Because whites happens to be active in the economy and can afford a car, food a house, the run of the mill black thinks it is because we are stil taking all the money. The ANC uses this to conduct their business of inflaming race relations because as long as there is racism in South Africa there is a reason for the vast majority of uneducated blacks to keep voting for the ANC thus keeping them in power and enabling 10% of their “Brothers” to leach off the economy in which about 80% of tax payers are white, so they continue to dangle the carrot in front of their voter base and like sheep they do as the carrot dictates. This is apartheid turned on to the race that implemented it and calling it democracy in which I that never voted under apartheid are forced to pay restitution as a cow wil be milked for every drop that I don’t have to give. Then that restitution is used to build bullet trains that ordinary citizens such as myself and the fast majority black and whites wil not be able to afford, stadiums for the Soccer World Cup amounting to billions that wil be used once and be left to decay. But the water and electricity that I have to buy at a premium is not fit for human consumption and isn’t available because I that pay for it dare to actually use “too much” of it. The author of the article clearly only visited South Africa and further only know the Jewish approved version that has been sanctioned for mass distribution. I would be very surprised if he bothered to study the pre apartheid history of South Africa before writing this slander. For God sake they didn’t even have the wheel when the white oppressor arrived and when we attempted negotiate mutually acceptable transaction for land they killed us I’m sorry if that isn’t enough reason to not trust the black people what is? The only reason we have this race problem is because boers are not murders and didn’t put a price on the head of a dead black as the Americans, Australians and New Zealanders did. We merely wanted a place in the sun where we could live in peace amongst those that wanted the same things as us. We dared to show blacks the most fantastic things but instead of inspiring them to greater heights they only wanted what we had, because I believe that the vast majority of blacks are stil incapable of building anything they can only take and give noting of themselves. I regret that South Africa was involved in WWII on the English and American side but to be fare the white populace is split about 50% 50% between Afrikaans and English South Africans, There where efforts by organizations such as the Ossewa Brandwag that attempted to sabotage the South African war effort and for that the people were detained during WWII later to become president and political leaders. I don’t know what is in store for South Africa and the world but I know as long as this elitist way of enslaving and brain washing nations continues there wil always be a cry for a different way of thinking and doing. What we did in South Africa fundamentally probably wasn’t the best or the right way of going about it but it was a way of dealing with a very substantial problem for the good of our own people. Because public opinion decides right or wrong rather the right or wrong decides what is indeed right or wrong, the whole system wil have to collapse before the public opinion wil change and the world wil be able to change. Unfortunately the Jew who believes it is their mandate as God’s chosen race to govern over the heathen races (what could be more racist then that), hold the swaying vote as they run the mass media and have their lackey governments stamp out any conflicting views. I stil don’t see myself as a racist I merely have a greater fondness for my own people and as an afrikaner from Dutch decent I believe that Europeans fall in this bracket, un fortunately most Europeans have been brain washed into believing that nationalism is evil and because of that has forgot their relatives at the bottom of dark Afrika. We need the collapse of the world order and the rallying call of a new great leader not so we may sit in the trone of dominion over all the world merely to create a place for all people of Arian decent to live amongst each other governing our own affairs without the corruption of the outside world, is it our fault that we have a sense of morality and do not need mass opinion to tel us what is right or wrong. Live as one while allowing each other to grow.

      PS: Mega Therion, it’s because of statements like yours that our own people wil not take us serious, I believe it has a place but mindless hostility rarely helps, sorry.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Right on, Mega T. The biggest enemies of the White Race are self-hating White liberal douchebags like the creep who wrote that article and the right-wing Jew worshipping Capitalist/Rapture-bunny assholes.

