10 June, 2009

Boy Scouts Trying to Recruit More Non-Whites

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True or false: you can make any organization better by getting lots of Mexicans to join it:


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    1. Parsifal Says:

      I guess The Scouts, like all the Ameican labor unions and the US military, are desparate to replenish their dwindling ranks, even if it means having to beg Mestizoes to join.

    2. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      True, if the organization is filled with niggers.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      A big part of the problem with Scouting nowadays,other than the homos wanting to get in to be “leaders”,is that THE PARENTS of these kids don’t want to PARTICIPATE like they should.”Babysitters of America” is what a friend of mine called it.He should know,he has been an Assistant Scout Master of his troop for years.The PARENTS just want to drop little johnny off and let the scouts deal with him for a couple hours.Even worse,scouting has become somewhat “pussyfied” like our country,and you can’t discipline the kids like our old Scoutmaster would square us away when we acted like punks.Old Hug ran our troop like a military unit with rewards for success,and punishments for failure ranging from mental to physical.
      Sometimes,it downright sucked,the hell we went thru,but it made us better Scouts,and ultimately-better Men.Scouting has no choice now but to turn to the Muds.Even they will benefit from the Tenants of Scouting.Scouting also counts on the help of the Churches to survive and thrive,and the Churches are also dropping the ball and not being as suppotive of the Scouts as they should.Just like everything else in our Society,Scouting is suffering from the malaise afflicting us,the general loss of “morality”,and the ME!ME!ME! type of jew-thinking.Scouting PREPARES young boys to become MEN<but its not a solo effort!-It takes Parents,Experienced Scout Leaders,Church(of some type) Commitment,and the Scout Himself wanting to succeed and advance,in order for it all to work.

    4. Parsifal Says:

      In my previous post, I forgot to add an “r” to “American” and I mis-spelled “desperate”………………….. Je regrete.

    5. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Maybe they will have new merit badges like ‘Home Invasion’, ‘Wilding’, ‘Pharma Sales’, and ‘Transmitting Disease’. Tell Wanda and Jim their son will now have to be ‘initiated’ into the boyscouts by being jumped by 5 spics.

    6. Tina Carter Says:

      I guess all the straight kiddies are leaving the club thanks to all the homosexuals hired since 90s. Since most colored people will be Mexicans, and they are used to have their ass buggered by their catholic priest.

    7. -jc Says:

      Last Gasp

      Another essentially White American male institution bites the dust. Scouting will never recover from the queer stigma and neither with the Catholic Church: The usual suspects will see to that. And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Would that top-down government schools could die a quick, similar death.

      Scouting has its good points, if one is in a pack/troop/post that does manly things, including camping. But it is not a substitute for parenting and having a father in one’s life, both of which brought us to the instant pass. Noted yesterday:

      “If any question why we died
      Tell them because our fathers lied.”
      -Rudyard Kipling

      Note in the photo that none of the kids have the Cub Scout sign right. The one on the left is “flashing” it backwards, while attempting to copy the kid next to him: Two fingers TOGETHER, not a “V.” One is making the three-fingered Boy Scout sign. Did I miss some change in Scouting because the one on the other end appears to be a female– the one apparently picking her nose?

    8. Parsifal Says:

      They’re not trying to make the Cub Scout sign, they’re making MS-13 gang signs!

    9. brutus Says:

      Expect to see a kill Whitey badge.