23 June, 2009

UK: Memo Shows WMD Excuse for Iraq War Was Fake

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Saddam has Weapons of Mass Delusion, the Jewish civilians at the Pentagon said. Suuure he did. Another war for the Jews is publicly shown to be a fraud:


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  7. 2 Responses to “UK: Memo Shows WMD Excuse for Iraq War Was Fake”

    1. Rikert Says:

      Of course the WMD that Sadaam had were illusory. Same thing with this “Iranian Revolution” and that Neda Video. Consider:

      She helps lower herself onto the ground after being shot through the heart.

      Presumably she is shot with either a 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm weapon (Basij militia use Kalashnikov variants). Being pegged through the heart, she MUST have a massive exit wound, yet she isn’t bleeding profusely through it. Instead, she the blood flows up through the esophagus. If this were a REAL wound, there would be a massive puddle of blood UNDERNEATH her.

      If you watch the main video on youtube closely, you can see that there is a tube TAPED to her left arm and she is gripping the tube with her left hand. Watch between 0:11 and 0:13 – right when the guy with the white shirt steps in front of the camera for no reason and gestures at Neda. You can see her hand with that tube move up quickly and squirt out fake blood on her face. In fact, if you go frame by frame, you can see that the blood that is supposed to start flowing out of her nose in fact starts flowing from the middle of her cheek!

      Also very suspicious is the fact that there is footage right before Neda gets shot, and footage of right after. Why no footage of the shot itself? Likewise, why are these idiots milling about after a Basiji is firing randomly into the crowd. I know they are non-whites, but you’d think that they would have the instinct that would be telling them “RUN, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU”

      I bet this whole thing was filmed in Israel by Mossad agents. I mean, come on, the “martyr’s” name even means “voice” in Farsi.

    2. Parsifal Says:

      The Jews’ plan all along was to knock Iraq and Afghanistan out of the way first so as to surround and ultimately attack Iran. With all of the Palestinians’ biggest supporters neutralized, the Palestinians themselves become neutralized and dreams for a Greater Kikestan can finally be realized.

      And the neo-kikes have such base contempt for the intelligence of the American public that they are brazenly using the exact same lies about Iran that were used to justify attacking Iraq. Unfortunately, their base contempt is completely justified.