    4. Mega Therion Says:

      Parsifal, you certainly see the big picture. More WN’s need to realize that it’s the white guilt trippers like the fool who wrote this article,they are NEVER going to be our allies. They should be viewed as crypto-kikes, way too many people see them as “potentially” being on our side….and frankly,that is delusional. These traitorous fucks FIGHT US JUST AS HARD AS THE JEWS DO! If not worse.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Grimnir, a few years ago I had a stop-over in J’burg. We didn’t venture into the CBD as we were told it wasn’t safe so instead we made the obligatory visit to the Museum of Apartheid. Very interesting! I especially enjoyed seeing the film-clips of Dr Voervord expounding his vision of ‘grand apartheid’ as the “final solution”. Yes, yes, that’s what is needed!

      With the words of the good doktor ringing in our ears we set off for Pretoria. Well, we were brought down to reality, big-time. The fine European style city was completely overrun with negroes, even the Vortrekker Momument wasn’t spared, black kids clambering all over the fine sculpture!

      It came to me in a flash that such a scenario is the jew plan for the whole white world, without exception. The sooner Whites get that demographic fact into their heads the better.

    6. Zoroaster Says:

      White people are a great mystery, as if they came from the stars, it seems. There’s absolutely no explanation when we think of what the best among us are capable of, of those who pretty much have made/invented/created just about anything on this planet art to technology. No wonder the lesser species feel so much bitter hatred and envy -paradoxically without our ‘clutches’ (food to medicine to technology) they would not survive competing even with chimps or orangutans. Our racial magnanimity and foolhardiness, our basic fairness and obsession with ‘goodness’, have made them stay abreast in the evolutionary game. I doubt that in a fair, non-rigged game, vast majority of ‘blacks’ and such would last for more than couple of weeks in the real world without ‘doctors without borders’, penicillin, our sporting manias, gazillions and gazillions of aide dollars etc etc etc etc.

    7. Mega Therion Says:

      Here Here,Zoroaster. The moronic white do gooders are the life support system for Africa. It’s absolutely insane. Without the white man, the nigger would vanish.

    8. Grimnir Says:

      CW-2, I agree whole heartedly the fact that the aptly named kaffer is constantly breeding and have a numerical superiority of about 8.5 – 1 (if figures on the Jew sanctioned Wikipedia kan be trusted?), that has just made the handiwork of the Jew so much more apparent in a short space of time compared to Europe or America . Furthermore even with all this continual breeding that occurs one would think that the country with the highest prevalence of baboon virus or AIDS as the Jews have called it for public relations purposes would see a negative trend in the populations growth but instead since 2001 the population has jumped from 45 million to 48 million in 2008 and will probably be closer to 49 million in 2009. Of this population only 9.2% are white! It appears that the vast majority of blacks are only capable of loitering and being in my way whenever I turn a corner and then I get a look of extreme discontent for how dear I to drive in this road cant I see that he’s loitering there. The majestic sandstone buildings that was the Oranje Vrystaat’s parliament, presidential house etc. are stripped from any copper that can be found there from busts to wall mounted commemoration plates the vroue monument for the victims of concentration camps has not been spared either. It is stripped and used to feed the brood of this vile race, the fact that they had the best standard of living in Africa under apartheid cannot be grasped by their limited intellect and the Jews conveniently omit this from all deformation that they spew into the world about our noble efforts to create a country out of the shithole that was and wil be South Africa once more. The fact that most White South Africans appears completely oblivious to the destruction of their history and culture shows that the Jew lies and hate speech are having their desired effect. People are told that they have wronged the world and must be very ashamed of what they are and where they came from for subjecting the kaffer to so much “injustice”, and our people open their gullets and eat it up whole. Can’t they see the trend in the world? No, our Jew enemy is cunning even if that is all that he has managed to become. This same trend of fabrication, mass distribution and subsequent subversion has been used so much since WWII, the fact that people fale to identify this is proof of how involved and happy our people are to operate within this Jew brokered economy of the world, are we to accept that a big nosed meddler is leading our great people over the cliff of moral depravity and creating from us “their” race of swine, and I say their race because they are genetically and morally dictating what we become. If anyone hasn’t seen the NAZI documentary Der ewige Jude – The Eternal Jew, please try and download and show it to likeminded people as I believe that it might be a little too honest for winning our people to our cause, but is full of facts and facts is what the Aryan thrive on.