9 June, 2009

Dr. MacDonald on the Radio

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald will appear on Tom Sunic’s radio show, “The New Nationalist Perspective,” on Tuesday night, 6/9/09. Details: [Here].

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  7. 3 Responses to “Dr. MacDonald on the Radio”

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Thanks for the heads up and link!

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      “This is an opportunity for those on the forum who would like KM to investigate the creeping Talmudic influence on US law to bring it to his attention.”

      Professor Macdonald wrote the book on this, literally!

    3. chubby Says:

      Sunic is a bad interviewer. His questions are longer than KM’s answers! It was as if KM was just an excuse for Sunic to talk.