26 June, 2009

Michael Jackson and Blacks

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Give Michael Jackson credit on one count. He tried to become a White man. He didn’t succeed, of course, but he made an attempt. Interestingly, Jackson called Black people “spabooks.”

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  7. 59 Responses to “Michael Jackson and Blacks”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      First, Led Zeppelin was a hard rock/blues band, not a metal band :) Black Sabbath was great (how can you not like Ozz), but they were promoted (early years) by a Jew named Rick Rubin. Sabbath’s music was the first labeled as ‘heavy metal’.

      As for Indian and Chinese cuisine, no way. I’ll take German/Balkan/Hungarian cuisine over that shit any day. I will have to say Thailand offers the best of the Asian cuisines.

      Nigger singers… please people. Ever watch one of those baboons sing a national anthem? Check out a white guy singing the US national anthem at a hockey game in Chicago, Illinois… his name is James Cornelison. He also does a wonderful job with the Canadian anthem when a Canadian team comes in to play the Blackhawks.


      How about the lack of nigger, spic, and Jew players in the sport of hockey? My favorite sport by far. Commissioner and some owners are greedy kikes but they can’t get most spooks and spics to play this game at the professional level. The few niggers that are in this game are mostly half white and average at best as far as skill level. They are merely tokens.

    2. Parsifal Says:

      Hockey, rodeo bull-riding, ice-skating, marksmanship shooting, chess and swimming are just some of the activites where you’ll never see any darkies either participating or observing. Any sport that calls for graceful movements or intelligence and skill cannot be mastered by a Congoloid. The only sports they are good at are the ones that require nothing but brute animal strength and rubbery bones.

      Led Zeppelin was indeed a hard blues-rock band, not heavy-metal like KISS or Judas Priest. I think Blue Cheer was considered to be the first “heavy metal” band, but that term wasn’t used until the 70s. Their first two albums are great, but then they got too hippy-dippy or something.

      And I wish that the national anthem was not only abolished (to be replaced by the Horst Wessel Lied, or Die Fahne Hoch), but that no Negroes were ever allowed to sing it. They can’t just sing the notes, no, they have to include all sorts of primitive wailing, shreiking and other simian vocal embellishments that make the song both unrecognizable and unendurable.

    3. Mega Therion Says:

      Of particular amusement is the “National Anthem” being performed before a Major League Baseball game where 60% of the participants will be from ANYWHERE but the United States.

    4. Le Comte de les Maisons Dix Says:

      Screechin’ Negro sex wails,

      Scratchin’ blackboard fingernails.

      All sexual–it figures . . .

      We are talkin’ ’bout the niggures.

    5. gollywog Says:

      Hell Parsifal, now the official watchers are going to call us a bunch of white dumb arses.
      ….”hockey, rodeo bull riding, ice skating…….. sports blacks don’t play. What are you watching, reruns of Walt Diseny’s 1950’s epics.
      I think that the last ime I flicked through the channels of my dumb down machine there where blacks and I think even a Maori from New Zealand in some of those there white sports. Fuck me they even have a Black man at the top of the table in that drunken Scotish invented arsehole of a game I can not even master called golf.
      Fuck do we ever walk outsde????????????

    6. Parsifal Says:

      Although I’m no sports fan, I have NEVER seen a Negro participate in any professional swimming competition. Nor have I ever seen a darkie riding a bull or trying to lasso a “doggie” at a rodeo (And I lived in Texas and Oklahoma for a while, too).

      Race car driving, chess championships, figure skating, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, horseback riding………..Blacks don’t do any of that shit! I hope you’re not trying to tell me otherwise? The Negro has no sense of adventure or intellectual curiosity about anything. Now tell me that isn’t so.

    7. gollywog Says:

      Bing Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, McLaren F1 Racing, African American Unity Chess, Blair Cross- swimming, Mabel Fairbanks- Ice skater and coach…need I go on.
      By the way Bing is the new Google.

      No wonder the Jew thinks he has us fucked. We let the world roll on by because it owes us.

      Hey Mom, has the 1950’s mushroom cloud gone yet??????

    8. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Dick Dale, who was actually a friend of my father’s, is actually a Jew. Nevertheless, a phenomenal musician.

      Hendrix was a black/Cherokee mutt, although there had to be some white in there too. He was not a particularly stable or desirable person from a society-building standpoint-few musicians, nonwhite or white, really are-but he was a phenomenal guitar player physically. Few question that Dick Dale was a seminal influence on Hendrix. (Dale also has a bit part-as one of 3 Elvis imitators- in “Let’s Make Love”)

      Stan will be interested to know that Hendrix played a right handed guitar strung left hand, Dale exactly the opposite. Actually, I suspect he already does.

    9. steven clark Says:

      L. Edwards: The term is uulation, where the singer holds a chord. Blacks seem to dote on it. Listen to one of them sing the national anthem…’…and the hoooooooommmmmmme of the brrrrraaaavvvvveeeee.’ Mark Steyn wrote extensively about it in an AMERICAN SPECTATOR issue. I find it annoying.
      As a Mexican friend of mine once said, black culture is more a sub-culture. As for athletics, so what? It’s all a flash in the pan. Pindar wrote odes on Greek athletes in the olympics, but it’s Socrates, Pericles, Leonidas et. al. we remember, not some discus thrower.
      The Williams sisters seem the darlings of the tennis world, but whjen you see them play, they look clumsy, like trucks in white outfits. They always remind me of the number in CABARET when Joel Grey dances with a gorilla.